Smz/tmp Ds 800-160 Information

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What is a white long oval pill with a break line in the middle and the numbers 93 089 on it?

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risha Says:

for me the symptoms are frequent rge to urinate and burning after urination, along with blood in the urine. I need to know if it is safe to nurse my baby while on this medication?

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Verwon Says:

It says it does pass in breastmilk, so it should not be used while breast feeding. Here's more more information:

Bactrim Click Here

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Tabatha Says:

It was perscribed to me for bladder infection while pregnant. I was wondering what side effects could this have on my baby. My doctor says none but I am still concerned.

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Verwon Says:

It is an antibiotic, these are very commonly used while pregnant and if your doctor says there is nothing to worry about then there isn't. There is only one kind you cannot use while pregnant that can cause problems and that is Tetracycline and this is not in that class, so nothing to worry about.

Letting the infection go unchecked will be far more dangerous for the baby than the antibiotic.

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dafna Says:

the 800-160 antibyotic how many mg is it?

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tony Says:

i went to my doctor for stomach back pain which i had since 1/7/08 and he gave me smz/tmp ds 800-160 but did not tell me what it was for i really need some answers i also have pain that gos down my right leg.

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lilith Says:

my mom took this medication and she has side effect that include body pain in her bones and joints and she feels as if she has a fever. Am not sure what to do to make the effects go away.

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janice v., cpht Says:

This medication is Sulfamethoxazole-timeprothrim -- an antibiotic known as Bactrim DS.

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charlotte f. Says:

Okay so my doctor gave me this medication because I got blisters under my nose and he said he didnt even know what illness I had, i also have an ointment and it does nothing for whatever I have.

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T.T Says:

I`ve been taking bactrim ds 800-160 for 5 days, for an ear infection. I woke up this morning my bottom lip was twice it`s normal size and I had little blisters all over the inside of my mouth. Should I stop taking the medication?

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I've been taking bactrim since saturday. I don't know but i've been on edge just real short with people and have the jitters/shakes. Could this be an side effect of the med.?

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srf Says:

I have been given the same medicine for a brown lacuse bits, is this the right medicine, my foot is getting worse not better.

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Mason Says:

I have an anal fistula which continues causing open wounds on my right buttocks along with drainage out of my rectum. My HIV doctor prescribed SMZ/TMP tablets when I take the regimen 1 tablet every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday as directed it clears up the open wound but leaves ugly scar tissue. I have had annoying aches, itching, discomfort in my right inner ear come to think of it as long as I been taking this Rx..I need to address this fistula I have had since 2006 it's discharge is hideous. My question; is there a stronger better antibiotic on the market to help my situation?

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Rachel Says:

I was but on the medication today for possibly having strep throat and i am having side affects like nausea, and I'm very tired and I don't want to eat. Should i stop taking this medication?

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babygirl Says:

got my nail done 3 days later one of my finger sore and it got fever in it will this help my finger

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Silver Says:

I've been taking this medicine since Wednesday and before I was taking this I went number two regularly, but ever since I've started taking this I can't go number two. I do go number one about three times an hour. The Doctor said I have a bladder infection.

Should I stop taking this medicine?

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cousain Says:

I have wilson diease which is a liver diease. Now i get these sores on me like boils and they gave this medicine to me, will this medication hurt my liver cause i get sharp pains in my lower stomach every now and then while taking it. Should i continue taking this med.....

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swollenup Says:

i had an abcess on my shin and the doctor drained it. I have been taking this medicine since monday and since then my leg has been contantly swollen three times as much as my other leg. Is this normal?

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shay Says:

I just started taking the medicine today and immediately my eyes turned bloodshot red and i felt nauseous as well as having the worst headache.

Is this side effect dangerous to my health??

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abby Says:

go to a different doc. you probably have the herpe virus and need that med. it is a wonderfull drug. I had it and they tried to tell me it was something else. I went to another dr. and told them I thought it was cold sores (herpe) and she gave me the right meds and withen 24 hrs it was much better

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