I Have A 40 Pound Dog With An Eye Infection

Lilly Says:

Hi. My name is Lilly and i have a 40 pound dog, named Harley. She is half pitbull and half lab. She's such a lover, almost too good to be true!! :) but after waking up today, my boyfriend and i have become REALLY worried about her eye... It's like leaking green stuff out of it. The 1st time we woke up, i saw it, i grabbed a napkin and wiped it off. THINKING it was just a normal eye booger from her eye watering all night. But a little bit after that, i looked at it again. And there's no way it was from just watery eyes. It's unusually thicker than normal and even more of a green-ish infection color too... I'm getting more and more worried about her but i cant take her to the vet with no money. Plz, if u know what i should do or have any ideas, plz let me know!!! My boyfriend did get some SMZ-TMP DS 800-160 MG TAB (Bactrim DS) the other day from having a surgery... So, if i gave that to her, what would the best dose be and whats the best way to give it to her?? Thank you for your time. You have no idea how much i truly appreciate it!!!

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