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Methadone Clinics or medicaid doctors

My son and daughter inlaw are on methadone and they both are on medicaid. Is there a Medicaid Dr in birmingham where they can receive a prescription for methadone without having to pay the high cost of the dose wheter it is from pain or from addiction???? Please help me I am on SS and try to help them but I can only do so much. They have tried Suboxone but it made them sick. I would rather see them on methadone than on pills or whatever addiction. ## NWATC is a methadone treatment center in Bessemer Alabama. NWATC is a medicaid provider. If you are interested in finding out more about our treatment facility please call 205-425-1200 or e-mail me at the address above. ## Methadone is one of the cheapest pills to be on, if you have a prescription. I get 270 10 mg. pills for $27.22. That is...

replace methadone with suboxone

After taking 98 mg of methadone for the past 9 yrs, is it possible 2 switch 2 suboxone? My body was significantly abused when i was out there, lots of back injuries, no pain w/ methadone. Does suboxone do this also? I work a very physical job. ## I would definitely see a dr.... that's a high dose, it stays in your muscles and can affect your heart (it's a muscle); I thought well I can do this 3.5 yrs for pain control. I was on everything under the sun. I lost 2 yrs, no memories from all the combos, 6 spine surgeries, 4 in 7 mo.... gave up all meds and started inj's. inside joints which didn't help. Then after 15 yrs hear of nerve burns similar to the blocks but they actually go in with needles n burn your nerves; wonderful great mostly pain free. Got rid of all drugs exc...

oblong white pill with m on one side and 5771 on other

This is methadone (they call these particular ones Coffins). It is coffin shaped with an M in a square on one side and the other side is scored with 5771. Methadone is generally prescribed for opioid withdrawal symptoms, but this particular coffin methadone pill is actually prescribed for pain management. All in all, it is an opioid similar to morphine, dolophine, etc. ## I'm sorry, is the word you are trying to use here coffin? Yes, this tablet does contain 10mgs of Methadone, which is used to not only treat drug addiction, but also some cases of severe, chronic pain. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## Oh and Dolophine would be the same thing, it contains Methadone as its active ingredient. ## I have seen someone insufflate methadone...

find a doctor that prescribes methadone for pain management

I am 43 and had a laminectomy 6 years ago. After surgery i was referred to pain management and prescribed 50mg of methadone a day / 30 mg roxicodone every 8 hrs. / and 2 mg of xanax every 12 hrs. These combinations were just written to be therapeutic and brought my pain down to a level of 4 out of 10. However this was very expensive and not being able to work I could not afford to go every month. I now have medicare and disability so I need to find a local Dr. who will accept medicare & is taking new patients. My last MRI was 4 years ago. I need to get in to a local Dr. For REFERAL of new MRI, AND TREATMENT OF PAIN MANAGEMENT. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE? IN PAIN EVERY DAY AND TIRED OF IT CONSUMING MY EVERY DAY AND THOUGHT. I STAY MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED. I NEED SOME RELIEF...

methadone and garcinia cambogia

I have been on methadone for 10 years for fibro. I take 60-100 mgs a day. I have recently begun taking garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean and raspberry ketones for weight loss. Though they have been working, (I've lost 20 lbs) I've noticed about 1-2 hrs after taking them I start to withdraw. It doesn't matter if it's been 2 hrs or 10 hrs since my last methadone dose, my body acts like it's been 14+hrs as the anxiety clamps on like a vice and the nose turns into a faucet. Does anyone know if there is a withdrawal interaction or if this is just coincidence and I got a bad batch of methadone? ## I have noticed the same thing. Two times now, after taking this supplement for 4-7 days, I have come into a debilitating withdrawal. I was searching online to see if others ha...

Methadone pills asc 116

How long do these pills last? I'm on 100mgs of pink liquid methadone from a clinic & I also got the tablets, so do I take all 10 pills at once if a 100mgs??? I don't know. Is it ok to take liquid & pills??? I need to know right away, I'm in withdrawal bad. HELP ME ASAP. How long do the asc 116 last? Thanks in advance. ## If the pills are 10mgs than yes you take 10 so it would then be the equivalent of what you get at the clinic but I suggest you keep going to the clinic and just save those for an emergency like a day you can't go in and get medicated or something like that. ## NO NO I don't think so - PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK what your exact dose of the liquid is at the clinic! It could very well be 10mg/ml and you could seriously risk overdosing yourself by takin...

How long after taking methadone can you take suboxone?

I took 60 mgs of methadone sat morning at 8 am... today is monday 4 pm. Am I ok to take 4 mgs of suboxone today? ## It really depends on how long you have been on the methadone and the dose you are at. If your only dose was 60mgs of done sat morning and you haven't take any done before or after that I say your good. If you take 60 everyday you may want to wait day or two more. better safe than sorry...and you will be sorry. ## I took about 15 mgs of methadone for 4 days then just 5 mgs this morning at 8:30am.. Am I safe to take 2 mgs of suboxone now only being 6 hrs? I feel sick with withdrawal symptoms now anyway.. ## Jdub, NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Unless you want to endure precipitated withdrawal syndrome. You must wait at least 72 to 96 hours MINIMUM to safely transition to sub. ## Y...

I've been in pain management for 20 years and failed a drug test now

I've been on 90mg methadone extended-release for pain and 160 mg of roxicodone for breakthrough pain. They all wanted me to have a pain pump but I refuse to do so. Well my Dr left his practice and before I could find a Dr I took some amphetamines to help my pain and to knock the edge off some, but then failed a drug test for my new Dr, so what does someone do; suffer or take something until they find a Dr? Then I would have to take the other. Help me. I can't live with this pain. ## If i take jet alert will i still pass a drug test with my p.o or dcf

Methadone generics, finding a pharmacy

I have been on many different opioids for over five years after a very bad car accident. I have finally been on 60mg of methadone and was getting the mallinkrodt generic or westward pharmaceuticals but the accend generic puts me into withdrawal or I may be allergic to some filler they use but I am in tucson, az and need to find out what pharmacies to avoid or which stock anything but accend 10mg tabs now, but as the war on opioids have made for much tighter regulations I cant call and ask. They won’t say whether they do or not over the phone. Add to that even with a legit paper rx I had 2 major chains say they didn’t feel comfortable filling it because I’m “not an established patient and are not comfortable filling if I haven’t filled there before”. S...

Dr that writes for methadone in Georgia

I have been going to a methadone clinic for 8yrs everyday. I would like to have a dr write me methadone. I have chronic back pain and it's been 5 days without my methadone. I can't think, focus or sleep and take care of my 8yr old. Please help me find a dr in Macon, Georgia. ## Hello, Angela! How are you? Unfortunately, a private practice doctor cannot legally prescribe it for you, so a clinic remains your only option. I understand this information doesn't help your situation and I'm sorry that I don't have better news for you. The FDA classifies this medication as an opiate, so it carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I suffer fro...

methadone high dosing clinics because of impaired liver

I am 37 and have been on pain pills since I turned 15. I started street methadone to get off of IV Diladud 4mg (K4's). I got on the clinic the day after my 18th b-day. I have been on the clinic 95% of the time since. I found out I had Hep C in 1999. I had to have gotten it in 1995 or 96. The liver biopsy very much surprised my GI specialist. He Said my liver was moderately swollen, moderately scarred. and have extremely high risk for cirrhosis and liver cancer. it has gradually gotten worse, and as it says in medical literature I am finding myself needing a much higher dose ( 240mg split dose at home into two doses of 120mg). Every two weeks at the clinic I could take it in one 240mg dose. I also take Xanax 2mg TID. I am currently on 120mg total at the clinic. I live just west of Kn...


i have booked a family holiday for two weeks in lanzarote and have been told today that im not allowed to take my 150mg daily does with me because the doctor thinks i should go to detox first are they allowed to do this ## Your doctor isn't obligated to treat you or provide you with any medications, whatsoever, so yes, they certainly can. The only time any doctor is obligated to treat you is if you're in life threatening danger. Providing you with a medication such as this is not something they have to do. Learn more Methadone details here. And, if they did provide you with enough doses for a 2 week travel period, he could be held responsible if something untoward were to happen. I'm sorry, I realize it creates complications for you, but that's just the way it works. How...

Methadone for pain control

How well does methadone work for chronic pain management? I went from 10 mg oxycodone then dropped down to 7.5 mg hydrocodone and my pain is totally out of control. I have no relief. I am out of options except methadone or Suboxone. Please help. ## I was taking 10 mg oxycodone 4 times a day. I was forced to go to PM for my pain and got prescribed 7.5 hydrocodone 3 times a day, had to agree to mbnb injections if I wanted my meds. All I need is my pain controlled to get some quality of life back so I'm thinking maybe I should try methadone if it would help me. I need an honest answer. ## I had back surgery (Removal of discs with fusions L4 thru S1), caught MRSA and had another 3 surgeries after that to clean my back out of infection, he nicked my spinal cord and I leaked out fluid, an...

maximum take home bottles from clinic

Im wondering what the maximum take homes your state allows? Im in Pennsylvania and been on MMT for 4 years and clean for almost all 4. We only get a week, 6 take homes and one to drink at clinic. West virginia is where I live and they allow up to 28 bottles, well that might have been cut to 14, not sure. I actually pass that clinic on the way to the one in Pa, its 20 mins further but just easier to deal with the people in Pa. I travel for my job and wanted to know what different states allow or your clinic allows after so much clean time. Id like to transfer where I an get the months at once so I dont have to be stuck every week not being able to leave for longer periods of time. It limits my earning potential. Thanks for any input. ## Hello, Jake! How are you? I'm sorry, but under ...

on 56mg methadone every two days would like to know if 3 8mg suboxone tabs are enough get through sickness from

I take 56mg of methadone every two days was wondering if I wait the 72 hours will 3 8mg suboxone pills help me so I can get rid of the methadone but not be depended on subs? I am a 36yr old single mother and full time student, I was sober for 4 1/2 years but had an unfortunate relapse this is why I started at methadone clinic.. Want to be normal not depended on anything again. Starting my new semester in a month so figure if I do this now I should feel like myself by then. So will the 3 tabs be enough? ## Hi Help please! How long have you been on the methadone? You may not need to take all 3 of the suboxone at once. First, before starting the suboxone you need to be in withdrawals. That's the main thing. Then, I would start with a half of an 8. If you are still feeling withdrawals t...

HELP! Lost methadone take home bottle!!

I've been in a methadone clinic for almost 2 years now.... I've done everything like I've supposed to... NEVER failed a drug panel.... Went to all of my groups and this is the first time this has EVER happened to me!! My clinic isn't open on Sundays so they give us a take home bottle on Saturday and then we turn in the empty bottle on Monday... Well I went to the fair today and now I can't find my bottle!! Idk what to do? Will I still be able to get my dose on Monday without my bottle?? Please please someone help me!! I am flipping out!! ## Hello Faith, I have never been involved in a methadone clinic or the way that they are handled, but from all of the different sources I can read on the internet is seems that these types of things are handled on a case by case bas...

How Can I Tell If Methadone Is Affecting My Heart

How can I tell if Methadone Is affecting my heart and what other symptoms would i have if i've taken too much? I was just put 10mg 4 times a day but not doing much and am scared to increase the dose, so any info would be great. ## The noticeable symptoms would most likely including your starting to feel very dizzy, drowsy, fatigued and maybe like it's hard to breathe or get air. Learn more overdose details here. How long have you been taking it? It may take a short while for it to really reach its full effect in your body, so increasing it without medical approval wouldn't be advisable. ## i have just started this drug on the 24th and have read all bad new about it. i took a 20mg last night around 9 and about 30 min latter i felt my heart raceing out of were for like 60 seco...

Methadone and Thrive supplement

I'm wondering if I could take "Thrive" - the supplement that everyone is taking, because it looks like it's only vitamins? ## I was wondering if I could take thrive with methadone ## Did you ever find out if you could take thrive with methadone.? Bc I would love to know. ## Are you referring to 'Thrive' made by a company called "Le-Vel"? If so, I've looked at the nutrition facts listed on their product page for the men's multivitamin supplement and compiled what it contains below: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1.4 mg 100% Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.7 mg 100% Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 12 mg 60% Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) 10 mg 100% Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2 mg 100% Folic acid 800 mcg 200% Vitamin B12 100 mcg 1667% Vitamin D3 200 IU 50% Chromium (as chromi...

clear liquid methadone smell

I need to know if this is liquid methadone. It is a completely colorless liquid and smells minty-like. ## Hello Aj, I have found absolutely no documentation to support any brand of liquid methadone smelling "minty". Given some more context I might be able to assist you a bit better, where and how did you come across this liquid. What kind of container is it being kept in? What makes you believe that this liquid is methadone as I don't see the connection between a minty smell and methadone. I'm not trying to be rude it just is extremely difficult to give you any sort of direction only knowing that the liquid is colorless and has a mint smell. Given only this information I would have guessed mouthwash first. Get back to me if you have any additional information that you ca...

Methadone Doctors In South Carolina

Im looking for a doctor in his own private practice who can provide me methadone monthly in south carolina near myrtle beach, pawleys, georgetown, charleston. I was once on pain meds and have wanted to get off for 2 years now and have been buying methadone through other means for 2 years now and want to do it the legal way, I just can't afford it. ## The issue here is that Methadone itself is very highly addictive and, with the recent government crackdowns, it has made it very hard for doctors to prescribe it on a take home basis. There are certain amounts that a treatment clinic can give on a take home basis, but they are limited and usually require weekly visits to the clinics and they are only given after you've been under treatment for awhile and have proven you aren't a...


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