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Tammy Says:

Methadone is the worst drug and most wicked drug in this entire world. They give it to people like me with pill problems and then you can never get off the stuff. I made the worst mistake of my life going into a Methadone program. The people at these palces pretend like they are there for you but they are not. They are there to keep you on this drug that rots away at your mind and body, and they do it well. They want your money. Do you know how cheap liquid methadone is? They milk off your addiction and act like they are doing something good for people like me. I HATE Methadone. I hate what it's doing to me and I HATE that I came in this place for a pill addiction four years ago, at 22, told I had one year and I would be weened off and here I am. I fight with these people all the time about this but they come up with a million excuses for why I should STILL be on this crap. It is going to kill me, just like the other pills, maybe just slower and more agonizing.

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woodstock 2009 Says:


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Beki Says:

You know that you were worse off before you got in there I am sure. And I don't know what state you are in but I am in Tennessee and you know as well as I do all you have to do is not pay your bill and they will detox you 5mg per day. So if you ask me it is your own fault that you are still there. If you truly in your heart don't want to be there, You would get out, You and I both know it. I am been in the methadone clinic for 9 months and I am a much happier person and way more energetic. I was a lot worse when I got there, than I am now. I feel human now and that was something that I haven't been able to say in years!!! I know every one is entitled to their own opinion, But I want you to think back to when you first started at the clinic, Did it help you? Think about what you were doing before then. Think about what kind of person you were becoming then ask you self are you a better person now? Be completely honest with yourself and I bet you are a better person. If you say no then I don't believe you. I know some where in side you, you know that it has made you a better person. I know for sure that it has helped me. I had gotten to the point that I was banging all the meds I could find and I had ugly track marks. #1 they are gone. I have been pregnant 9 times and only have one child. I am pregnant now and my doctor has told me that I have mis-carried so many times because I was doing so many pills, never the same amount, never the same kind from day to day. Which caused me to not be able no carry past 6 weeks. Now that I am getting help with my problem. Now that I am taking the same amount, same thing every day at the same time each day. It has made me be able to keep my baby. I am now 19 weeks pregnant I find out what my baby is next week. For that I owe my life to the methadone clinic. So just because every thing isn't going your way doesn't mean it is the worse pill in the world. You should think twice before you say that it is so horrible. Think about ALL the people it HAS helped. Including YOURSELF!!!!

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Tammy Says:

Your are so BLIND, YOUR NUTS! Guess who felt the exact same way as you do when I was nine months into the program. Anyone who knows anything about a methadone clinic knows they do it for the money. I was completely clean for two and a half years and sounded just like you. You know if your a paying patient they always find a way to suck you right back in. Its so funny because they try and drug test me at least twice a month. I've been takin benzo's, prescribed by a doc who knows that I am on Methadone, never told the methadone clinic that, but yet my swabs have been perfect for 3 years!! Bull s***! It's because I'm a paying patient never been late every Friday. Methadone clinics are like feeding bananas to monkeys. See how you feel after being stuck in there for three years. You have no idea what it's like to walk in my shoes, be where I am, be me, so don't pass a judgement on ME, because I think methadone clinics are just an excuse to substitute one habit for another. You sat there and said yourself they'll drop you five mills if you dont have the money. Thats not the way it is down here, it's twenty per day, if you don't pay. So hows that feel, huh? After ten years in there maybe you could be a counselor or something cause you sound just like mine! Wake up!

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446 Says:

I have been on methadone for like 5 months i stopped going friday b/c the money got tight i was spending to much money on gas and going over there, i was on 20mg and i quit oh well its been almost 48hrs nothing i dunno, i missed one time and thought i was gonna die for 1 day its all in your head i believe. at the place i go to they dont have no charging system or whatever if you dont pay you dont get anything there is no charging lol, 11.00 for liquid 10.00 for gas is like 20.00 a day x(times) 30 is $600.00 a month, im glad im not being a slave to the drug anymore methadone is more addicting then methemphetamine.

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Pat Says:

Hi Bekki..Thanks for your post..It isd people like you and me who have to let people know that methadone isn't the domon drug from Hell that people say it is. Your story is just like mine, except for the baby. Congratulations BTW..I have many firends who have had healthy babies because of methadone...We need to remain vocal to the good that methadone has done for countless addicts around the world. Please keep posting and let us know when you have your baby!!!!

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Pat Says:

Tammy, instead of spreading this stupid crap about methadone, please show us the articles that you have that prove methadone is harmful. You won't be able to provide anything because methadone is one of the safest opiates there is..If your clinic is as bad as you say it is then why don't you leave?? If they are lying to you the way you claim they are, call the health department..Your post reeks of 12 step BS.. Clinics have laws they must follow, and if they did what you claim they would have been shut down long ago,. I see you writing on how methadone and clinics are evil, yet here you are still on it..Then you say that your drug tests are false because you pay cash. You seriously think the State or the Government would allow that to happen? Get a grip girl. Clinics don't operate the way you say they do...I think you are also very stupid if you are taking benzos W/O telling the clinic, people die taking the 2 drugs together, the clinic doctor needs to know you are on benzos because he/she needs to ajust your dosage, That in itself proves you aren't telling the whole story because clinics certainly don't want their patients to die. Your story is so full of holes that if it wasn't so sad I would think it is funny, BTW, what kind of pills were you addicted to B4 you got on methadone? It is very hard to get into a clinic W/O medical documentation. 2 failed attempts at rehab, doctors recordsm etc, You aren't allowed to walk into a clinic and just get dosed, you need to go through a process..If you want to demonize a drug that has saved many lives, at least tell a more convincing story.....Again, show us those articles on how methadone rots our bodies...ROFLMAO

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Pat Says:

446..48 hours is nothing, you haven't even starting withdrawls yet. There are a few things I don't understand about your post. If you have been on the clinic for 5 months then why are you having to go everyday? U should have at least a few take home bottles by now unless your UA's are coming back positive for other drugs, BTW, methamphetimiine is not physicaly addicting so why are you comparing the 2 medications? It has now been a week W/O your dose, how are you feeling today?? I hope you are ok, but I don't think you are, whatever you do, please try to find another clinic, or better yet you are on such a low dose you may decide suboxone is a better choice for you..BTW, being on methadone isn't being a slave, however abusing whatever opiate you were using is Hell....Think about it


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Pat Says:

Tammy, sound to me like you are the one who is passing judgment. Your remark about the $20.00 a day makes no sense, and again I will say, why are you still at your clinic?? I have been at my clinic since Jan 2001, and I have heard a lot of stories and seen a lot of things, but your post is just BS through and through...You need to STFU and go tell it to the 12 steppers who brainwashed you...NA is what will kill you..Remember I said that, then look around and see how many opiate addicts land up either using again or blowing their brains out because of NA...


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Verwon Says:

The best addiction treatment that is now available is Suboxone, which contains the active ingredient Buprenorphine.

Using it as a treatment has enabled many people to become completely free of their drug dependence, compared to Methadone, which causes many people to require a maintenance dosage for life.

You can read more on this medication here:


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Sarah Tonin Says:

These people harassing you are trolls: methadone doctors pretending to be patients and defending their evil cash cow !!
I thought what you said was 100% accurate.

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melynda Says:

f**k all this s**t!! hey people, methadone has changed my life and my outlook on everything i do and see i f**king soo applaud it!!! im living life too the fullest. at least i have a piece of mind even if its trade one thing for another i will take this and know it saved my life. melynda phoenix, arizona

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Gracie Says:

I was on the methadone clinic for 18 yrs here in fort lauderdale and while i will say that it saved my life, until they upped the price then the money ran out. Then i had to detox. i had clean urines for 18yrs except for the methadone and so i got to bring home 30 worth of disks and did it the right away everyday.Then i started to detox my self and got down to 10mg when i couldn't go anymore b/c of finances. i was never so sick in my life. after not sleeping for 10 straight days, with my sister here for 10 days from chicago to help me get in the tub to soak my achey bones and to cook for me to make sure i ate something, i think i would have died. i can't believe that the detox was so horrible that the minute my sister went back up north i got on oxys which i only knew one person that took b/c he needed them and there i was again. while for 18 yrs it saved my life it was taking a toll on my body for sure. i'm 57 and feel 80. right now i'm on subutext, after being off the streets for all of those yrs i had no idea what i was getting myslef into with the oxys. now after getting the subutext i find that is very addictive. so now i have to get off of these which i've just been on for 3 days today. OMG, if it's not one thing when you're a true addict,like i am then it's another. and i rememeber saying when i was on the methadone i'll never go back to the street drugs again. well, never say never. i'm depressed, broke etc and so disapointed in myself. all i'm saying is please don't stay on the methadone as long as i did. i should have used it and then when feeling better got into NA. anyway, good luck to anyone who is using methaodne. i still have mixed feelings about it. as long as you can afford it, it's great but when the money runs out, be prepared. none of the misery i went through was mental. KEEP LOOKING UP EVERYONE^ Gracie

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446 Says:

buddy you are outta your mind, its used by the clinic's to give you your high legally cha ching, i had to check myself in a suboxone treatement program. I did a one month program with it and i have been clean ever since i think its been like over a month i feel good no withdrawls. methadone is addicting go on YOUTUBE for example and type in methadone clinics or MMT maintenance. It shows how ppl act about it and what it really is. I went there b/c i couldn't get any meth ice wanted to get high well did i know i got addicted to methadone on 21 mg's. Got done to 1mg It's not in your head you can't quit it cold turkey i have tried I'm not the type of person to dwell on something it sticks with you bad you gotta have it, I would be working on something next thing i know i can't get anything right or im messing up, then im in pain im like whats going on Oh i went off methadone at 1 mg on the 3rd day and im hurting as I was when i was on 21 mg when i missed the clinic weekend when i first started. I don't care if you are on 1mg of methadone or 21 mg's of methadone your ADDICTED. It's like what my suboxone doctor said is why there are so many MMT centers is because methadone is so cheap its profitable a lot of drugs and medicines are but they make money like a fast food restauarant costs so much to get it they sale it to you ON SUPERVISION AND URINE DRUG TESTS? At my old clinic they would get busy they'd hand me the cup and tell me to put the specimen in the slide thru window when i was done, I wonder if i could of done the switcharoo lets see yeah if i wanted. If your going for a new job are they ppl gonna be this leniate with a drug test? I thank not methadone is a joke and a highley addictive drug like heroin,crack,coke,ice opiates. Methadone is just a legal substitute.

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Pat Says:

Gracie..I am sorry that you had to get off of methadone because of your money situation, didn't you even try to get on Medicade? Also there are new laws being drawn as I am writing this to where a clinic cant taper you like they did b/4.. People are starting to sue clinics because people who are older and have medical problems can die from methadone WD's and one day a clinic is going to be shut down because of this. Why didn't you do anything to help yourself? Seems to me you were doing great for 18 years and then they just cut you off after all of that time?? I would call a lawyer NOW..Plus you must be one of those miracles if you slept and got better after 12 days..Bottom line, unless you have an MD after your name, don't give any advice to people except to call their doctors..You can't give out medical advice, and it also seems funny to me that after 18 years of being successful on MMT you decide NA is the way to go. Something seems wrong with your post..People don't just embrace NA's cult after doing so well for so many years..There are other topics here for the 12 steps, this isn't one of them. NA almost killed me with their words


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Pat Says:

Sarah..Please prove your post because if it is a lie, they call that slander..You must be an NA cult member or you wouldnt be talking this crap..I think you are a clean and sober NA cult member who has been told what to write. You probably dont even know what methadone is


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Gracie Says:

Hey Pat, thanks for responding to my misunderstood a few of the things i said. i went 10 days with out sleep and had nothing to help me through the worst W/D you can imagine but after taking it for 18 yrs, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I never went to NA but said that I got on Oxycotin the day after my sister left to go back up north. i just couldn't take being sick any longer. and then after 18 yrs on the methadone and not even taking a valium or anything else, there i was on friggen oxys. what a night mare but i wasn't sick anymore and could go to work again. i had a weeks vacation and then called in sick for the second week. i take care of a 92 yr old lady in her condo and she is something else! very spunky and couldn't believe the change in me when i came back after getting off the methadone. anyway, i'm on subutext now and have 2 or 3 pills left and then that's it! i am done and want to move on with my life. i have mixed feelings about the clinic. mostly good ones b/c after being on the streets and doing heroin for 30 yrs off and on, mostly on and having to have a finger and 1/2 of my thumb amputated b/c i shot up in my hand and got a blood clot, the hospital sent me right to the clinic where i stayed for the 18 best yrs of my life. it was just when i had to get off b/c of money and the terrible detox is the only bad thing i have to say about it. it did save my life and if i' had the money, would still be on it. it did do some damage to my body but i think anything you do for that long is going to have some effect. anyway, i'm feeling better everyday and while i just found out that the subutext is addicting, i'm going to start weaning myself off of it. got it from a friend that goes to one of these crazy pain clinics that we have on every corner! i refused to go to one of them and give them my money. i just want my life back and to be clean and happy. i worked at my church for 8 yrs and i believe that also saved my life. NA and AA never worked for me but having the Lord in my life and the methadone did. what works for one, may not work for another. anyway, LIKE I ALWAYS SAY KEEP LOOKING UP^ Gracie

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Gracie Says:

Beki, I read your post about remembering what it was like b4 getting on the methadone and it no doubt saved my life and made me a normal person or as normal as i could be!. the things i was doing to get heroin i am not proud of . i think another thing that helped me was wanting to get those take homes and after a year of clean urines was able to take a months worth home for the 18yrs i was on it. when i had to come in to get it each mo. they would do the urine test and that helped to keep me off of anything. i also think having to be accountable to something and have clean urines so i didn't have to go to that place everyday and run into old friends etc helped a lot. bottom line. the detox sucked big time but in the long run i had the best 18 yrs of my life. was here and able to take care of my mom while she was sick and died and also for just having the 18 yrs with her and holding down a job at my church and as a normal person and not running the streets, stealing etc Methadone saved my life. i remember saying while i was on the clinici'll never go back to street drugs but after 10 days of the worst days of my life durning the detox then turning to oxycotin b/c i didn't want to be sick anymore, which while i was on the clinic never even knew anyone on it or knew anything about oxycotin..feeling like i was going to die from the w/d, i found someone and now am trying to make it back to sanity! anyway, any time i think the clinic was bad for me b/c of the W/D, I'll remember where I was b4 it and know it saved my life. KEEP LOOKING UP^

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Pat Says:

Hi Gracie..I still think what the clinic did to you is criminal, but I wish you great luck with being clean off of all drugs. I agree don't give a dime to those pain clinics, they are rip off clinics who have doctors who can't do anything else because they have bad reputations. Of course I am sure there are a lot of good ones, but the charges Heck, they cost more than methadone clinics.. If you only have a few suboxone left and when you are finished and feel sick, please seek medical help, because the worst thing you can do is get on oxys again... Just take it slow and if you do it right (slow) there is no reason you can't be successful. And I agree whatever works for people is fine by me.. BTW, I am 55, so I know how hard it is when we get older. We have a lot more experience than a lot of other people here, and that helps us help others..If you ever feel like using, here is a website with people trying to be clean just like you. There are many addicts going through the same thing you are..I wish I could help you more, but I can't help you with your taper because I don't know what you are going through, but hopefully there are others that can... Good luck friend!!!! Happy Holidays to you


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Gracie Says:

Greetings Pat, what a nice surprise getting your post. Yes, I think I've finally found a good website with good people that I can relate too on here. Knowing your age helped too as yes, we've been around a bit longer then a lot of these guys.. I was so stupid getting on the subtutext not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I have 15 pills left and feel fairly good when I take one but not high or anything, just normal and not sick! Which is huge since I have to go to work everyday!. But then to find out that they are also addictive! Geez, does it ever end! I suppose the subutext is better then the oxys. I should say FOR SURE IS BETTER THEN THE OXYS! But you are right that I need to taper off of them and will start doing so right away. Thanks for your support as it means the world to me. I'm telling you, some times, most of the time.,you feel so alone when you are doing the drugs. Like T?G, i had plenty of invites but just wanted to stay home alone in bed and eat cerele. When my sis gets here from Cal Jan 18th and finds out that I went through $10,000 in 7 mo I'll never hear the end of it. She is not an addict and does not understand at all! She's really the one that told me that I needed to get off the methadone b/c I couldn't afford it any longer but I shouldn't have listenend to her and gone with my gut feeling that I wasn't ready. The clinic may have worked with me since I'd been on it so long there. but I didn't even try. Just did it on my own. So honestly, it was my own fault for the W/D i went through. MY sis wouldn't let me get anything from the dr for sleep etc. she is just a control freak and thinks she knows the best for me and for everyone! I know she loves me but I have to toughen up when it comes to her and not let her control me when she gets here or I'll be back depressed and God only knows what will happen. No, I just realized what I wrote when I said that! I am going to be strong and stay off of everything as soon as I get off the subutext and get back into my church where I have a foundation and friends! Ok kiddo, gotta get to bed. Again, thank you for your sweet post. You hang in there too. Did I read that it was you having a baby or someone else. I'm still new to this and can't remember everything I read from one person to another! But now I know you for sure and i am glad! God Bless you and KEEP LOOKING UP^ GRACIE

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Pat Says:

Hi Gracie..Please be careful with the suboxone, I tried it before I got on methadone because it just came out for trials in 2000 and it was free. I had to get off because I got very ill on it. I had the same side affects some people get on methadone only 10 times worse, so I walked away at 32mg of the suboxone, and I kicked real bad, but you should be fine the way you are doing it. Just please, if you run out and want to get more oxys, please go back to the clinic get on a 180 day taper. I would much rather see you do that than take oxys.. The clinic will work with you.. Me a baby..Thanks for making me laugh, I was sad today. but just thinking about me having a baby makes me laugh.. Never had kids because we didn't want them, then I found out I couldnt have carried a child to term.. We spent a lot of money on birth control and my poor hubby had a vascetemy.. Yea you and I have been around the block a few times. My sister and I don't even speak because she says I am a loser because I am on methadone...I havent spoken to her in 14 years...She would rather see me dead of an OD rather on methadone..Don't let that come between you and your sis. Just tell her you are an adult and if she doesn't agree with the life you have it is her loss, not yours..Family is important, but when she called me awful names that was the end. My life is more important.....Let me know how you are, ok??


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