Help Others In Getting Their Pain Medications Go To Care2petitionsite And Sign Demand That Chronic Suffers Get Medication Now

valerie Says:

Here it is, your sincere effort to help us all get back our right to having our pain medications now!! sign this petition to get action and be a part in changing the DEA'a plan that is surely not working. Give us back our lives, Let the junkies overdose is they so choose to. Go to "Care2petitionsite" now sign the petition on "demand that chronic pain sufferers get their medication now, by valerie. I thank you for your support. Feel free to share it because the more signatures that we get the sooner we can make this a reality.

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Liberty Says:

Valerie - you are who I was looking for as I just put something similar on the discussion table under Chronic Pain patients organizing to fight for the civil rights. I am ready to sign, protest, fight and help in any way I can - Colorado is getting really bad and I am terrified that without my medication I will not be able to live with this pain. I tried all the surgeries, IV's, alternative methods and after 22 years and finally having my pain level at a 5 most days and I can not go back to going to a hospital everyday - and they don't help anymore anyway.

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David Says:

Sorry to hear about your challenges with receiving proper care. I really hope the petition works to your favor when push comes to shove.

A lot of chronic pain patients have had to turn to other means for getting relief since this issue first began spreading. So it's hard to say what it will take in order to straighten things back out to the way it was before.

But in light of the situation, I'd be curious to know if any of you have considered looking into or have found success using natural options for pain management in the meantime?

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Liberty Says:

Valerie -- based on what I am finding there are dozens of petitions but they are all under different titles - perhaps if we come up with a simple PAIN PATIENT UNITED or something simple with just Pain - not Chronic or Intractable or any additional wording. If we had a website built which is not that difficult and a blog and work at getting pain doctors to post our site at their facilities and more over many people are not comfortable with writing to the congress, senate, state and federal politicians, FDA etc. so if we provided a form letter with a section for them to describe - briefly - their affliction that they could just sign and send - as well as provide their signature on a standard petition we could get the numbers needed. When you add up the numbers for all the different petitions that are all basically trying to do the same thing - we could work towards getting a 10K to start and promote it to get to 100K. With the millions that are suffering we need to simply the process and become united in order to get the attention of lobbyists, pain doctors, professionals, attorney groups, etc. that are willing to help. Chronic pain is like any other disease it hits people from all walks of life - park bench to park place. The petition process is just too scattered right now as I happened upon the med chat by chance. As you know being in pain is challenging and exhausting enough and it is hard to get the energy to participate in making bowl of cereal much less protesting to politicians that are only after recognition. They need to know that all these pain patients are voters too - not just the families of the 17 million people who died from overdose who want someone or something to blame. We know that the majority were either abusing because they were in pain and not on strong enough medicine, or mixing with other meds, booze or illegal drugs. In some cases doctors prescribe methadone without consulting a pain specialist but I almost died from Lyrica and my husband stopped breathing from Tranzadone. The majority of the 17 million deaths were not the fault of the medication or the doctor but mishandling. thanks for your time.

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lucy Says:

need my pain meds... sick of this

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sad and hurting Says:

I am a 68 yr old woman suffering severe spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and a mustitude of other spinal issues. Surgeon said there was so much damage, that to operate would most likely cause a "domino effect". Now, even though I'm on a fairly low dosage of opiate meds, I understand that my dosage is going to be reduced by another 45%. I'm so tired of the pain, and depression caused by no being able to live a normal, productive life. I'm no a only "crime" is being in constant pain. I know my story is only a "drop in the bucket" compared to many others. We need to be treated with compassion and dignity. We need to be able to live a life that does NOT revolve around never-ending pain. Why do we have to pay for the crooks that profit from being "pushers"? They should be in prison...not us.

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Ann Says:

trying to find doctor that will prescribe me pain medication.

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DCcc Says:

I'm surprised this is an issue in Colorado. You cannot get the meds you need? So your doc just stopped giving it to you?

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Momo Says:

Well done Valerie. Count me in!! And there is so much more to this story, so much more that I have been investigating the swamp of the pharmaceutical industry and the so called pain management doctors who together with a pharmaceutical company that is the main manufacturer of opiates are filling their DEEP POCKETS. of a multi-billion dollar a year haul at the expense and health and welfare of the innocent public that has trusted them to support the chronic pain patients and others. But because of the greed and money involved, I would venture to say ,that while we are struggling to beg for pain relief, that is now almost impossible, the company and the doctors have failed to be honest with everyone that takes opiate prescription drugs, that there are horrible side effects that they have kept from everyone. Some of the medical problems that M.S. Contin can cause, besides the ones that are listed in the company's drug insert are massive tooth decay and tooth loss, deep vein thrombosis and so many more. My daughter and I have each developed some of these medical problems and some are life threatening. When I made the connection to what was happening with are medical problems and taking M.S. Contin (morphine) I was shocked and very upset. There are also problems that are latent and can develop years after a patient is no longer taking the medications. All of this information is online, including people who are posting tragic stories of the complete loss of their teeth, which is just one of the horrific things that happened to my daughter and me. I'm going to be writing a book about this ,as the public has a right to know. The book will be published soon. I am totally behind the movement to restore the rights for the chronically ill pain patients, but the information about the risks that I have told you about, and others must be told to the patient. Please let me know your opinion on my reply to your blog. I'm onboard. Keep blogging about this movement. It is so important to drain this swamp too!!!, Momo

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Tara Says:

As a chronic pain individual I support every chronically ill person in thriving with their appropriate medications but I don't support your ignorant stance on stating "allow junkies to continue to kill themselves as they choose". I feel that you believe because you take legal prescriptions that you are superior to an individual that for one reason or another has gone to seek out illegal or illicit drugs! WE are all addicted one way or another. Prescription meds are considered to be synthetic opiates to many. Do you realize that so many of the very people you are standing up for by circulating this petition for have already or very likely may turn to buying pills illegally because they can't get them thru a Dr. and within a matter of time will or can no longer afford the prices for pain meds will turn to illicit drugs? Do you realize 75% of so called junkies started out on prescription meds? And only turned to illicit drugs because they got cut off by their Dr? So please don't be so quick to judge because one day it could be a friend of yours that because of their chronic pain and left with no other option do the same as those you condemn! THANK God I haven't had to go this route but I NEVER say NEVER because I do know some that have and some that have died. Thank you Tara. P.S. I WILL sign the petition!

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Tara Says:

From my knowledge you can legally get prescription pain meds in Colorado

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Valerie, I would be willing and more than happy to sign your petition. It's obvious that what's happened here is that the government; ie; the DEA and CDC weren't making as much money as the pharmaceutical companies or the doctors that were helping their patients so they "created" the "opioid epidemic", labeling every drug related death as an opioid overdose. The sad truth will probably never be unveiled which is the fact that since the DEA and CDC have cracked down on the entire country, the amount of withdrawal related deaths as well as suicides by patients in chronic pain has skyrocketed, and again are no doubt labeled as opioid related deaths when the DEA and CDC are causing people in pain to look for ANY relief possible, whether it is illegal or not! If you think that the Trump administration is going to help, I seriously doubt it. I believe that this is AMERICA, and that the government has NO RIGHT to tell the medical professionals what and how much to prescribe their patients, or threaten the pharmacists with retaliation if they fill a legitimate prescription, although they deny ever doing so! I could go on for hours but I don't have time. Please keep up with your petition. I'm certain that you will get more than enough signatures, although it may not do any good against a corrupt system!

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Genius Says:

What a pain just trying to relieve pain. With meds I can smile without I can't.

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tim111 Says:

Is there a way to post a link as I went to care2petition & it took a while to find the petition. This is REALLY IMPORTANT, TOO IMPORTANT to miss, Thank you

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methadionian Says:

I'll sign. I'm 47, had 7 failed Lamenectomy's. I had to turn to a Methadone clinic. Because the so called pain Doc's rarely would I see the same M.D where 10 of them had an office. Same location & name but each one had different ideas & amounts & even different drugs. So I got fed-up & went to a clinic. Call me a junkie, I don't care I've put up w/ level 5-6 pain every day since 1987. Don't judge until you've "walked a mile.."

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Corinne Says:

I am SO afraid they're going to completely get rid of methadone. I took it for 15 years and never had one problem. I did everything right, was monitored closely by my primary, blood tests, etc., and they took me from 11 to a lousy 4 a day. I've tried everything ... Dilaudid, oxycontin, hydrocodone (I became immune to it), so after 15 years, and I'm 70 years old, so what if I did die from the so-called horrible methadone. For 15 years I lead a happy life; now I'm paying twice the amount I used to and getting half of the pain relief that if it hasn't killed me in 15 years, I highly doubt it will now. How can these government officials feel they know more than my doctor and especially the long relationship we've had. They interfered in an area they should have never went to as now the U.S. is a dictatorship. They now dictate what a very knowledgeable doctor can or cannot subscribe for their patients. THIS IS WRONG and whoever started it should be hung by their toenails from the nearest tree. I CANNOT FUNCTION AT ALL without my pain pills, but if my pain went away, I'm NOT addicted mentally. Without any pain, that would be "my high"!!

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Jeff Says:

I have thought about this subject a lot because like so many millions of others rely on Kadian, Diclofenac and Oxycodone every day of my life and have for many years without them there isn't any doubt my life would be unbearable and suicide would take place very quickly.

What I wonder most is why so many are struggling to get the medical attention and medications they need.

I guess I am more fortunate than others in this respect as my doctors take very good care of me. The only time I have problems getting my meds is when I mess up and forget to phone in for refills on time as my doctors are very strict with policies.

I truly hurt with and for each person that needs this help and not getting it in a fair and timely manner.

Also I live in fear everyday of my life that lawmakers are going to take my medications away. It's all you hear is the bad things about Opiates. We don't ever hear about the success stories like mine. Without them I could not have ran three businesses and employee hundreds of people over my 35 year career as an entrepreneur. I did finally have to shut down all the businesses due to my health and now I financially struggle like everyone else which seems to make my health problems even worse.

Anyway my opinion is simply let's get organized and get a few leaders in place and make things happen. I am more than willing to step up and do my part if I can help with anything more than just a signature. {edited for privacy}.

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roro Says:

petition is closed ----- bummmer always late to the party i guess someone start another one ----

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roro Says:

I just made a new one for distribution to each state house and fed congress:

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Brad Says:

I cannot find or figure out how to sign the petition regarding the opioids and people getting what they need not what is dictated to them. Please tell me this is serious.

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Jeff Says:

I just signed the petition it worked just fine. I personally thank you all for supporting each other and the willingness to stand up for right and wrong. I am a US Army Vet and this is the very reason I served we stand tall, we stand strong and we stand proud but most of all we stand for what right and protect the rights of each other.


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