Active Ingredient(s): Pregabalin
FDA Approved: * December 30, 2004
Pharm Company: * CP PHARMS
Category: Pain Relief

* This drug may consist of multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or distributors. If applicable, they would be listed below under "NDC Database Records".

Lyrica Overview

Pregabalin, sold under the brand name Lyrica among others, is an anticonvulsant and anxiolytic medication used to treat epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and generalized anxiety disorder.[10][11][12] Its use in epilepsy is as an add-on therapy for partial seizures.[10] When used before surgery, it reduces pain but results in greater sedation and visual disturbances.[13] It is taken b...

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memory loss and blurry vision

I have been taking Lyrica for about a month now and my vision is still blurry but getting better, but what is bothering me is the memory problems. I seem like such a space-cadet! Is it gonna get any better or am I doomed to always be this spacey? ## nasty medication be ready for weight gain 25 to 40lbs. and hot flashes with ringing in the ears I was on 200mg 3x day and had to stop. lyrica, neurontin, gabitril all NASTY NASTY ## It Does eventually get better as you reach the dose you are going to. It is only Transient. It will go away. Have patience. ## Whether or not it is transient really depends on the person. For most people, yes, side effects do wear off once their body adjusts to the medication, however for some people they can last a lot longer, or never go away entirely. If you f...


I HAVE GAINED 27 POUNDS IN 3 MONTHS. WHAT CAN I DO OTHER THAN STOP TAKING LYRICA? SHOULD I QUIT OR LOWER THE DOSAGE? I TAKE 2 DOSES PER DAY. ## It's difficult to say exactly what about a medication causes any specific side effect, in many cases there is really no way to explain it, but Lyrica contains the active ingredient Pregabalin, which is actually an anticonvulsant, so it works on brain chemicals. This means that it may be having an affect on something that stimulates the appetite, or slows the metabolism, so some people gain weight easier than normal, while taking it. Have you discussed the issue with your doctor? You may need to start more closely watching what you eat, or up the amount of exercise you get each day. ## I can relate to the weight gain with Lyrica. When I first...

Lycria for Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia

I was just given Lycria for my Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. I start it tonight and will keep posted on how it does for me. My doctor said it would not hurt any drugs I am now on, which is a lot. And the side effects would be sleepiness. ## My brother was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia and this is what they put him on. My wife and I are waiting to see what the results will be as we both have the same illnessand our appointments for our doctor isn't for a while. We will be waiting for your results along with his to see if this turns out to be the medication we've been looking for. Of course, we know that meds can work differently for different people. Good luck and God Bless! ## My Dr. Put me on Lyrica for nerve pain that runs across my back and down both legs. It makes me sleep...

Lyrica Side Effects results in loss of 13 teeth

I am the patient of a pain management physician because there is nothing else that can be done for my back other thantry to manage my pain. I have had 19 back surgeries, including rods, broken back and rods on right side. My last surgery was the insertion of two morphine pain pumps, which caused my body to reject the plastic or some component thereof. They also inserted two dual-lead dorsal column stimulators, and even though all four of these pumps worked successfully, my body also rejected come component in the stimulators as well. One of the largest problems, second only to the pain, was the fact that I had 5 deep wound that went all the way down to my rectus muscle in my stomach. I had a staph infection from the pump as well as the stimulator. It took 6 months of wound care from the...

Does anyone taking Lyrica have memory loss?

I have been on Lyrica for about 8 months now and I am having fantastic results. My dr is trying to increase my dosage and I have been doing it in 50 mg increments. I am up 100 more now in a month, for a total dosage of 400mg. I find that I have very bad recall and loss of my vocabulary during conversation. It eventually goes away, but I was wondering if anyone else has this? If it keeps up, I just may have to drop back down 50mg until I get used to it? That seemed to work that last time I had to raise it.BTW, I have nerve pain in my ribcage. (not caused by shingles) ## It is a possible reaction to this med, it is listed as a side effect that you should see your doctor about if you experience it. You can see it in the monograph listing here: Pregabalin Details Have you consulted your doc...

lyrica & incontinence

I took Lyrica for about 6 weeks & noticed it caused incontinence or urine leakage. I stopped it & the sx subsided. I now restarted it as the pain was unbearable. It works wonders for the pain if you can endure the side effects. I am going to see if I can somehow control the urine leakage if it starts again. ## I am on 300mg of Lyrica, and just today I am having the same problem! Has the problem come back, and if so, have you found any solutions? ## i began lyrica and was able to sleep without nerve tingling waking me every 15 minutes forthe first time in 4 years. the problem is that the first night i also wet my bed and have done so several more times since taking it. when i dont take it the problem stops. any advice would be welcome. ## I took a lyrica last nite at work because...

What does lyrica look like?

I have been taking lyrica for some time has been in capsule form. I went to a new pharmacy and now it is a little white it still lyrica. It is white with the number 10 on the back the front has a line in the middle ( like a line you would cut it in half with or something ) someone please tell me if it is lyrica before I have to start taking it. Thank you ## I am not finding any Lyrica/Pregabalin listed in tablet form. All the listings I am finding for it are capsules. Have you contacted the pharmacy to double check? That's what I would do, if it were me, to make sure that I didn't receive the wrong medication. ## I think you should take these tabs back to the pharmacy fir positive ID before taking them. Pharmacists can make mistakes. A friend of mine was gi...

doctors who prescribe narcotics in dayton ohio

Does anyone know of any doctors in the Dayton, Ohio area that prescribe narcotics for Fibromyalgia? I have just moved to the area and have never had an issue finding a doctor for this, but now they tell you upfront that they dont prescribe narcotics for fibromyalgia. Help? Anybody? ## Hello, Sweetdeb! How are you doing? Sorry about the problems that you're having. What type of doctors have you been consulting and how have you been asking them about prescriptions? Due to the new regulations that were put in place this year, if you require medications on a long-term basis for pain management, you'll need to see a specialist. General practitioners are now severely limited in what they can prescribe, how much they can prescribe, how long they can prescribe it and why they can prescr...

Euphoric effects of Lyrica

Does Lyrica cause euphoria side effects? ## Very rarely, but it has been known to cause them, and thus result in some people abusing this medication, according to FDA warnings. For most people, its typical side effects include nausea, dizziness, headache, mood changes, and weight changes. Ref: Lyrica Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes, brilliant actually. ## Onlyvwhenvused once a week or mbye twice a week.toletancevis almost instant would be the perfect drug if it were not for tolerance build up super fast.

Savella and Nausea

Okay I quit taking Lyrica about a week and a half ago, I just stopped feeling drunk about 2 days ago. I am on day 3 of Savella Titration pack and I am starting to feel much better, I actually have energy! There are blogs like this one about Savella and some people say there are nasty side effects while your body gets used to this med as well, but I have not felt any yet. The only thing i noticed is that I had a little nausea the first day but none since then. Keeping my fingers crossed. ## Today is my third day of Savella- first day at 25 mg x/day. These three days have been hell- extreme nausea, hot/cold flashes and sweats, racing heart, fatigue. It took me five weeks to be weaned off of Lyrica and I'm so disheartened by how I'm feeling now. When did everyone's side effects...


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  • Capsule: 100mg, 150mg, 200mg, 225mg, 25mg, 300mg, 50mg, 75mg
  • Solution: 20mg/ml
  • Tablet, Extended Release: 165mg, 330mg, 82.5mg
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NDC Database Records for Lyrica: (103 results)

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  • 0071-1012 Lyrica 25 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 0071-1013 Lyrica 50 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 0071-1014 Lyrica 75 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 0071-1015 Lyrica 100 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 0071-1016 Lyrica 150 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 0071-1017 Lyrica 200 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 0071-1018 Lyrica 300 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 0071-1019 Lyrica 225 mg Oral Capsule by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 0071-1020 Lyrica 20 mg/ml Oral Solution by Parke-davis Div of Pfizer Inc
  • 16590-503 Lyrica 50 mg Oral Capsule by Stat Rx USA LLC
  • 21695-276 Lyrica 25 mg Oral Capsule by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 21695-277 Lyrica 50 mg Oral Capsule by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 21695-278 Lyrica 75 mg Oral Capsule by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 21695-661 Lyrica 100 mg Oral Capsule by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 21695-662 Lyrica 150 mg Oral Capsule by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 21695-663 Lyrica 200 mg Oral Capsule by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 21695-664 Lyrica 300 mg Oral Capsule by Rebel Distributors Corp
  • 24236-783 Lyrica 50 mg Oral Capsule by Remedyrepack Inc.
  • 24236-831 Lyrica 75 mg Oral Capsule by Remedyrepack Inc.
  • 35356-053 Lyrica 25 mg Oral Capsule by Lake Erie Medical & Surgical Supply Dba Quality Care Products LLC
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