Lyrica Side Effects Results In Loss Of 13 Teeth

Linda P. Says:

I am the patient of a pain management physician because there is nothing else that can be done for my back other thantry to manage my pain. I have had 19 back surgeries, including rods, broken back and rods on right side. My last surgery was the insertion of two morphine pain pumps, which caused my body to reject the plastic or some component thereof. They also inserted two dual-lead dorsal column stimulators, and even though all four of these pumps worked successfully, my body also rejected come component in the stimulators as well. One of the largest problems, second only to the pain, was the fact that I had 5 deep wound that went all the way down to my rectus muscle in my stomach. I had a staph infection from the pump as well as the stimulator. It took 6 months of wound care from the pain pumo, and now I am left with the most hideous scar. Same problem with my back, Oh well....this was supposed to be about LYRICA! Since January 2005, my doctor placed me on Lyrica and I thank God for it, because it has helped a great deal with my pain, however, after having to make an appointment to see an oral surgeon to remove all my teeth because of the Lyrica, I am LIVID!! No one eluded to the fact that Lyrica cound cause my teeth to rot out of my head, when I had the most wonderful white straight teeth. I just celebrated my 46th birthday a little over a week ago and I am facing dentures right in the mouth! There out to be a disclaimer, of which there were one. I am a label reader, and read instructions implicitly. At any rate, that won't help the halth of my mouth at this point. Is there a class action law suit out there somewhere, that would at the very least pay for any dental work, or at least warn those in the future? BE WARNED! You deserve a right to be informed. Signed, Oh My Missing Teeth in Oklahoma!

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Sassy08 Says:

I have been on Lyrica for almost a year and besides a 15 pound weight gain I am most upset over all the fillings in my mouth falling out over a seven week period. I was driving home from work one night when one just fell into my lap. Not eating, drinking-nothing. Woke up another night with one choking me. Others fell out while eating soft food. Bits of teeth with them. I have always taken good care of my teeth-regular checkups etc. My doctor, no one, believes it is the Lyrica except me. I was on 400mg a day. I was relieved to see the post from someone else to prove I'm not crazy. If you find a lawyer to take the case please let me know!

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Pat Says:

Hi Linda P. I am truly sorry for your teeth problems as I am 54 years old and also losing my teeth, however I doubt you will find an attorney to take your case because I tried to sue my dentist (different reason) and there is no money for it..My dentist ripped me off for 15K.+ Anyway, what I am getting at is there is a warning on the label that says a side effect is dry mouth. RED FLAG any drug that causes dry mouth can do damage to your gums. I am on a medication famous for causing dry moouth but I am always carrying a water bottle with me, unfortunatly my tooth loss is a combanation of hereditary and a bad case of TMJ. Unless the FDA comes up with a study proving at lyrica is causing dental problems you are just a number to them, I hate that as much as you do, and I feel your pain because I am living this nightmare..Omly thing I can tell you is to see if there is any proof in lyrica and dental decay and just keep saving for dentures This darn thing has ruined my life. Don't let it ruin yours,,,,Try to find a denal forum where you can talk to people who are going through what you are, I do have a site, and when I find it, I will post it for you..Did you know that dentists have a very high suicide rate?? Everyone hates their dentists...Good luck friend


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Verwon Says:

There are many medications that can cause dental problems, because they cause dry mouth and leech the minerals from your body.

I am in similar circumstances from when I was on narcotic pain management for several years. I've lost most of my teeth and have several more than I need to lose, but no insurance to pay for it.

That said, sadly, there is nothing you can do. Such probable side effects are listed, publicly, in the full-prescribing information for these medications. Even though your pharmacy does not give you that much information, it is out there and readily available. So, it is considered your risk upon using these medications.


Are you seeing a good dentist and have you looked into getting implants?

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Cubbet Says:

I had to have all my jaw teeth removed after taking Lyrica. They started crumbling in my mouth!! I am lucky I did not choke on them or something.DENTURES at 45 years of age!! Am REALLY ticked!!!

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Pat Says:

Someone told me that including the meds I have to take, the TMJ I have which all have contributed to my tooth loss, they said that because I was just diagnoised last year with a low thyroid, and am now on medication, that low thyroid also contributes to tooth loss..Anyone heard of this b4??


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Nell Says:

I am writing to say I have been on lyrica for a few years. My teeth were not perfect as I had the old-fashioned amalgam fillings. I have been experiencing tooth decay and my teeth are breaking off! I wonder if it is the Lyrica? I am now spending a fortune to save my teeth. If anyone hears of compensation (I doubt it), let me know. Good luck and good health to you all!

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Reba Says:

I didn't have even a cavity until I was 21. At 24 I fell in my classroom and damaged my back. Quite a few years ago I was placed on Lyrica. Since then I have either had to have teeth pulled, or had root canals. Being a teacher I don't have the option of missing teeth in front. I have had to withdraw money from my retirement in order to repair my teeth. The prescribing doctor told me Lyrica can contribute to tooth decay. I am working hard to go down in dosage to try to hold onto the teeth I still have... went from 300mg a day to 50mg a day over the course of a year. I will tell you that weaning off of the lyrica has been one of the hardest things I have done because it makes you feel horrible when you lower the dosage. However... my mouth will hopefully recover and maintain some kind of integrity. As much as it has helped me... it has been a nightmare.

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oez Says:

OMG...stumbled upon this thread accidentally-was doing a search on lyrica withdrawal. I have been on lyrica for several years now, and I'm getting ready to try tapering off, again. I have tried, unsuccessfully, many times before. Always the same brick wall: Increased pain (I'm already hovering between 7 to 9 on pain scale), depression, apathy...etcetera. My rationale for going off lyrica has always been the same too: Side effects- weight gain, fluid retention/swelling, daytime sleepiness, etcetera. Now, thanks to you all, I have another very annoying symptom to add to the list- tooth decay! I had NO IDEA that lyrica might be responsible for my sudden dental deterioration! I've always had a full set of nice, strong, straight teeth, along with bi-yearly dental hygiene appointments. This time-- to my shock, my dentist found 12 areas of decay. Cavities, crowns, chips, root canals, gum name it, I have it. Now, at least I have an explanation! Thank you all.

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S6TF Says:

I am a 33 yr old woman, with no prior, major illnesses, extremely fit, 174cm, 60 kg.

When i was first prescribed Lyrica (150 mg a day), along with the anti-depressant drug Deprax, i had just come out of 7 day detox clinic for addiction to Diazapam, Stilnox & Tranquimazin (the last 5 months prior to detox, all mixed with alcohol, being martini the drink of my choice).

The withdrawal symptoms from taking a cocktail of these 3 drugs, for a period of more than 3 yrs, up to 180mg a day to sleep were horrific. One of the main withdrawal syptoms for the first 6 weeks was pain; headches, joint aches, muscle aches, interior muscle ache like extremely rapid, frightening heart beat etc. For this pain, i now know that i was prescribed the drug Lyrica.

The withdrawal symptoms from the Benzos, were so acute at the beginning that i couldn't really tell you whether or not i had side effects from starting taking Lyrica to begin with, being as the symptoms mirror each other alot.

I have been taking Lyrica now for the last 3 months & after the initial first 6 weeks of treatment, i started taking only 25mg a day, at night, to help me sleep (all of this was monitored by my doctor). I have now not been taking lyrica for the last 9 days and yes, i have been experiencing the following withdrawal symptoms:

Weight gain; Even though i can't really say i'm eating more, my activity level before was very high, running with my dog in the mornings, 1 hour at the gym every day and a job where i was running around everywhere. At the moment, I am probably doing about half as much as i use to do & have gained over 3 kg in the last 6 weeks (the first 6 weeks don't count, as i was so sick from the Benzo withdrawal, that i didn't even want to eat). I have a constantly bloated stomach & feel swollen (esp. face) as if i am retaining water in a really bad way. At night time i can weigh between 63-64 kilos & then the next day go running in the morning and instantly drop 2 kilos. Very strange.

Diarrhea; I have been constipated (badly) all my life & suddenly i have diarrhea.

Nausea; feeling sick to my stomach - all day.

Neck Pain; My neck feels stiff and the pain runs from the back of my neck down into my shoulders.

Numbness in hands & feet: numbness in right hand more than left, difficulty clenching fingers and complete numbness in lower leg and feet, specially after running.

Blurred vision; resides throughout day and then gets a little worse at night.

Suicidal thoughts; Self explanatory.

Depression; depression is something i have experienced on days, but not this kind, the crying for 4 hours before going to sleep, escalating negative thoughts that start at i feel guilty because i haven't taken the dog out, to my parents are going to die. Depression med deprax doesn't help. Depersonalization thoughts are worse.

High anxiety level.

Headaches: Throughout the day.

Speech; I speak two languages fluently and at the moment i can't seem to speak either. Writing is ok though (i think). Simply can't find the words

Painfull lump under left arm which magically appeared after day 3 (have doc appointment today)

Painfull jaw and mouth as if i had been grinding my teeth non stop for 24 hours. Tension in my lower face.

Mouth, Teeth; Pain all day in my gums and teeth (my teeth have always been perfect, i look after them and don't have one single filling), sensitivity to cold or very hot drinks. Also my throat is tight like i am about to have a panic attack any moment (i have only had one panic attack in my entire life, 2 weeks after coming off the Benzos)

Prickly heat in chest and neck. sweating.

i would also like to add that for for the last 2 months i have been bleeding between periods ( making it every 15 days ). i don't think this is a withdrawal symptom from the Benzo's as in my first withdrawal month from them, my period came like it always has; like clockwork & after 28 days and that was probably the most traumatic month my body has ever experienced.

Fatigue; feeling like a crane couldn't pull me out of bed each morning (and this comes from someone who normally gets up at 6am to run with her dog every morning)

There are other symptoms that i am experiencing as well, but i can't be sure whether or not they are still due to the Benzo withdrawal or the lyrica withdrawal. With benzo withdrawal, the first thing i got were all the physical withdrawal symptoms with hardly any physcological symptoms like depression etc. The physclogical symptoms set in about 2 months after coming off then. Withdrawal symptoms from Lyrica have been the other way around; first i had the incessant crying, depression, not wanting anyone looking at me, suicidal thoughts etc, which have now eased up considerably (this saturday i went out and had a really good time, yesterday i felt up for walking the dog and socialising, etc) and i feel optimistic again, but the physical symptoms have got worse; i have not eaten all day today as i feel sick to my stomach, diarreah , difficulty urinating but frequently feeling the urge to do so etc.

I have tried to give as much information as possible here in my testimony as i really feel for anyone who is going through the same thing that i have been through, or that i am still going through. My heart really goes out to people who have severe depression or illnesses that can only be treated with drugs.

I can only say that i started taking Stilnox when i was 27 yrs old. I had a very stressfull job at the time and spent my time flying between europe and the states and basically the only thing that was wrong with me was that i was tired. Nevertheless, when i went to see my local doctor with what were clearly sleep deprivation and stress symptoms, instead of prescribing me with a natural remedy, she instantly prescribed 5mg of stilnox and waved me home. That was 6 years ago, & what started out as 5mg a day of Stilnox to help me sleep, slowly escalated to 180mg a day of a mixture of Diazapam, Stilnox & Tranquimazin, with alcohol and maybe some ephedra & redbull in the mornings to counter the effects of the night before's excessive dosage. After 3 months of living Benzo withdrawal hell, i now have Lyrica & Deprax withdrawal symptoms to look forward to.

The most important thing that i have learnt from this experience is that in the future i won't be taking any more drugs unless i am literally dying.

With world crisis and rising amounts of people suffering from depression and other stress related illnesses, its just cheaper for the government to hand out pills which put a temporary band aid on the problem and makes the population shut up and not complain.

My advice is that before taking any kind of prescribed drug, seriously ask your doctor "is this really necessary?" & "Is there anything else i can try before having to resort to drugs?"

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Dez Says:

My partner was on lyrica for only a few days before it started causing her pain in the front of her teeth and gums. I stopped giving them to her, since I'm in charge of giving her her medications. After reading what you all have said I'm so glad. She still has the pain in her teeth though. And thats after only maybe 1 week on the lyrica. Anyone heard anything about savella? Her doc has prescribed it now... I'm worried about having her try such a new drug.

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samaria Says:

Neurontin and lyrica have ruind my teeth, caused me to gain a lot of weight. I am seeing my dr. Wed. To get off of the lyrica. My tummy got huge when I started taking it. I'm afraid of the fluid retention.

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I am so thankful for finding this site, as I was on LYRICA for only seven months and it DESTROYED all of my teeth! I have had perfect teeth my entire life, then was prescribed LYRICA for Fibromyalgia.

I am extremely familiar with "Dry Mouth Syndrome", as I have been on many medications that cause this. My teeth were not ruined by Dry-Mouth, but Pfizer's LYRICA.

I know this is a direct cause and effect, as I visit my dentist regularly. Approximately two weeks prior to starting Lyrica, I had a Dentist appointment. Everything checked out fine and had my teeth cleaned. Then, after using LYRICA for only seven months, I gained over 100 pounds (160 to 265) and most of my teeth started chipping off. There were no warning signs, I was just in a restaurant, eating and one of my front teeth simply broke in half.

I immediately stopped taking Lyrica and went to the Dentist. I had to have eleven root canals (I am 40 and never had one in my life). I now need an implant, all new crowns and full dental restoration. I have already spent $20,000.00, just to "stop the bleeding" and now have an estimate for $30,000.00 to finalize my restoration.

This is really a very large problem for Pfizer, but they choose to ignore it. My mother is a physician and many patients who have been on Lyrica are now having severe dental problems. Unfortunately, most of these patients never "connect" Lyrica to the severe, dental damage.

I have just started the second stage of my dental work, as I had to wait until I have enough money to pay all of the Dental specialists. I am having the implant done next week and starting on all of the crowns as well.

LYRICA truly almost destroyed my life. When this first happened, most people would look at me like I was a METH-ADDICT! Well, a Meth-Addict doesn't gain over 100 pounds in seven months. It would be the opposite.

I have contacted so many Attorneys, who will not touch this case. I am not sure if they are afraid of Pfizer's deep pockets, or haven't had enough people REALIZE the actual cause of their very serious dental problems; LYRICA. Pfizer is using their customers as guinea pigs and did not do enough quality control and research before releasing this medication.

If anybody knows any Law Firm accepting cases against Pfizer, could you please let me (us) know? Again, I have concrete proof that Lyrica was the actual cause of my very serious dental problems.

Oh, I do have Dental Insurance, but my annual Cap is $3,000.00. Yea, we have "The Best" medical system and care in the world. What a JOKE!

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Dan Says:

I feel your pain, and disappointment too. I broke my cervical spine in 1988. After years of treatment and surgical interventions, Morphine was prescribed to me at the rate of 100 mg tablets, 5 pills every 4 hours. Approx 18 months ago, while waiting to be unloaded in North Carolina ( i drive truck from Ontario Canada) a slight nibble of my pencil while i starred down at my log book, broke a tooth, my right side eye tooth. I dam near s**t myself. I have always been cautious and brushed after every meal, and flossed 2 x a day. I exercised daily and more. Now, some 18 months since the first tooth break, 8 more teeth are gone as they were so rotten i had to have them pulled out at $1100.00 each.
"MORPHINE IS THE CULPRIT" said my dentist and neurologist, and they wrote to the compensation board, because i was taking the morphine because my neck was broken at work in 1988, and "they" can now foot the bill at the comp board. But the buggers there want me to have "tests" done and get more proof the reason for my dental issues is because of the morphine i had to take relative to the 1988 work related injury. But how do i "test" that the morphine did this ? DO YOU KNOW ? Please help me fight these people with anything, any information you may have relative to proving this.

Thank-You sincerely for your support.


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catesJ582 Says:

Has anyone ever found any attorney to take the case against the pharmaceutical companies? I have been taking Lyrica, methadone, Oxycodone, and a lot more medications for my back problems (10+ surgeries), and now I am taking more medications for an injury to my left hand and I am having a lot of surgeries due to that - and while I was in the hospital they gave me Morphine to me in al of the surgeries I have had. And I am going to need to go through a lot more surgeries for both my back and hand. My teeth keep falling out, breaking apart, and crumbling to dust. I was eating corn off the cob and I had two pieces of my teeth chip off. This is getting ridiculous, I had a good set of teeth and took care of my teeth like I was suppose to, and now when I brush - my teeth crumble, break, chip, or other.
It is not fair that all these companies that sell them are not responsible for the medications that they sell especial when they cause damage to someone.

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24char Says:

I have M.S. plus see a pain Dr. for a car accident that resulted in failed back surgery. I also have PTSD for which I am on Workman's comp. I have been on so many drugs for the last 10 yrs for the M.S., pain, major depression. I have always taken good care of my teeth but have ran into the same problem with teeth just falling out and breaking off. The drug co's. will not admit to being at any way responsible. I understand the person who said said she felt like a meth addict. I am a Government emp. and can easily show that I'm not but the way people look at you has confined me to my house as I can't take it. I am making arrangements to fly from AK, where I live, to AZ so I can cross the border and get my teeth fixed. I can't afford the dental prices they charge here. I have had two rel. fly from here to AZ and for $500.00 they had their teeth pulled and temp. dentures, they also put the screws in for the implants to go after healing. So, for slightly under $1000.00 each including air fare they are showing off beautiful teeth after fighting the dental people in the US for years. Most of the dentists in Mexico who do this work were trained here in the US and a lot have offices in the US and Mexico but you can only get the better price by crossing the border. I think that is shameful, one would think that a person could afford dental care here instead of having to go to a country who is supposedly "behind" us in medical and dental care. I also think insurance co. should pay some of the bills as it is related to our health conditions. Drug Co's will never be held responsible, they ALL save themselves by putting "dry mouth" warnings in the small print. I am still at least a year away from being able to afford to go and right now it is a toss up as to whether I can take the dental pain that long or maybe just end it all. Good luck to all.

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Jenny Says:

I never had a cavity until the age of 40. I had a procedure and a tooth was crack while trying to intubate me. Since then I have one dental problem after another! I thought it was from that cracked tooth. During this time I started taking Lyrica. Now I am having dental problems throughout my mouth. I just had two extractions and a root canal. The dentist said I have severe dry mouth. I am constantly sipping on water and use Biotin products, but am still having problems. I tried to do without the medication, but off the medication I realized just how much pain I would be in every day. I tried Neurotin. Just curious if anyone has had success with a different medication.
Just cannot imagine loosing anymore teeth :(
I have always taken good care of them. Any help would be appreciated.

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ruswlf Says:

What if any side effects from Meloxican?

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Kishan Vasekar Says:

It is very disheartening. I just started Lyrica for Nerve Pain subsequent to Heart Attack and Surgery . Rt leg is badly affected and neurologist prescribed Lyrica--75 mg --2 times a Day.I wonder whether I should continue and how long.
I am convinced that Doctors are carried by Multi nationals and make more money in prescribing such medicines and send All of us to Dentist and other specialist. We need to look for Alternate Therapy like Magnetotherapy, Ozone Therapy . Meditation and Prayers can help Lot to relieve Pain. God Bless you----Kishan from India--

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alexander Says:

I had a serious accident that nearly killed me. I fell down the stairs at home and went through a large glass vase with catastrophic injuries to my hand and arm. This was over four years ago I take a high dose of morphine daily along with 800mg of pregablin.
I have also had a spinal chord stimulator fitted to try and help with the pain.
I have had perfect teeth up to six months ago when Iam now in severe pain in the whole of my mouth. Am having many many trips to my dentist and now having to see a specialist re my teeth I have just come accross this sight after googling the side effects of pregablin/lyrica and this has frightenend the life out of me and do hope it is not too late too late to save my teeth . I will be making an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to have the pregablin reduced ASAP Please please if some one out there gets a lawer to take this up please get in touch with me .
Prior to my accident I was a healthy fifty year old male in good shape going to the gym running etc now I have put on nearly three stone in weight and find it very very difficult to get m motivated.
Thank you all for your posts .

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lisa ann Says:

I started lyrica about 2 months ago for a freak accident that happened to me while watching tv , I got 6 sharp shocks in the back of my head , started stuttering n shaking , went to hospital , had ct of head which was fine. I started having burning in the back of my head really bad . Saw a neuro and she put me on lyrica . I recently increased my dose and my stomach is so bloated , my face n eyes are swollen in the morning . I also noticed a change in the frequency of urination , I've been going like crazy, asked my dr , she says its not related. After reading all the above stories, I'm not so sure I believe that !!! Signed a frustrated patient ..

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Linda swisher Says:

I was taking medicine and one was Lyrica and when I had them in my mouth I was taking a drink of Pepsi when I did the lyric appeal fell down in the Pepsi so I set the Pepsi bottle down and it's like it exploded started foaming and poured out of the bottle

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Happy AF Says:

Re: Suzif (# 91) Expand Referenced Message

No, absolutely not, because it doesn’t actually help with my pain and that’s why it was given to me. Gabapentin is a huge scam. They use it for everything, pain, and anxiety, psychiatric conditions. It doesn’t really help with any of that, it just makes people feel intoxicated so they like it. It’s gross.

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Happy AF Says:

Re: Rocky (# 146) Expand Referenced Message

Yes that’s the excuse that they give but I can tell you that oxycodone makes my mouth much drier than gabapentin ever did, and now that I’m only taking oxycodone and not gabapentin, I never have dental problems.

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Happy AF Says:

Re: Randy (# 149) Expand Referenced Message

Yep it’s really upsetting that actual pain medication has been so demonized in the US that were forced to take stuff that is so much worse.

I’ve had to stop taking opioid pain medication after years of daily doses because I moved or changed insurance or something, I can tell you that for me gabapentin withdrawals were so much worse than any opioid withdrawals I have ever had. And I was only taking 600 mg at night, I weaned myself down over one or two months, and when I finally stopped taking it I was uncomfortable for about a month. Every time I’ve had to stop taking oxycodone the withdrawals are over in a week, they get significantly better after the third night. Gabapentin was so much worse. I don’t know who they think they’re helping by putting people on that medication instead of real pain medication, but it’s destroying lives. And teeth.
The only thing I found that helped me with the gabapentin withdrawals magnesium. You just have to be careful if you take too much she’ll get diarrhea.

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Happy AF Says:

Re: Sarah (# 153) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Sarah, when this happened to me I was taking both. I had dental problems all the time. Now I just take oxycodone, and I never have dental issues.

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Happy AF Says:

Re: Linda (# 155) Expand Referenced Message

You know, Covid isn’t over, so you could wear a mask and go shopping and nobody would think anything of it. And then they wouldn’t see your teeth, if that’s why you aren’t going out.

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Linda Says:

Re: Dez (# 151) Expand Referenced Message

In 2004 I started taking it. 300 mg... 3 times a day.

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Linda Says:

That's exactly what mine done I went to the dentist, brush them, floss them I had pretty teeth.. Now I Don t go anywhere at all my daughter does my shopping I Don t want anyone to see me .. So heart broke over this. And im sorry it happen to u too

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Joshua Says:

Re: Linda swisher (# 152) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on Lyrica for nearly 2 years my teeth have just started doing the same thing rotting and falling out I just had my first one extracted this past Friday as it broke off and was rotten from the inside out... Within the space of four days I have started experimenting pain from other teeth... I returned to the dentist today as I thought I might have an infection from the extraction. Had a full head scan done and have several others that from the outside can see no visible damage but are quite literally rotten to the core and will now have to be removed... I 100% believe that Lyrica is to blame... F#@k This Poison

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Sarah Says:

Have you taken pain medication on the past that was an opiod? No judgment, I'm a dentist and was just curious!

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