Lyrica For Neuropathy And Fibromyalgia

Maria Says:

I was just given Lyrica for my Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. I start it tonight and will keep posted on how it does for me. My doctor said it would not hurt any drugs I am now on, which is a lot. And the side effects would be sleepiness.

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Dave Says:

My brother was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia and this is what they put him on. My wife and I are waiting to see what the results will be as we both have the same illnessand our appointments for our doctor isn't for a while. We will be waiting for your results along with his to see if this turns out to be the medication we've been looking for. Of course, we know that meds can work differently for different people. Good luck and God Bless!

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Pat Says:

My Dr. Put me on Lyrica for nerve pain that runs across my back and down both legs. It makes me sleep all day, I don't feel like getting out of bed, no energy at all!

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Susan Says:

I went on Lyrica awhile ago for nerve pain due to compression from a vertebre. I woke up feeling like I had the hangover of a combined army, and then it lasted most of the day. But I stuck with it and am glad I did. I haven't had the blah side effects since March. My mum is a diabetic and has had problems with her feet. I told her to ask her doctor about Lyrica, since that's mainly what it's for, and she's been on it for a month. She's been without the feet pain and the side effects. Lucky her. My advice to you is to stick with it if you can. I'm glad I did. Good luck.

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Help, Lycria has been wonderfull, stopped the burning pain i have had for 4 years, problem, I could sleep 24 hrs a day, any solutions

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lynn Says:

What dosage of Lycria will not make y ou sleepy

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Chris Says:

Lyrcria is the only Med that will stop the intense burning in my hands and makes my feet feel normal instead of feeling like I am walking on bare bones. I am disabled and receive medicaid and twice they have rejected me from receiving it. But they don't mind loading me up on addicted drugs. Ever since HMO came into the picture nothing they do is right . Keystone Mercy is the name of this wonderful insurance 1

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Verwon Says:

Lynn, the dosage that will work for you without causing sleepiness is really something that you and your doctor will have to discover by trail and error as you use the med, it differs for everyone. Plus, most of these side-effects ease up or wear off entirely after a few weeks as your body adjusts to the drug being in your system.

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Verwon Says:

Chris, you said you are on Medicaid, which is a program provided, funded, and administered by your state. Now, the reason you have a problem getting certain meds is because they have now rewritten the way they decide what they will and will not cover.

What the states have done is worked out rebate plans with the drug manufacturers, so they can get the lowest price possible and still be able to provide disabled or low-income people with the medication that they need.

So the first obstacle that arises is happens when your doctor prescribes a medication that they were unable to work out a rebate for to ensure that they can get it at a cheap enough price.

If they couldn't work out a deal, then they don't want to cover that med. I know they saw there are exceptions and your doctor can file an appeal to request that they cover it, however, I know from my experience and my own doctor's and pharmacists, that they approve less than 5% of these requests, regardless of the person's condition and why they need the medication.

If your state Medicaid program allows you to pick which HMO you use, then you might want to check out the others available and see if there is one that you can transfer to that will cover Lyrica for you.

I know in PA, where I live, we can pick which company we are covered under, and they flat out advise us to make sure to check their formulary lists to make sure that any meds you need to take regularly are covered.

Another reason they will sometimes refuse coverage is if the medication is not approved to treat the condition your are diagnosed with, or you don't have a definitive diagnosis in your medical file that warrants using that medication.

There are some other options available that are similar to Lyrica in the way they work, have you tried any of them? Some examples are Neurontin (Gabapentin) and Cymbalta.

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lynn Says:

Is it likely to have side effects from a low dosage like 50mg a day. I have a low tolerance to all meds ...pain medication is given in a childs dosage almost. please give me a concrete answer about 50mg daily

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Verwon Says:

Lynn, unfortunately no one can give you a concrete answer on something like this. Side-effects and how bad they are, how long they last, and etc. is entirely based on the individual, your med tolerance, how fast or slow your body metabolizes it and etc.

Not even your doctor or pharmacist could give you a definitive answer on something like this, some people have no reaction and no side effects from it, some people have severe ones, the only way to tell is to try it and see what happens to you.

I am very sorry, and I wish I could help by providing an answer, but it just isn't possible.

Even when you read the monograph about a medication they list all side-effects as possible not probable or definites, because your body chemistry, other drugs you are taking, and etc. like I said above, can all have an effect on it.

Your best bet is to start with the lowest dose you can, see what types of reactions it causes, and then if you are doing okay on it, take the dosage up as needed.

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katie Says:

I have been taking about a month, I have neurofibroma (tumors which are VERY painful). I am taking only at night but I find I can sleep for several unbroken hours and that I don't need to take pain pills quite as often. Weight gain, i.e., increased appetite is the only downside aside from the price.

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Bob Says:

I'm being treated for post shingles neuropathic pain (postheraptic neuralgia sp?) and one doctor said to use Gabapentin and the other said Lyrica. I've also got cancer and am taking considerable amounts of morphine both IR an CR as well as valium (much smaller amounts) and while the Gabapentin does relieve the pain quite a bit, I've also lost 7 pounds in six weeks. I'm going to a pain management clinic, but wondered if anyone knows which has the least side effects, Gabapentin or Lyrica and whether or not I have to go without the Gabapentin before I start the Lyrcia - my Gabapentin dosage is 1600 mgs per day; the rx I have for Lyrica is for 150 mgs per day (in both cases, I take the meds three times a day; 800 mgs for Gabapentin and, if I were to take the Lyrica, 50 mgs three times a day. Any ideas as to which drug would be more effective for pain/have the least amount of severe side-effects? Thanks!

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dee Says:

gabapentin and lycria are very smiliar drugs. every persons body is different and so medications also acts differently. you have to remember the combination of drugs that you are on may have an negative response to a new drug. It may not even be the new drug at all but be that your on to much medication. we all want a quick fix for or pain, but the truth is there is no magic pill. I hate that we all suffer so much but being over medicated makes the body posion and we have to be carefull on the combination of drugs we are on or we end up killing ourselfs. Docters don't always know the side effects the meds may cause. I'm saying this because this has been my exprience trying to find a way to end my pain and depression. I have found my combination that works for me finally after 12 years.
I've accidentally over dose once and nearly died because of a drug that did not mix with what I was taking at the time. read up on the medication before you take it.

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katie Says:

Lyrica has been almost a miracle for me. I take mine at night, for first couple of weeks I was drowsy too but as my body got used to it, that went way down. I have gained weight too and am fighting that but oh, the decrease in pain is wonderful. I have NF also and people who do not have back pain can not understand why you walk around holding your back.

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katie Says:

MARIA, I call the drug a miracle, it has reduced my pain dramatically. The side effects for me are weight gain (which I am fighting) and mild short tem memory loss. The memory loss isn't too bad, just forget people's names, etc. Won't stop taking it though, it helps me sleep for several unbroken hours which is a welcome change

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dee Says:

bob, I failed to mention that lyrica works faster than other nerve pain medications out there. A friend of mine could hardly walk and tried lyrica for two days and he was walking around out of his wheel chair smiling because his pain was reduce to the point that he could walk again without so much pain. I was so touched from his exprience I started taking it. just 75 mg a day helped me. I need to increase it though, docters orders, but it cost to much, I don't have insurance just yet.

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Bob Says:

I certainly appreciate the responsess to my question; the morphine and Valium I take in the dosages my oncologist prescribed and know that there is an attenuation of the effects of Gabbepentin because of that.
Went to Pain Managaement Clinic and, despite having flat x-rays, a CT Scan and a Full Body Fine Bone Scan, all of which showed no orthopedic or cancer causes for my pain, the Pain Management Doctor now wants me to take an MRI because he suspects disk degeneration and want to use an epidural on me. I'm not happy with that idea, but will go ahead with it to try to relieve this unremmitting pain I've expereinced for over 14 weeks now (the Gabbapentin DOES work, but I've had to - with the doc''s knowledge and advice- up the amount of Gabbapentin I take each day to 3000 mgs.
He and the Orthopedist are not impressed with the Pain Doctor's approach but see no harm in getting an MRI.

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Arthur Says:

Lyrica caused spells of dizziness, which were very uncomfortable, and even dangerous for me. It didn't start right away, only after I had been on the medication for a few months. THe medication had the warning prominently displayed on the label, warning that it may cause dizziness and drowsiness. Be careful!

I took 100mg in the am and 100mg in the evening. I also have been suffering from short-term memory loss - mostly forgetting names for a while. Eventually I would remember. Didn't associate that with Lyrica, but I saw someone else's posting, stating that they had that problem, so maybe it is the Lyrica.

Also, it didn't help my feeling of numbness in my toes much. Just a little.

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Don Says:

How much of a dose to spot the right arm and thumb and index finger nerve pain form disk degen at C5 C6 ?

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Kim and Robert Says:

i have had fibromyalgia going on four years now i am only 32 and at the age of 28 i felt like i was 80 but now with lyrica i feel like its a miracle i feel great and since it has helped my my boyfriend has arthritis in his back and scholiosis and he says its first time in years he has not hurt better then pain pills!!!!!!!! side effects do get better just stick with it and hang in there

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