Lyrica Terrible Side Effects

michelle Says:

Lyrica has ruined my life. It wasn't bad enough with the pain from my back injury. I only took Lyrica for 2 weeks. The weight gain was bad. I lost 1/3 of my hair in 4 months. I have had a rash for over 1 year now. I mean a bad rash. This was my first side effect. And they warn you of this. Get off Lyrica asap if you get a rash. I thought I was having a stroke the first week on Lyrica when they rushed me to the hospital. I had read on the internet of how many young people have died from strokes from taking Lyrica. My vision is so bad now. I can barely drive at night time and I have to were glasses to see the tv. The worst side effect I've had and still have is the terrible, terrible pain in all my joints. My knees are so bad and my hands and fingers & joints pound and throb 24-7. The swelling in my arms and hands was so bad at one time, I thought I would lose my limbs due to non circulation. The pain is so bad in my knees, I can barely walk everyday. I am self employed and I type and write all day. My hands hurt so bad. I can barely hold anything in the mornings to pin my hair up or put on my makeup. As bad as my pain was and is in my back and cyatic nerve the Lyrica did help. It was a miracle. But I only took it 2 weeks and after 1 year I still have all the terrible side effects. I've been looking on the internet for other peoples bad reactions and I was told by my doctor and the hospital, I had a very bad reaction to it. I've seen a lot of people say they have never got rid of the knee pain and joint pain. Very scary. I called the drug company that makes Lyrica. I told them the side effects that I was having and the first question they asked me was how was my eye sight. I had a fit. I told them the double vision and blurry vision was bad. They made the comment to me that Pifzer was doing a study on this side effect. I was in an automobile accident, that was bad enough, but this drug Lyrica has ruined my life and there is no cure. There are numerous law suits against this drug. I will never be the same again!

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Verwon Says:

I am very, very sorry to read about what you have been through.

You are correct, if you experienced all of this from Lyrica, especially that long after taking it, then you have experienced very rare and unusual complications.

These are, however, different than side effects. Side effects are considered to be transient symptoms that arise when you first start taking a medication. They taper off and get milder as your body gets used to the drug.

The normal ones that Lyrica causes are: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and some minor visual problems.


Are you currently seeing a doctor for help with your issues?

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Candace Says:

Dito on all your side effects, and I had the stroke, and many more TIA's, seizures, paralysis of my facial muscles,permanent damage to my digestive system, my kidneys do not work properly. I already had enough medical issues without the added ones from Lyrica, I took it for 2 yrs 3mths too long. I just got off of it last week so I don't know what damage is going to be permanent and what isn't, having nerve testing done on eyes this week. I am not a sue happy person, but after dealing with Neurontin, and that bull crap. An than to turn around and have the same company manufacture a sister drug, and not inform the consumer that it doesn't even stop the advance of Neuropathy it just masks the pain. Plus it destroyed what I have fought so hard to retain since getting sick, my independence, and ability to keep fighting. Lyrica just took the air right out of my sails, and than some.

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Candace Says:

No I am not seeing a doctor, I have to now see numerous specialists, for example a neuologist, cardiologist, nephrologist, infectious disease doctor, hematologist, neuro-opthamologist, dermatologist, podiatrist, and the list just keeps getting bigger.This drug is wicked, I have been off it for a week now, I can not control the tremors, or seizures, my kidneys are screaming in pain. I was once just Hypertensive, but from the lyrica my BP doesn't know what to do anymore, from one extreme to another. My migranes are back but on a daily basis full blown. I can't eat, I haven't gotten decent sleep in years now. Had a sleep study done, I am getting 3 mins of REM in a 6 hr window of sleep on a good night. An there is people that actually believe that this drug is safe, and these rare side effects or reactions are ok with them.I don't understand.

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michelle Says:

im the one that started the discussion on the side effects of lyrica. ***update***, as i stated the effects of lyrica to me and i was only on it 2 weeks. i have been off lyrica 1 year and 5 mths. i am just feeling better from the effects. i have most of my haie back, my knees are 50% better, my joints still hurt. my eye sight is better, i dont see double any more. but my eye strenght is not as good as it was. my fingers joints are better, i can right again. my kidneys never recovered. i had major weight gain. im trying to get it off now. I stopped taking my hydrocodiene and soma cold turkey. it was a hard week to be in so much pain. but i feel better now. my medicine was changed to a non narcotic with an additive for a pain blocker. i feel better now. i read on the internet somewhere. that if u had the bad nerve pain reaction from taking lyrica that the hydrocodine magnified this effect. when my hycodine would were off after 3-4 hours, i hurt worse than before. i dont have that effect anymore by changing medicines. my back injury is cured. but taking lyrica needs to be aware of the risks that your doctor dosent bother to tell you. i appreciate the replys. this has been a tough 2 yrs for me. please wish me luck on getting the 40 lbs back off...

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Jan Says:

Last yr I was prescribed Lyrica for Fibro pain, and took it for 15 days. I thot it was going to be THE med that would work for me.FINALLY! I usually have any side effects, etc right at the beginning of a new med, but I had NONE with this one, till the 15th day. My husband found me standing at the foot of our bed shaking all over, weeping uncontrollably and really just 'out of it'. I called the nurse in my MD's office and told her if she didn't help me get off this med NOW, I'd do it myself. She spoke with MD and got right back to me with instructions on how to titrate down off this 'med from He*#!. I was desperate. It made a CRAZY woman out of me. I wouldn't recommend this med to another living person !!! Since then I've read of many horror stories about it. I'm glad I got off it before any major damage was done to me !

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vicky Says:

Is there a law suit againast this drug Lyrica. I have read all of your stories and I too have been ruined by it and I dont think I will ever recover. Who do we get in contact with about the lawsuits going on with Lyrica. I am not sure but I think I was put on it right after it became available 2005 900 mg. What is happening to me from this drug I dont know about . Memory loss, teeth loss twisted words confusion, I cant drive anymore because I cant remember if I should stop on green or go. I am scared. Who represents us now!

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Becky Says:

i was prescribed lyrica to try and heal nerve damage that was cause during a breast biopsy. this is absolutely the worst drug ever i took if for a bit over 6 months. i sufffer from the most intense joint pain, blured vision, speech problems, i see tracers which keeps me from being able to drive at night or watch any movement that is to fast. it did nothing for the pain in my breast but now i have no insurance and a s**t load of side affects that are going to haunt me for the rest of my life. thanks so much to the maker of this drug, being a single mom with breast tumors has just been made so much easier due to your lyrica. and yes that was sarcasim big time

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Barb Says:

OM Goodness - I am so sorry to hear about the horrible problems that each & every one of you are having. I've been on Lyrica for over a year and have had only a few side effects. My dr increased my dosage to 150 mg 3 times a day, bjt my daughters said I couldn't remember what they said 5 min. ago, so I told the doc. He brought me down to twic a day, which is just fine. My only complaint I guess is the forgetfullness and weight gain.. I used to wear a size 4 and now a 14, that's depressing

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Greekgirl Says:

I was on it for about 8 weeks and off now for about 6 weeks ..i still have extreme wt. gain and swelling in my legs and knee and soles of my feet pain so bad that I have trouble is worse than the nerve pain they put me on it for....any advice on how to treat it???

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michelle Says:

I'm Michelle the starter of this forum, I did talk to a Lawyer about the Lyrica lawsuits being filed. He was an attorney that handled Lyrica lawsuit cases. I told him all about what Lyrica did to me. He said I didnt have a case because I did not try to kill myself!!! Ridiculous huh. There is no help. Not to be repetetive, but I only took Lyrica 2 weeks. No one beleived me about my complaints. Ive been off Lyrica for one year and eight months. I am finally having success on loosing the weight I gained taking Lyrica. I gained 45 lbs. I've gotten 19 lbs off. My rash from Lyrica was horrible head to toe, Ive almost gotten rid of it. The swelling still comes back in my feet and ankles. My knees are so bad still. better but still real bad. The only thing I found that helped me and I was a sceptic, (helped me with the joint pain is a juice sold on the market called Monavie juice. I'ts for sale on the internet or from a rep. It took one week to feel the releif. I feel for all of you that was put on this drug for help and It made you worse. My doctor I dont see anymore didnt even bother to tell me the risk. They played dumb after the fact and said they never heard of such a thing. Right! They dont care. Its ashame. I appreciate everyones caring comments. Thank you, Michelle in Texas

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michelle Says:

I forgot to say, My eye sight is still be bad. Im still having trouble focusing and I still see blurded dark images and bright spots, crazy. But Im not seeing four tailights on every car at night time anymore. But Its really hard to see at night still, Also my memory (short term) is messed up still. It does affect my work. My hair has all come back. thanks googness. I also wanted to mention again about my pain medicines. I stopped taking hydrocodine and soma. I went to a new doctor. as bad as my pain is she only perscribed me a small dose of flexaril for my Levator muscle pain and Ultram with an additive for my pain. Its help me so much. Its non narcotic. and beleive it or not works better than the heavy drugs. I dont looked messed up all the time. Its cheap medicine. the hydrocodine makes your nerves more sensitive. the doctor told me that my Ultram had an additive in it. It is a fake narcotic. As much as I have been through this simple medicine really helped me. My main pain I still have from my back injury is my really bad leg and hinnie pain, the Lyrica made it 10xs worse. I havent slept for 2 yrs, my new meds have helped me sleep better since its helped alot with my pain. Also alot of people dont know Lyrica was made for seizure pateints!!!! kinda a warning there, but nobody tells you. Really bad medicine. My last trip to the hospital due to a Lyrica caused/semi stroke cost me over 4000 dollars. what a waste.

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kimberly_bennett Says:

i was on lyrica in 2008 while in a psychhiatric hospital in florida. every time i took the drug i felt strange. 10 days after i got out of hospital i had a stroke. my eyes were pinpoint for 7 hours, my face looked funny wasnt pleasant for a 40 yr old woman. well i had not went back on lyrica the last couple of years. the memory loss has continued dues to the stroke they said. well i have degenerative back disease, major problems with diabetes due to my pancrease being removed,foot problemsn and neuropathy so after getting 4 drs suggesting i go on lyrica for all these problems i thought maybe it wasnt the lyrica and let them try it again. my hands started out numb, cant use my arms or hands feet are always having what feels like charly horses, memory loss is worse, cant hold a conversation, cant walk,cant sleep.This morning it took my bf 10 min to wake me up was mumbling and incohearant, couldnt move, couildnt walk, had to call ambulance to take me to hospital and you guessed it these are signs of another stroke have only been back on it for a few months so thank you lyrica and can anything be done about the life altering this drug has done to me my bp was 40/60 this morning i could have died had i not went to the hospital in time

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Lucille Says:

My mother in law shot herself in the head about 3 weeks ago. We did not know she was taking lyrica (along with about 5 other drugs) her dr. had her on. It was such a shock because she was always happy and laughing. There was no indication of her thinking about suicide - she just got off the couch one afternoon walked into the bedroom picked up a pistol that her husband kept beside the bed, knelt down on her knees, put the gun to her forehead and pulled the trigger. Our family has been devastated by this incident and firmly believe it was definitely related to Lyrica.

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michelle Says:

I'm Michelle,Im really glad everyone has read my post on Lyrica, it's a very scary medication. I'm better finally after being off Lyrica for over 1-1/2 yrs. long recovery time. I cant believe how extreme the side effects hurt me for me only taking Lyrica for 2 wks. Im still having issues with my short term memory. but my knees and joints are better. The major Lyrica rash is 95% gone. also the bad side effect of gaining weight while on Lyrica is very hard to get back off. I was told it takes a long time to clear your system. I have finally lost my 40 lbs I gained from takeing this drug. finally. I dont think my vision is ever gonna be the same. With all the serious side effects I got from taking Lyrica, It was ashame none of the doctors would listen to me at all. After my last trip to the hospital because of almost a stroke & head 2 toe rash from Lyrica. they told me 2 do a follow up about the rash. the very last doctor charged me $200.00 and said I had dry skin & 2 go 2 walmart & get some hand lotion & use 2xs a day. I swear they r so stupid sometimes. I should of been a poster child for Lyricas side effects. Steroids finally almost cured the rash. ***also I wanted to say I tried the juice from a distributor called Monive, its got all kinds of fruit extracts and acai berry in it. u drink 2 shots a day. its expensive. but it worked wonders for my joint pain. It really did. I couldnt afford it. so I started on the acai berry and green tea & vitamin E natural supplements at walmart, it has helped alot and both bottles are less than 15 bucks. I wish every one luck and good health and I appreciate all the posts to my Lyrica blog. Hopefully this medicine will be pulled from the market, michelle in Texas

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kimberly_bennett Says:

ok this is kimberly_bennett where is the fda when the american citizens need them. i too am a single mother of 2. am 43 now and this drug has ruined me. do you know what its like to not even recognize your 15 yr old son in baby pictures. it really upsets him but my memory is so shot. had i not been on the miracle drug lyrica maybe i would recognize my son. and to the lady who bows down to lyrica you are so lucky even though i bet you are on borrowed time. it sucks that you only have a few side effects unlike the rest of us but you know what you paid for that drug and hey FDA isnt a few a few too many or shall i ask who's lining your pockets. maybe you work for lyrica i dont know all i know is im worth more than lyrica gives me credit for im not dispossible and your company sucks. i thought i had problems before oh oops maybe i just forgot what it was like. anyways the fda needs to be alerted if they havent already you can do that by flooding their offices with letters and phone calls

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michelle Says:

I wanted to repeat some info: Monavie active is the juice I was drinking that helped my joints, u can get online for around 120.00 for 4 large bottles (wine size) u only drink one shot n th morning & one shot n th evening. I felt releif in my joint pain in a week. one bottle last a week. Its kinda expensive, but it worked. I couldnt afford it so then I started acai berry, greentea, vitaminE, & chronium picolinate, all natural suplements from walmart. Nature Valley brand. It has really helped my joints and the water and weight gain from the Lyrica. hope this helps anyone.

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Midwest Says:

After being off of Lyrica for over 3onths still continue to have lingering side effects.. my blood pressure started climbing through the roof and my regular MD ,not the one who prescribed Lyrica to me, swears it is from the fluid gain from Lyrica..I gained more than 20 lbs in 2 months. He stated he never would have put me on it because of the known sideeffects. Many water pills later that is beginning to go down but the lingering feeling of disconnect from the world and the intense pain in the solesof my feet after remains unchanged. i contacted the manufacturer who wnats me to get the prescribing doctor to sign off that he feels thses problems were from Lyrica. Well duh, I was fine until I began the drug after complications from a nerve relocation surgery.

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sallyrn Says:

I was taking Lyrica for paraformis syndrome and started having problems with not thinking clearly and noted voice changes. Now the ENT has said I have spasmotic Dysphonia. Has anyone else has speech problems after taking Lyrica. I stopped taking it when these symptoms started but the SD is getting worse. I am a teacher and am to the point that it has effected my lecture abilities.

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Nickmont22 Says:

WOW... shocking stories. My daughter suffers from gastroparesis, the doctors believe in response to a virus she rec'd when she was 7 (now 17 1/2 yrs old), About a year ago she was close to death - had lost over 40 lbs - couldn't even hold down water. Two years prior, a noted Children's Hospital had switched her treatment from meds to a pain management regime, which was amazingly effective in that it allowed her to cope with the escalating symptoms rather than treat them – to the point where an endoscopy showed her stomach was mostly dark and covered with white lesions, with her throat about the same and about 40% closed. So the cycle began again… new doctors, new gastroenterologist, new drugs. Started off with Elavil, then later switched to nortriptyline to try and jumpstart peristalsis ( in addition to Reglan, Zofran, promethazine, and a proton acid blocker). Daughter started having side effects related to the Nortriptyline – the worst of which were night tremors and suicidal thoughts. We brought this to the attention of her gastroenterologist who took her off the Nortriptyline and prescribed Lyrica. Three days later she flipped out – threatened to take ALL of her many prescribed meds at once, then ran out of the house and jumped in the ocean to, as she put it, end the terrible thoughts. Got the daughter back home safely and called the gastroenterologist who advised us to immediately stop the Lyrica and take her to the ER to have her checked out, which we did. Unfortunately, the hospital has no Psychologist on staff and the ER physician signed a 51/50, meaning they took custody of her and some 23 ½ hrs later, transferred her to a behavioral mental hospital 6 hrs away where she was held for the next 6 days. I stayed at a nearby motel and was only able to see her during very limited visiting hours. The place was a lock down, grungy, scary place. To make it worse, in the 3 day detox period to clear the Lyrica from her system, the nausea and pain in her stomach once again got very extreme to the point where she was constantly nauseaus,throwing up, with pain migrating into her back.
Interestingly enough, some 17 ½ hrs after going to the ER, the hospital brought in a “sitter” to watch our daughter and took away her bag of stomach meds. Prior to that, she was stashed in an examination room, behind a curtain with all of her meds, which I pointed out to the ER physician, while they searched for a mental facility to ship her to. In fact, we videoed the room which had 6 inch catheter needles in a drawer, all sorts of cords, cables tubing, etc right next to her behind a closed curtain – and they wouldn’t let me take her to different hospital because as the ER MD stated, this “suicide attempt” happened on my watch.

The staff psychologist at this “behavioral hospital” they transferred her to did work with our daughter's gastroenterologist and prescribed Remeron and daughter’s stomach is doing okay (been on for about 9 days now)… not great but she can eat and function. Clearly this “episode” was a side effect of the Nortriptaline and/or Lyrica. Our family has no history of mental illness and our daughter has never exhibited any behavioral issues other than a slightly shortened temper soon after starting the Nortriptyline. On one hand, she (we) feel like the meds saved her life – on the other, it almost cost her life. Of coarse our insurance is poor for “mental health coverage” even though this is clearly a medical problem… side effects of the “off label” use of drugs to treat her chronic stomach problem. So now we are several K$$ more in debt and will have to fight the insurance company, in addition to caring for our daughter and praying that they can come up with a fix that won’t kill her. The poor kid just needs a break.

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cindy Says:

i just got out of the hospital. I had a stroke while taking lyrica. Im thinking of getting a lawyer. I cant see worth a crap any more and my face is all droopy. This really makes me mad.

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