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Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a group of common endocrine diseases characterized by sustained high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is due to either the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or the cells of the body not responding properly to the insulin produced. Diabetes, if left untreated, leads to many health complications. Untreated or poorly treated diabetes accounts for approximately 1.5 million deaths per year.There is no widely-accepted cure for most cases of diabetes....

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Ozempic injection

I just started Ozempic today and forgot to count to 6 after injecting the needle before removing it. Did I still get my dose in me?? ## Definitely not. ## Has anyone used their Ozempic after it froze? My whole script froze..7 weeks worth. It defrosted and looks OK... The warnings seem a bit dire, but my chemist said it might just lose some of its efficacy? Anyone taken it after defrosting? ## Can you still use your Ozempic if it was delivered hot? Medicine was very hot, ice was thawed, temp here was 95. ## Hi, I don't feel the needle in my skin at all (no pain or anything). Does this mean I am not getting a dose of Ozempic? I pinch the skin on my stomach or thigh and push the needle in but don't feel anything. Is it the same for everyone else? ## I think I am on week 13. I have ...

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Mounjaro and ED

It’s a great medication. Thus far I have lost 20 pounds with ease along with my normal cardio routine; I’m experiencing the possible non life threatening side effects. However there is a side effect that is not listed which I’m experiencing since starting the dosage regimen to 10mg: erectile dysfunction. 2 other men I met via pharmacy told me that they are also affected & ED medication does not have any effect. We all know that it’s a 1x per week dosage so I put it through the test I had gone 9 days without the injection & I started to feel my ability returning. Needless to say the medication starts to weaken in your metabolism by the 10th day I was functioning normal again, however I would not recommend missing a dosage date. I’m back on my dosage ...

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Efficacy of Janumet in managing blood sugar levels

I've been taking Janumet XR (50/1000) for a long time but it has not been very effective in bringing down my blood sugar levels. I saw another doctor who advised I split the medication up by taking Januvia 100mg in the morning and Glucophage 1000mg XR in the evening or vice versa and this regimen has shown some improvement but not as much as I had hoped or desired. Please help with any feedback or recommendations. I am 70 years old.

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Janumet XR and Galvus Met 50 850 differences

I have been using Janumet XR for 2 years. And my panel doctor has passed away recently and I have changed to another panel doctor. The question is this panel doctor prescribed me Galvus Met 50mg/850mg, what is the difference? Which one is better? I am a diabetic for 20 years. ## Janumet XR is listed as containing Sitagliptin and Metformin, while Galvusmet is listed as containing Vidagliptin and Metformin, according to NIH reports. Both have been proven effective at treating diabetes, it's really just a matter of which one works better for you. Have you tried the new medication, yet? The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, flatulence, and hypoglycemia. ## Which is the newest diabetic drug which is better than the tw...

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Wegovy and Insurance coverage

Has anyone had luck with insurance coverage? If so, what plan and is it a small business or large business corporate policy? ## I'm in Massachusetts and Wegovy is covered by my Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare plan. ## I'm currently on a large business insurance plan and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Wegovy is covered for me. My company is working with ibgportland, which covers it by the plan. Every insurance plan is different, but it might be worth reaching out to your insurance company to see what options are available to you. It can definitely be frustrating dealing with insurance coverage, but don't give up hope! ## I have HP but they won’t cover it, even though my BMI is over 27 and I have an obesity related condition. I had a BMI of 30 but my previous insur...

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Ozempic is a damn miracle!

I have been on Ozempic now for 5 weeks. I started at the .25mg and after two weeks, upped it to the 0.5mg. I have never felt so dang good! I'm 53, post-meno, non-diabetic, 5'4", and SW was 264. My current weight, after just one month was down 19lbs! Now I'm down 21lbs! I'd love to finally be 165lbs or so again. I haven't been that small since I was about 11 years old. Ozempic has saved me! I can't believe it. I actually look forward to the injection every week. I only had nausea for a little bit the day after I started. And since, then, it's been great! No diarrhea, no nausea, just boundless energy. And not just that, but it's done something to my brain! I have this amazing sense of optimism, and positivity. I feel hopeful again! I feel like I AM goin...

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How to administer Ozempic

I am on my 2nd week of Ozempic (I started Sunday last week). I couldn’t tell if the needle went in so on the left side of my stomach I had 4 spots where I had poked. I finally did the injection on the right side and when I did I pushed down a bit because when I took the pen out I could see the indent of the pen and the needle bent a little. That night when I had a bath I noticed on the left side where I did 4 pokes I had red dots. So the needle was going in without pushing. It must have worked because my appetite was much less and I lost 10 pounds. This week when I did the injection I did it in my stomach the left side. I didn’t really push down this time because I didn’t want to bend the needle. I pressed the button and after it clicked back to zero I counted to 30 an...

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Wegovy Box Labeled "QTY 2"

I just took my first dose after our family doc got my Federal Blue Cross prescription plan pre-approved. Bought Wegovy at a Walgreens pharmacy in Pennsylvania (U.S.A.). I'm curious about why the Walgreens label says "QTY 2", even though the box has 4 single-dose pens. Same for my wife. Does anyone know what this QTY means? ## Did you and your wife fill your prescriptions together? I wonder if "QTY 2" means a quantity 2 total prescriptions being filled?

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Ozempic and blood sugar levels

I’d like to talk to others on the Ozempic. How long did it take for your blood sugar levels to come in normal range?

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Wegovy - Hunger with first dose

I am still hungry with the starting dose of Wegovy (0.25mg). Is this normal? ## Same! I had my 1st dose (.25) last Wednesday and feel no effects! ## I just took my 4th dose last night and yes, I still have cravings and hungry but since I started doing low carb that has subsided a bit.

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