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Control of my high level sugar

Recently my fasting sugar count goes very high (200-220) I suffer from RLS (Rest less legs Syndrome) Dr. has increased my insulin to 36 units in the morning 40 units at night and also added Glycomet -500 S.R. need your views if this is on right track. Also do they have any pedometers to help above 75 years patient to help keep daily tag on calories consumed on walk and food in take to keep check and motivate to improve overall. we have only to count steps and sugar burnt not of much use of me with less on walking please help ## There is no age level on pedometers, you can use any one you like to keep track of your activity throughout the day, to set your goals and try to beat them by setting new ones. Which one you purchase really depends on what you can afford, there are basic ones tha...

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CAN GALVAS 50MG BE PRESCRIBED IN CONJUNCTION WITH NOVOMIX 24 UNITS BD AND AT WHAT DOSAGE ## Hi Ian, Information I've gathered states that Galvus (vildagliptin) can be combined with other anti-diabetic drugs. It mentioned Metformin being one of those drugs, but does not go into great detail about which other ones are fine to take as well. Because NovoMix contains Insulin and I've read details stating how taking "Vildagliptin 50 mg twice daily exhibited efficacy when added to insulin in a 24 week study", I can only assume that they may be alright to take together; but you would have to discuss proper dosing with your doctor. I hope this helps!

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