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Invokana and Blood sugar levels

I have Type II diabetes, and recently went on the drug Invokana. I have had amazing results. My FBS has gone from 269 to 104! Anyone else having such a good experience with the drug? ## Hello, Billy! How are you doing? I'm very glad that this medication is working so well for you. Are you still getting such great results? Have had any side effects? Has anyone else tried this? It seems that it's been known to cause UTIs and hypotension in some people that take it. ## Hello, I am not Billy but I figured it would be okay to chime in, as I do not see any responses from anyone else. Just wanted to share what I could. I started taking Invokana a month ago. You are supposed to start with 100mg for the first month and then 300mg there after. I did the 100mg and had a 12 month free card ...

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White oblong pill 300 / CFZ

Found in a bottle of other medication, it's oblong, white with 300 on one side and CFZ on the other. What is it? ## Janssen Pharmaceuticals lists this as being a 300mg Invokana tablet, it is most commonly used to help lower high blood sugar levels, it contains the active ingredient Canagliflozin. NDC code: 50458-0141 The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, stomach pain, and hypoglycemia. What medication was it found in?

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invokana can you break them

Does anybody take invokana and break the pills? I know they are not time released but i dont know if its safe to break them. I have dysphagia and cant swallow. thanks ## Looking at images of the pill, I'd presume that the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the tablet's composition. So since it's not time-released my personal opinion is that it should be fine to divide it into smaller pieces. My reasoning is that this is what would begin to happen naturally anyways as the tablet is metabolized. Time-released meds are different in that regard, but I have no reason to believe that breaking apart an IR drug in such a manner would cause any issues; other than each piece perhaps not being absorbed at the same due to taking it with food - and in this scenario may affect ...

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small oblong pill 100 CFZ

I'm trying to identify a small oblong shaped pill with 100 on one side and CFZ on the other side. I am diabetic and get it at Walgreens in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Thank you. ## Hi Virginia, A small yellow oblong pill with 100 on one side and CFZ on the other is reportedly identified as Invokana (canagliflozin) 100 mg. This medication is used for treating type 2 diabetes. For verification, the manufacturer is Janssen Pharmaceuticals, 11mm in size and carries a National Drug Code of 50458-140. You can also view an image by clicking on the NDC link above. I hope this helps!

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Numbness in feet, ankles

I've been taking Invokana 300 for about 19 months. Lately I've noticed slight numbness in my toes and ankles. I've also recently heard that Invokana is associated with increased toe, foot, and leg amputation. I've read that you should report new pain or tenderness in those areas but wondering if the numbness is also a concern. Has anyone reading this experienced this? ## Hello, Polly! How are you? You can really never go wrong reporting any new issues to your doctor, just to be safe. Honestly, most of them have heard it all and are ready to deal with whatever is thrown their way. If a doctor gets upset over it, then it is time to move on to a new doctor. Going by NIH reports, as well as my experience with my ex-husband being diabetic, this symptom could be related to the...

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Invokana - rebound effect on blood sugar levels

I took Invokana (100mg) for 1 year and have now stopped. My FBS is now over 240, where it had been 150-160 in the past year or so (without Invokana). My readings are above 200 all day, regardless of my food intake. I take 1g of Metformin twice a day and 10mg Glipizide twice a day and still have these numbers. I'm concerned that the Invokana use over the past year has biased my system to be strongly diabetic whereas before it was much less so. I realize it's been a year and my condition could have changed while taking the Invokana but there seems to be a rebound effect. Has anyone experienced a blood sugar rebound effect after stopping Invokana? Thanks. ## Why did you stop the Invokana? The FDA does warn that it can be normal to have rebound issues, when you stop such a medicatio...

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swelling of legs

I am taking following medicines: For BP : Telma Am 40mg & Prolomet XL 50 MG - one each in the morning Telma AM 40 Mg & Prolomet XL 25 MG - one each in the night For Diabetes : Invokana 100 MG - one in the Morning with Tea & Glycomet 1GM - after Breakfast and Dinner. Sugar and BP i s reasonably under control. But I have swelling in the ankles and tightness , pain , sometimes numbness. Kindly advice on the medications. ## That can be side effects of most blood pressure medications, according to the NIH, along with nausea, dizziness, headache, and increased urination. However, only your doctor can help you discover which one is causing it and help you find the proper solution. Do you watch how much sodium you take in each day?

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Glimer 2mg

i have been advised by my doctor to take glimer 2mg twice a day to bring down sugar level. i would like to know what are its side effects- immediate as well as after long use. how long this tablet can be taken safely. ## Glimepride2mg&glycomet500mg. is prescribed by doctor to my mother,how to take dosage daily? ## what is the difference between gemmer 2 mg and glimmer 2 mg. my fasting sugar level ranges between 200 to 230. what is INVOKANA 100 MG tablet - how is it work. ## WHAT IS THE DIFF. BETWEEN GEMMER 2 MG & GLIMMER 2 MG TABLET. WHAT IS INVOKANA 100 MG TABLET? HOW IT WORKS. ## I have been taking glimmer 1 mg since the last 10-12 yrs, but during the last 2 yrs i've been taking 1 mg glimmer & 50/500 janumet and my sugar level remains within control, but since the last...

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Treatment of Type 2 diabetes with Invokana

I have been taking this medication since august 28, 2013. It is wonderful..I have lost weight in a way I had no been able to do in the past. I have no side effects. The big problem is getting insurance companies to pay for Invokana. I am allergic to Metformin which is the medication the insurance companies will pay for. ## Hello, Joni! How are you? Have you discussed the issue with your doctor and your insurance company? Usually, there is some procedure in place to apply for a special exception to get them to cover a medication they otherwise wouldn't, if your doctor supports your need for it and files the appropriate paperwork.

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