Invokana And Blood Sugar Levels

Billy Says:

I have Type II diabetes, and recently went on the drug Invokana. I have had amazing results. My FBS has gone from 269 to 104!

Anyone else having such a good experience with the drug?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Billy! How are you doing? I'm very glad that this medication is working so well for you. Are you still getting such great results?

Have had any side effects?

Has anyone else tried this?

It seems that it's been known to cause UTIs and hypotension in some people that take it.

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BrianK Says:

Hello, I am not Billy but I figured it would be okay to chime in, as I do not see any responses from anyone else. Just wanted to share what I could. I started taking Invokana a month ago. You are supposed to start with 100mg for the first month and then 300mg there after. I did the 100mg and had a 12 month free card for the 300mg. Well the card expired before I got to use it so I did NOT start the 300mg just yet (I just got a new 12 month free card yesterday from my doctor and picking up my 300mgs today. Anyhoo, just to share my experience so far...WOW. Like a miracle drug. my sugars have been better in range and look forward to the 300mg to see how much better they will get. Another perk of the drug is that it helps to keep your sugar levels down by making you urinate out the excess sugar, which in turns causes less calorie absorption and loss of weight. I have dropped 8 lbs. since starting and I am not eating any differently than before, nor any extra exercises. I did notice that (weight-wise) I seem to platform in my last week or so and did not seem to pee as often, nor drop much weight. I believe it is because I was not drinking enough water to have to urinate often enough. I did also get dehydrated a couple of times and that was with the 100mg, so if you do decide to take it, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to also reap the benefits of the weight loss. Good luck. Live long. GOD bless. - Brian K.

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Kendo Says:

I've been on 100mg of this drug called Invokana for 3 months. Although my blood sugar is down and my weight, yhe side effects were killing me really bad. I told the doctor to take me off. I'm running out of options now and it's making me depressed.

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Kendo Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi blood sugars down weight down but really bad thrush below. Had to come off it but good luck to who it works for.

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