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i am 30 years old i went for blood sugar test results are fasting 138 and post meal 207 doctor suggested me gluconorm sr 500mg is it necessary to use the tablets life long now i am a diabetic patient or not if it is decreased blood sugar can i stop the tablets pl tell me my sugar levels are very high or not ## Those aren't super high levels, but above normal. Some diabetics do manage to control their blood sugar through proper diet and exercise, but you will need the medication for awhile, until you get to that point. And in some cases, medication may always be required. Learn more Gluconorm details here. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## My type 2 diabetes is detected last month.Fasting is 174 , pp 260 .My Dr. prescribes Gluconorm sr 500 twice daily.Now I am doing my di...

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Taking gluconorm g1 in morning &gluconorm sr in nighthalf hour before dinner, can i take alcoholic drink in night before dinner. ## Learn more Gluconorm details here. Hello, Mehendra! How are you? Drinking can further lower your blood sugar, harm your liver and cause worsening side effects of the medication, so it's generally not recommended for diabetics. What has your doctor advised? ## I take Gluconorm G1 in morning 30mts before breakfast, and takes lunch at 1.30 pm.and takes evening breakfast at 4.30pm. before dinner at 9pm, i take gluconorm questain is in between both dose,do i require additoonal dose or this is sufficient.

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