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How Cetapin Xr 500 Is Different From Other Diabetic Drug

Amaryl 1 mg 1/2 before breakfast, janumet 50/500 -1, after breakfast, cetapin xr 500 after dinner. I am taking for my type 2 diabetes. Why so many drugs and what is the activity of each tab, side effects of all tab and why can't it be a single tablet? Right now my hba1c is 6.6 .can I reduce tablets? ## I AM NOT DIABETIC PATIENT BUT AS PER TESTING REPORT INSULIN LEVEL WAS INCREASED DOCTOR TREATED ME WITH CETAPIN-XR FOR 6 MONTH NOW HE TOLD MA THAT YOU ARE OK AND ADVISED ME ONE CETAPIN-XR 500 AT BED TIME ONLY PLEASE TEL ME AM I DIABETI PATIENT ? & WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECT OF THE SAME PL. ## What's the difference between cetapin CT 500mg and amaryl m 1? ## Which is the best tablet, cetapin Xr 500 or amaryal m1? ## Diabetes is a actually a double faced disease. One face is that t...

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Galvus Met Drug Information

Should Galvus met be taken before or after a meal? I take 2 a day of 50/1000. My fasting blood sugar is between 105 & 120 and random is between 145 & 160. ## Should Galvus Met be taken before, with or after meals? ## I take galvus met 50/1000 and amaryl 3mg for type 2 diabetes that I've had for almost 10 years. Can these medications cause any side effects on other organs in my body? ## This medication is usually taken just before a meal, so it has the chance to start working by the time you are digesting your meal and may experience the most fluctuations. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, flatulence, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I am taking galvus-met 50/500 mg twice a day since...

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amaryl 1 mg before breakfast & galvus met 50/500 after lunch.

I am suffering from Diabetes Type II from last 4 month. My blood sugar label is then Fasting 207 & PP is 327. I go to a MD doctor. He prescribe me. amryl 1 mg before breakfast & Galvs Met 50/500 just after lunch. Now i test my sugger laber. Fasting is - 90 & PP is 109. Can i stop any of these medicines. or suggest me any alternative Medicine or reduce these medicine? ## I am suffering from Diabetes Type II from last 9 years. My blood sugar label is then Fasting 270 & PP is 327. I go to a MD doctor. He prescribe me. after breakfast Galvs Met 50/500 and after dinner one tablat galvs Met 50.500 . also prescribe Ryzodag insulin 35 unit before breake fast and 30 unit after before dinner.Now i test my sugger laber. Fasting is - 270-280 & PP is 330.what to do. Can i stop an...

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Amaryl and Voglibose

My fbs is 240 and ppbs is 380 and hba1c is 9%... I am a 28yr old female, had children also... Can Amaryl m1 + Voglibose 0.2mg be taken by me or not? ## You should take whatever medications your doctor has instructed you to take. The NIH lists the typical side effects of these as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, flatulence, and diarrhea. What does your normal diet consist of? Do you take in a lot of fats and sugar? Are you on any other medications?

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i want to consult that combination of glycomet gp1 & janumet

which combination is best for blood sugar laevel Hba1c 8.2% as i am taking glycomet gp1 & janumet 50/500 before break fast and gp1 &janumet50/500 before dinner. Now my stomach is very upset as i am suffering from constipation and gasetric pain . this i am taking from last 1-year. if there is any best combination of another medicine then suggest me. My age is 51years . Thanks ## Hello, Rajesh! How are you? Has there been any change? There is no best medication or best combination of medications, because everyone is different. You just have to try to the medications that your doctor has instructed you to take and see if they work well for you, or not. Those can be normal side effects of these medications, as reported by the U.S. FDA. You may also experience headache and dizziness....

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Diabetic medicines currently on

Is the medication of 2 mg Amaryl pre brk fast, 1 Janumet 50/500 and 1 post dinner sufficient for sugar levels of fasting 165 and pp 295. Kindly advise ## You should take the medications your doctor has instructed you to take. Have you started them, yet? If so, what have you blood sugar levels been, after taking them? The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, flatulence, and stomach pain.

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Sugar medicine

Details of test are fasting sugar 145 after breakfast 175 before lunch 148 after lunch 167 before dinner 177 after dinner 220 at 3am 214.Doctor prescribed semi amaryl before food,ziten 20/500 ,carbophage 2and tazloc 20 1.Whether this will OK or cause side effect. Please clarify ## All medications carry the risk of causing side effects, that is just the nature of how it works, when you add a chemical to the body to try to rectify a problem. However, if you do not take the prescribed medications, high blood sugar can be deadly, so there is far less risk to dealing with the possible side effects. The U.S. FDA lists them as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, flatulence, and hypoglycemia. Is there anything else I can help with?

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metosartan 25 mg side effects.

Dear sir, my age is 58 years iam diabetic and hypertension patient for bp I'm taking metosatan 25 mg iam suffering with sever shoulder since 2year I'm using this tab for diabetic amaryl 2mg in morning and glucophage 500 mg in note my sugar level almost normal in hba1c my bp is 115/70 if I use metosartan once a day my doctor is a well known educated cardiologist wat shall I do pl let me now the side effect of metosartan 25mg its due to use of this tab or wat reply me pl.

amaryl 2mg

Earlier I was taking atocor 10mg .my chelostrol level is well doctor advised me to take atocor 5mg.chemist given me amaryl 2mg is it correct? ## Amaryl and atocor both are different drug amaryl is for diabetes and atocor is a statin which lowers ldl so don't take amaryl as a substitution of atocor it may cause cevier result .

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gluformin xml 500

How does Gluformin XL500 work in reducing sugar level. What is the dosage n when should it be taken. ## What does sould be taken if fasting blood sugar is to be reduced from 140 to 100? Can one use a combination of Amaryl 1 mg n Gluformin XL500?

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Replacement of Glycomet GP 1 with Glycomet 500 two tabs.

I was earlier prescribed Glycomet 500 but the sugar level was not coming down so I was prescribed glycomet gp 1 in the night and amaryl 2mg in the morning in emty stomach. Now the fasting sugar level is still about 130 but post lunch it is in limit. I got a lot of glycomet 500 tabs in stock as I have purchased 2 months tabs. Can I take two tabs of glycomet 500 in place of glycomet gp 1. Please answer.

Medicine for diabetics

I am diabetic patient for 3 years. Beforehand I was taking Amaryl 1 just before lunch. My sugar level became Fasting 110, PP 170. Then Now i started Zoryl M1. Would you please guide me the time of taking this medicine. Is this the correct medicine? If i take it before breakfast my pp sugar level becomes normal otherwise it goes up to 160-170.

stamlo t side effects

I am a patient of Type2 Diabetes for last 13 years aided with High BP. I have been taking StamloT for the last 3 years approx. I used to have a dose of Stamlo5 & Stamlo2.5 prior to that for 9 years approx. Alongwith I used to take Amaryl 1 tablets for BloodSugar for last 5 years or so. Recently around 10 days back I checked my BloodSugar with a result - Hb1ac 8.1percent & PP 268 .Doctor has changed the medicine from Amaryl 1 to Glyree500 & Galvus 50 for regular consumption. Should I continue to have StamloT for my BP Alongwith the above mentioned medicine? Is it safe or should I change my BP medicine to something else ? Awaiting your imm reply. SUBIR

olmezest ch 40, nebistar 10, amlopin 5, moxovas 0.3

I am a 51 year old male, having BP 199/100 inspite of taking the above combination, viz. morning- olmezest ch40, amlopin 5 , afternoon -ecospirin av 75, evening nebistar 10, moxovas .3, along with insulins and amaryl, and jalra, nothing seems to work on my sugars and BP. Does ayone experience stubborn sugar n Bp like this? ## Hello, Raj! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about the problems that you're having. The next thing to look at here is your exercise habits and your diet. Both of those can play a role in your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Increased exercise helps your body work more efficiently and will help to lower both. Salty foods in your diet cause you to retain fluid, which elevates your blood pressure. Anything sweet, such as fruits and pastries will cause ...

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gliclaz m and amaryl

Please what is the main difference between these two drugs ## They both contain different active ingredients. The Gliclaz-M contains Gliclazide and Metformin. You can learn more Gliclazide details here and there are more Metformin details here. And Amaryl contains the active ingredient Glimepiride. Learn more Glimepiride details here. All are oral antidiabetic medications that are used to help lower and control blood sugar, but one medication may work better for someone than a different one. Which one has your doctor advised you to take?

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glycomet sr 500

I take amryl 2mg before breakfast and glycomet SR 500 after breakfast and before dinner also. Is it right way of taking? ## Amaryl contains the active ingredient Glimepiride and Glycomet contains the active ingredient Metformin, both are oral antidiabetic medications used to help control blood sugar. And yes, they are usually taken at mealtime, unless your doctor has instructed you otherwise, since that is when most blood sugar spikes occur. Is using them this way keeping your sugar under control? ## I am 68 male. So far I was taking Glimet DS 500 after meal. My fasting sugar was 114. PP was 145. My friend suggested Glycomet 500 instead of Glimet DS 500. After 10 days my fasting sugar has gone up to 150 and PP is 197. Why this and how to solve?

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Wysolone 10 Mg Side Effects

My vet has given my labrador who is 11 and half yrs 1 tablet of wysolone 5mg. He was diagnosed with high sugar levels t3 thyroid. He was given amaryl 1mg and thyrosone in the last two days. He is not finding it easy to walk, as he is really a big fat dog so wysolone was given. What and how would that help? I want to know, plz advise thanx


I WANT TO KNOW COMPLET ABOUT THIS DRUG ## I was facing a problem of bleeding continuosly for more than 10 days ## this drug hs been prescribed by a doctor for my wife /when blood sugar test is -- FBS -72 mg/dl - PP-170 mg/dl to be taken OD SHE IS 69 YEARS ## FOR MY WIF'S CONDITION AS I STATED ABOVE IS IT ADVISABLE TO USE THIS DRUG? ## QUESTION IS SAME AS I STATED EARLIER ## diabetes 130 on fasting, having ED, age 60 yrs, taking glyciphase 500 mg 1 BD, suggest if it works. ## Blood Sugar from last 12 yrs. Taking one Glyciphase SR 1gm after Break Fast than one Amaryl 2mg each after meal

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Amaryl3mg, Galvas 50 Mg, Omez FF40mg, Voglitor MD 0.2, Roliptin 10, Metacrome, Ecozyne

I am 38 yrs old. I have been detected diabetic for 3 years. My parents both have been diabetic. Now, for the past six months I am in regular medications with medicines Amaryl3mg, Galvas 50 Mg, Omez FF40mg, Voglitor MD 0.2, Roliptin 10, Metacrome, Ecozyne. Is this ok? initial condition 273 PP, SR.Cholestrol 196, BP 128/86. Now after 6 months 168, BP 122/84. Should I continue the same medicine? Can i have change by way of qty have taken? pl. advise me ## Have you discussed this with your doctor? They are the person that will best be able to advise you if you can make any medication changes or lower any dosages. Amaryl contains the active ingredient Gliemepiride, it is an oral antidiabetic medication and it may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, low blood sugar and flatulence. ...

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M2 Forte

my wife is suffering from hyper tension since15 years and high blood pressure for last 3 years (as per doctor, she is actually a victim of high blood pressure for last 9/10 years). She is now taking amaryl m2 forte twice a day and coversyl plus and nabicard 5 each a day. Earlier she used to take insuline of 25 x 2 a day but it did not work and now the above oral medication she is taking. In spite all these above, she is having high blood pressure (above 250 PP), always feeling insect biting in hands and legs, protein passing through urine regularly, feeling tiredness, weakness in hand gripping. Moreover, feeling stress, discomfort while walking due to high pressure. Now for last two months, at sleeping time, tongue becomes dry for which a small bottle of water is kept aside for meeting ...

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