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DBX-13 scam

In January 2013 - I recently purchased a subscription to the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) newsletter and got the book "Miracles from the Vault." I scoured the pages to find DBX-13 which they advertised as the diabetes miracle cure, and couldn't find it anywhere. I called HSI, and after three attempts and by threatening to take them to court for false advertising, a response finally came by email. DBX-13 is called X-Cravings. But get this... it is no longer being manufactured. X-Cravings appears to be a formula to help you stop craving food... a diet product... and I guess they apparently felt this would help you lose weight which would help your diabetes. I placed a call to the manufacturer of X-Cravings, Nutricology. Tel: (800)545-9960 who claims they don't know that...

Gemer 1 & Gemer 2

I am taking "GEMER 1" Tablets, as I am diaognised as "TYPE 2 Diabetes Patient", but its been now almost 10 Months & I feel very lazy at times during the day or night & my both legs pains. I take one tablet in the morning before Breakfast & one tablet in the night. Want your advise if I am taking the right medicine as priscribed by my Doctor or should I change my medication or should I increase my dosage. For 3 Months or so when my "GEMER 1" Tablets were finished, the doctor told me to take "GEMER 2", half in the morning & half in the night. Now as my stock of Gemer 1 has come, so I am again taking "GEMER 1". ## What has your doctor said about your going back to the Gemer 1 and about your other symptoms? What have your blood sugar l...

Apple cider vinegar with metoprolol, aspirin and metformin for htn dyspnea

I have been suffering for 20 long years from (COD) and am getting breathlessness. Have taken Isosorbide Dinitrate and Mononitrate with Metoprolol 50mg, Atenolol 50mg, Amlodipine and Nifedipine alternately for 10 yrs with Aspirin as well. For the last 2 yrs I have been taking metoprolol 50mg with telmisartan 40mg, aspirin 100mg and metformin 500 SR daily. I want to include apple cider vinegar for further relief. Is it advisable? This is what I want to know please. ## Hello, Azad! How are you? Sorry about your health issues. Since it isn't a medication, there is no information available on how it may affect or interact with the medications you're taking. Thus, I can only advise you to discuss it with your doctor, before taking it. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I want ...

white oblong pill with c 474

can you tell me what kind of pill this is ## I found white oblong pills with C 474 on them. these have been in my medicine cabinet and I do not know what kimd of pill it is? ## Metformin, diabetic med. ## To add some additional details, it contains 1,000mgs of Metformin, which is used to help lower and control blood sugar levels, but it can also be prescribed to treat PCOS/PCOD. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, stomach pain, and hypoglycemia. Inactive ingredients may include: povidone polyethylene glycol magnesium stearate lactose monohydrate hypromellose titanium dioxide triacetin But they can vary, depending on the manufacturing facility. Is there anything else I can help with? ## How can i order for this c474 online. Thanks Alex

How do I use Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss?

What is I the correct way to take apple cider vinegar for weight loss? I've heard a couple of tablespoons in water before a meal... Is that once a day before dinner or more times a day? Also, I quite often use Optislim shakes for the smaller meals during the day. I am also starting to try Garcinia. How is the best way to use these for maximum effectiveness?? ## Hello Lauralee, Ironically this was a rumor that I heard once upon a time and I spent a large amount of time doing research trying to verify the claim. What I found was that there is little to no scientific data supporting the theory that taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal helps with weight loss. However, in the case studies that I have found it shows that there is no clear indication among the divers...

Metformin 850mg Side Effects

Can metformin 850 mg can cause a loss in weight of the diabetic? Thanks ## I've been diabetic since 2000 and have been controlling it by diet, but after 6 yrs it is not in control so i started metformin 500 x 2 daily. But after, in 2010 my sugar was staying too high so i was prescribed janumet which caused me to gain 5kgs in a year. Plus my feet hurt a lot and I'm feeling very weak. Please help me. ## Sandy, many type 2 diabetics tend to have gained weight from the diabetes, then they will lose some once they start getting it under control, such as by using the medication. However, if it's a severe weight loss, then you should seek medical attention to have it checked out. Rozy, how have your blood sugar levels been recently? Are you also continuing to watch what you eat? ##...

metformin smell

why does it smell like fish? ## I got my script refilled the other day and the new one smells like fish too! My first bottle (different manufact) did not smell like fish. Beginning to wonder if it is of good quaility ## It is an odor from one of the fillers they use in making the medication, nothing to worry about. Since each company that makes the generic version of med can use different fillers, then some might have the odor and some won't. ## Yes, it is too something to worry about! With all the horrible cheap fillers being used these days by money grubbing foreign countrues - killing our animals and probably us too. The brand I got from Walgreens is fine - even old pills dont take on a smell. But the cheap kind sold by Walmart and as I know of, Strogers hospital in chicago smell...

Metformin-pyridoxin hydrocloride-letrozole-dufaston

Hello,I have diagonalized with PCOS and in a medication of Metformin+pyridoxin hydrocloride+letrozole+dufaston tablets since a month.I was aking birth control Crisanta before this to make my ovaries in better condition before trying to conceive.but now i feel vaginal dryness and not feeling the arousal after several attempt.If somebody in similar medication facing this problem.If there is a way out..if using any lubricant .I have heard about Pre-seed ,if anybody tried and got results.pls reply. ## Oh my goodness, yes!!! I am on Metformin and Letrazole and the vaginal dryness is awful. Even when aroused there is no moisture whatsoever. I am planning on trying trying the Pre-seed lubricant this month, and will let you know I wish you the best of luck! ## hi... i ALSo encountered on that k...

primolut n and metformin

Hello, I have irregular period becAuse of PCOS so I have been on metformin 500mg thrice a day for the past 2 mnths. My DR just prescribed me primolut n to start my period. Is it okay to use primolut with metformin ## hi... I m 22 yrs. I have been consuming primolut-n 5mg from past 1 year every month 8days before my periods 3 per day for 3 days and after 4 days I get my periods. this was prescribed by dr. I want to know whether this wil affect my pregnancy when I want to conceive later. the flow during my periods is very less.. please help me. ## Hi Im 23 now i did not get my periods for last whole year so my doctor prescribed me primelute and metformin So my question is Will primelute cure pcos? ## please,can primolut N and Metformin cure PCOS? Someone 1 that has PCOS get pregnant? ## H...

Metformin (Glycomet) 500 mg dosage adjustment

I am a 74-year-old male. I have had type 2 diabetes since the year 2012 and I have been taking Glycomet from the very beginning. I first started off slow with 250 mg twice a day, then went to 500 mg twice a day. One after lunch and one after dinner. As of late when I am taking 500 mg after breakfast, after two hours or so I am finding that I am experiencing mild hypoglycemia. Hence my doctor (brother) suggested me to take 250 mg after breakfast, 500 mg after lunch and 250 mg after dinner. That is dividing the same 1000 mg per day into three dosages. 250/500/250 per day. Is it a good proposition? He says that if I'm eating a small portion of food for breakfast, a little bit at lunch and a small amount of food at dinner time, these dosages will take care of the glucose levels. Is it t...

Unsure if my Metformin tablets are real

I picked up my rx metformin from a pharmacy with my prescription but got metfortic 500 instead. Can anyone tell if this is fake or real? ## Hi Taz, If you picked these up from a licensed pharmacy with a valid prescription, then yes, they are real. However, being "real" does not necessarily equate to something being "effective", and often times patients who receive a lesser effective medication are quick to call it fake or counterfeit, when in reality it may just be certain fillers that inhibit optimal bioavailability. Nevertheless, if something doesn't seem right about your prescription then you should contact the pharmacy you got it filled at just to be on the safe side. "Metfortic 500" is something I've never heard of (nor can I find info on Google - so...

How long to continue with krimson 35 to get pregnant

Hi. I am 23 yrs old, unmarried..I have PCOD doctor advised me to take metformin n krimson 35 to regularise my periods. I reduced 4 kgs n one month and my weight now is 51 gng to get married in another 7 months. Doctor asked me to continue the tablets. How long should I continue dis tablets.. What should I do to get pregnant earlier? ## You will to get pregnant, while taking the Krimson 35, it is an oral contraceptive that prevents pregnancy. Yes, it can help balance your hormones and make your periods more regular, but you would need to stop taking it, in order to become pregnant. Its typical side effects, as listed by the U.S. FDA my possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and PMS-like symptoms. You should continue them, until your doctor says otherwise, or you wish to b...

Metformin 142 vs 93

Pill given by pharmacy changed from Metformin 500 er tablet marked 93 to tablet marked 142. What is the difference between the two? Different side effects? ## The only difference between the two Metformin pills are within the list of "inactive" ingredients (also referred to as binders/fillers) that help make up the composition of the pill. Certain inactive ingredients may affect bioavailability or how well the active ingredient(s) are absorbed. Some people may also be more or less sensitive to different inactive ingredients and that could affect one's perception of how well it works. Metformin Hydrochloride Extended-Release 500 mg Imprint: 142 Size (mm): 16 NDC: 62756-0142 Labeler: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Inactive Ingredients: -Xanthan Gum -Hypromellose -Sodium...

difference between reclide xr 60 and mclazide m

Dr has recently prescribed reclide xr 60 for my mother, earlier she was using Mclazide M, i want to what is the difference between these two? ## To answer your question, Reclide tablets contain the active ingredient Gliclazide extended release. The difference is that Mclazide-M is not extended release, and it contains the active ingredient Gliclazide (80mg) as well as Metformin (500mg), for increased efficacy. So while both medications are antidiabetic agents, one lasts longer and the other is stronger. I hope this info helps! ## my mother is CKD patient with cretinine 4.6 .Before that my mother uses 1 mg glimpride and 1000 mg metformine twuce a day . Now my nephrology dr change diabetic medicine to Reclide 60 mg and tenebite 20 mg one time daily . my mothers sugar level not conyrolled ...

white round pill 500 one side blank on other

Pill white round with 500 imprint one side other side blank? Can anyone tell me what this is? ## I am also having a lot of trouble with this even with identifiers... Hopefully someone will answer. It's been like a year so hopefully someone knows. Someone definitely knows. They might not use this site or it's like manufacturers that also probably wouldn't use the sites... Damn. ## Hello Missmiss, I found a pill that matches your description. What I found was a metformin hydrochloride 500 mg oral tablet, which is used to treat high blood sugar levels associated with type 2 diabetes. Below I have added a picture and some information that I sourced from the National Institute of Health. Product Code: 71717-104 Ingredient(s): metformin hydrochloride 500mg Inactive Ingredient(s):...

Reaction to Metformin in elderly patients

My husband had been on Metformin for 20 years....became exhausted, couldn't think, & could barely move. He's on insulin now and feels better. ## Hello Jerry, I'm glad that your husband is on the mend. Did your husbands doctor state that the medication is what was causing him to be ill or was it that he needed insulin? I'm curious because I wasn't able to find any case studies that mention anything about causing issues to the bodies ability to produce insulin. I hope you have a wonderful day.


Can a glycomet overdose lead to death? If not, what will be the symptoms of overdose? ## My mother took glycomet at night around 8:30 pm, but at 4 in the morning she was found dead with her pacemaker placed on march 3rd, 2014. ## Glycomet Se 500: How Many Tablets Could Possibly Prove Fatal, Or Will Make One End Up In A Hospital? ## What happens when 4 glycomate 500mg doses are accidentally taken at the same time? Do we need to seek immediate medical attention? ## Yes, taking too much of any medication could be fatal. The NIH lists overdose symptoms as possibly including nausea, lethargy, drowsiness, shaking/tremors, and sedation. Siddharth, yes, one should see medical attention. Essy, the same, if someone takes more than has been prescribed, medical attention should be sought. Jas, what...


DIABETES MEDICINE ## IAM TAKING THIS TABLETS 3 TIMES DAILY AND WANT TO KNOW HOW AND WHAT WAY THIS TABLET WILL HELP ME? tKS ## Metformin helps lower and control blood sugar in some Type 2 diabetics, by helping your body better process sugars. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, diarrhea, and flatulence. However, the medication will not do everything, you still have to eat healthily and get proper exercise. When have you been instructed to take it?

Round white pill 134 on one side and nothing on the other

The pill is medium round, white, with the numbers 134 on one side and nothing on the other. Can anyone identify it? ## Hi Barbara, A round white pill with 134 on one side and nothing on the other is reportedly identified as Metformin 500mgs, used for blood sugar management in treating type-2 diabetes. NDC: 25000-134 Labeler: Marksans Pharma Limited Markings: 134 Shapes: Round Colors: White Size (mm): 12 Inactive Ingredients: -Povidone -Cellulose, Microcrystalline -Magnesium Stearate -Polyvinyl Alcohol -Talc -Titanium Dioxide -Polyethylene Glycols You can also view a photo of it by running a google image search for "Metformin 500 Mg round white 134". Hope this helps!

metamorphin round white pill with the number 397 on it

a pill called metamorphin, it is round, colored white and has the number 397 on one side ## This tablet is distributed by Sun Pharmaceuticals, and they list it as containing 500mgs of Metformin, which is used to treat diabetes, by helping to lower and control blood sugar levels. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, diarrhea, flatulence, and hypoglycemia. Inactive ingredients may include: povidone polyethylene glycol magnesium stearate lactose monohydrate hypromellose titanium dioxide triacetin Is there anything else I can help with?


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