Hl02 Small Round White Pill

Haj Says:

I've tried looking this up on the internet but with no luck. It has HLO2 on 1 side and nothing on the other. It's white and round. Not sure if it's a zero or an O. My niece found it on the floor and just need to know if I should be freaked out or not.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Haj! How are you?

Is the marking possibly H over 102?

If so, this tablet is manufactured by Heritage Pharmaceuticals and they list it as containing 500mgs of Metformin.

The FDA classifies this as an oral antidiabetic medication. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, flatulence and hypoglycemia.

If this doesn't match, please post back and let me know, so I can do some more searching. Thanks!

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Joanna Says:

Hello Haj,

I am currently taking some small chewable homeopathic pills from a company named HomeoLab. I noticed they have a med code on them so I was curious to see if they were registered on the internet. To my surprise I came to read your post. I hope we are talking about the same pill and if we are, I can assure you they are safe and natural if you have asthma.

These are small, round, white, and have HL102 stamped on one side only. They are like the size of a regular pencil's eraser in diameter and if seen from side they are concave on top and bottom (like they portray a flying saucer). The 0 is a zero and not the the letter O. And I am guessing the HL stand for HomeoLab.

They are for Astma Respiratory Care...as it says in the small white bottle. They help relieve my asthma symptoms a bit, and naturally. The bottle says that even children ages 2-11 should chew 1 tablet and adults and children 12+ should chew 2. I bought these at a local CVS Pharmacy.

Hope it helps and congratulations on having a niece that is responsible for giving you a found pill. God bless you guys and everyone who reads this.

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Snap Says:

You can get sooooo hiiii off it
Hope you have more than one

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Tiff Says:

He asked for HLO2 NOT HL102?
Those are two different types of pills...
Now we have to keep searching.

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Paul Says:

You are 100 percent on point with what you said nice job good to see some stating a fact instead of guessing again nice job

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Amy Says:

I found this pill in my home. I saw that Hl02 is a pill for type 2 diabetes, which no one in my family has. This pill definitely has a capital "L" not a small "l" on it.

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