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White round pill with black type number 4

Pill is worn, can only make out the last number which is 4. there appears to be a couple characters/numbers before the 4. Can not make out anything on reverse side. no imprints or scores. only the black type number/lettering. ## It's rather hard, without knowing the complete imprint, however, I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you. Does anyone else have any ideas? ## It's white round with a black 4 on it ## Hmmm, seems likely to be a Glipizide tablet manufactured by Zydus (NDC 68382-0337). Does it look like the following image? More: DailyMed ## What dose is this glipizide pill? 5mg or 10mg ## It's reportedly 10mg

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Glimaday Forte

With Gimaday Forte, My fasting sugar is 145 & PP sugar is 128.My HBA1c is 6.5.What should I do to bring down my fasting sugar to with in normal limits? ## Glimaday Forte contains the active ingredients Glipizide and Metformin, which are oral antidiabetic medications, used to help lower and control blood sugar. As to the fasting blood sugar, how long were you fasting? It is normal, when someone is a diabetic and fasts for a long period of time, for their blood sugar to raise, as the body is trying to then burn existing sugar stores for energy and a reading of 145 is not really unusual in such instances. A prolonged fast caused a kind of bouncing with blood sugar levels. After an initial period of time, your sugar will start to drop, but then it will eventually raise up, when, as I st...

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mylan G2

white round pill scored on one side mylan on top G2 on bottom ## Mylan G2 = Glipizide Tablets - 10 mg, it helps to treat type 2 diabetes. ## UDL Laboratories, a licensed distributor for Mylan Pharmaceuticals lists these tablets as containing 10mgs of Glipizide, just as busbettis stated in their post. NDC code: 51079-0811| The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, gas, diarrhea, stomach pain, and low blood sugar. Inactive ingredients may include: silicon dioxide lactose anhydrous microcrystalline cellulose corn starch stearic acid Though they may vary, depending on the manufacturing facility. Is there anything else I can help with?

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White round Watson 481 pill

What is a little round white pill with Watson on the front top and 481 on the front bottom with a break line in the middle on the back? ## Is the marking possibly WATSON 461? If so, A-S Medical Solutions lists it as containing 10mgs of Glipizide, which is most commonly used to help control and lower high blood sugar levels (aka Diabetes). NDC code: 54569-3842 The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including stomach pain, hypoglycemia, diarrhea, stomach pain, and flatulence. Inactive ingredients may include: silicon dioxide croscarmellose sodium lactose anhydrous microcrystalline cellulose corn starch stearic acid But they can vary depending on the manufacturing facility.

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White round pill P 10

My husband takes a pill that looks like glipizide 10mg, but it has nothing on it except "P with a 10" on one side. It's a white and round pill, used for diabetes. ## Yes, there is a tablet manufactured by Rising Pharmaceuticals that matches this description, and is a 10mg Glipizide tablet. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach pain, diarrhea, and low blood sugar. You can find more information by clicking on this NDC number: 64980-281 Is there anything else I can help with?

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Glipizide Drug Information

WTI 846 pill ## This is not Glipizide! Though it is a diabetes med, this is called Glimepiride 2mgs, a generic for Amaryl. Glimepiride Info Click Here ## I'm trying to maintain a proper blood sugar level with the use of glipizide er 5mg. Is this tablet supposed to be used for blood sugar management?

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Glipizide ER wpi 845

Tiny white pill. Is it the same as Glipizide ER 873? Are they both 10mg? Are they both ER? ## Research I have gathered shows both pills to be ER (extended release) as well as 10 mg each. Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do... ## Why can't I get Glipizide ER 10mg with inscription wpi 845 from Walgreen pharmacy anymore? They are dispensing glipizide ER 10mg with an inscription which I cannot tolerate without side effects. ## I have been taking Watson's Glipizide for about a year. The first prescription worked really well. The past two prescriptions have raised my blood sugar level severely. Are there different firms making this pill, and how do I get the original medicine that worked for me? ## I hope I'm in the right place. Since ...

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small round white pill 10 on one side and line the other

I have a small white pill with 10 on one side and a line possibility for cutting in half on the other side. No other markings. Looks like an Oxycodone 10 mg. Will you help me find out the name of this pill? Thank you ## @Justin430, I located two different pills that fit this same description of [white round, 10 on one side, scored on the back]: 1. Glipizide (10mg) - made by Accord Healthcare - used for type-2 diabetes 2. Hyoscyamine Sulfate (0.125mg) - made by Virtus Pharmaceuticals - used for GI disorders (such as irritable bowel syndrome) Hopefully one of these tablet's name or indications will help shed some light on the what it might be. Whereabouts did you get it from? ## White round pill 10 on 1 side deep score on the other side ?

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Fruta Bio Side Effects

I'm curious if these diet pills have any side effects. ## Fruta Bio is an over the counter products that claims to be all natural and to aid in weight loss. These types of products aren't tested for possible side effects, as is done with actual prescription medications, or are they actually proven to work. Is anyone familiar with this product? ## ive been takin them for 1month 1/2 now and have lost 2 sizes n about 15lbs.. the only side effect ive felt is dry mouth and thirstyness but other than that they really work! ## I have also been taking them and i also feel the same ..dry mouth, controls my appetite, anxiety at times when drinking cofee too. But it does work for losing weight ## I have been taking fruta bio for about a week now, i use to take fruta planta but it stopped w...

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type2 diabetes medicines give me headaches

I recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I tried glipizide, Metformin and extended release metformin, Glumetza, Onglyza all made me sick. They gave me headaches that bothers me most. I already have migraine problem. what medicine should I try for my diabetes. ## Hello, Jaiho655! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. Perhaps you should speak to your doctor about trying an insulin. Though insulin isn't the first choice for type 2, it can be used to treat it, you just have to check your blood sugar frequently and adjust your dose accordingly. Are you already watching what you eat? ## In my type 2 diabetes I am prescribed Amaryl 2 & SitaGliptin 50.During last 8 yrs several medicines were tried including Metformin .But no palpable response .Recently I started...

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I AM ON BOTH ITAKE 3 OF THE GLIPZIDE AND 3 OF THE METI. 10MLG GLIP. & 500MLG METIFO. I THINK THATS ALOT OF MED. I FEEL NAUSEA AND GET BOUTS OF THE FLYING DIAREAHEA ANY ONE ELSE ON THAT TOO. I ALSO TAKE THROID MED TOO AND HIGH BLOOD PESSURE MED TOO . GENERIC L-THOYINE AND DOVAN FOR THE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. ANY ONE HAS IN IN PUT LIKE TO HEAR FROM U. ## All my life I've been a healty guy. My annual check up revealed an enlargerd prostate, high blood pressure, high colestral, and my sugar level was elevated. Flomax for the prostate, Quinapril and Atenolol for the blood pressure, Glipzide and Metformin for the elevated sugar. Now I've had an exam every year and all is well then all of a sudden at age 56 I have these issues. There are side effects to the meds. Dizziness, nausa, di...

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generic glipizide

I found some small white round pills in a medicine weekly holder I used after my last surgery. They have 5 on one side and only a split line on the other side. I believe they are generic glipizide but uncertain since I was on a lot of meds. Can you help me?

round white pill teva 2900

I found a small round white pill with TEVA on one side and 2900 on the other side. Could someone tell me what this is? ## Hello, Jean! How are you? Did you mean TEVA 9200? If so, then the tablet contains 10mgs of Glipizide, which is an oral antidiabetic medication. Side effects may include nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, flatulence and hypoglycemia. Learn more Glipizide details here. Can you please double check the imprint and let me know? Thanks! ## The pill was a directic. Furesmoine ## WHAT I NEED TO TAKE THES MEDICINE ? ## I think that have 3 people don't know what you're talking about but the number is a number over a letter and saying it 2900 or 9200 that can make people mess up their doses. so yes I'm here it does not say what Teva 2900 is on here so the diuretic or ...

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watson oblong white 450

is watson 450 White pill a generic vicoden? 7.5 mg.? ## Hello, Bj! How are you? Is the marking possibly WATSON 460? Can you please double check? If so, the tablet is listed by Watson Pharmaceuticals as containing 5mgs of Glipizide, which is an oral antidiabetic medication that's used to help lower and control blood sugar. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, flatulence, diarrhea and hypoglycemia.

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orange pill numbers 44 227

My husband found a pill in his glipizide on this pills it say 227 and it is white, on the other pills the number on the pill are 772 and they are white.. ## Hello, Laura! How are you? I have to admit that I'm a little confused, since you list 44 227 in the post title, then just 227 and 772 in your actual post. What is the imprint on the actual tablets that you're asking about? Can you please post back and clarify? Thank you!

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white pill gg 772

How many mgs is a maximum dose in one day ## Hi Toni, From what I could gather, GG 772 is identified as Glipizide 10 mg. According to, the maximum recommended "once daily dose" is 15 mg. However, doses above 15 mg should be divided and given before meals of adequate caloric content. The maximum recommended "total daily dose" is 40 mg, in this regard. Ref: Keep in mind that you should always talk with your doctor first, if you ever decide to adjust your dose. I hope this helps to answer your question!

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White oval tablet with one score in center. Only markings are on scored side. On the left is the letter G, on the right is the number 31. Pill is 17mm long, 5mm thick and 7mm wide at center score. ## This anti-diabetic medication is a combination of 2 drugs (glipizide and metformin). It is used along with a diet and exercise program to control high blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes). ## Actually, the tablet Barbara identified is a round, white tablet with G31 on one side and an M on the other. The tablet asked about in the original post contains 600mgs of Gabapentin, which is an anticonvulsant that has also been shown to help with some mood disorders and certain types of nerve pain. Learn more Gabapentin details here. Side effects may include n...

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Blood Pressure medications help

I am currently taking 6different medications for my high blood pressure. I feeel like this is a bit much and would like to cut back. I am taking glipizide 15mg, metformin 1000 mg (2 a day), lisinopril 20/12.5mg, clonidine 0.1mg (3 a day), metoprolol er 100mg, verapamil 240 mg. Is there anyway that I can stop taking some of these medications? I have to take medications a day and I would like to eliminate some of these medications. ## Hello, I would speak with your healthcare provider before stopping any of your current medications. Only he will know your past medical history and what steps you should take through the withdrawal process. However, I can offer some information about how to plower your blood pressure naturally. Over the past few years I've done a lot of research on natur...

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Ic Glipizide ER 2.5 mg

- wht are the other names for it in the market? wht are its benefits?and what are the side effects? Which is the best drug for diabetes? wht are the similar alternatives for Ic Glipizide ER 2.5 mg - if it is not avlbl in the market? What happens if U miss taking yr drug for some time when you hv been used to taking it for several yrs.

644 Orange Pill

small round pill orange in color and WPI644 on it ## The round orange pill in description is Glipizide ER (5 mg); which is an oral medium-to-long acting anti-diabetic drug from the sulfonylurea class. NOTE: the correct imprint is actually WPI 844 as opposed to 644. To view information about this drug, please click on the link below... If you have any other questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to assist you.

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