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Hot Flashes from Glucophage

I find approximately 20 to 30 minutes after taking Glucophage or Metformin I am extremely hot, as in bad hot flashes. I am wondering if this is happening to anyone else? ## Hmm.. I Feel Fine During My Dosage. Any Other Unusual Side Effects Your Having?? ## My DR increased my dose and I have terrible bouts of nausea. Will this go away and how can I make it stop? ## Rhapsody, I suggest speaking to your doctor about this issue, that way you can rule out any other possible causes and see what you may need to do or what you can safely take with your medications to reduce the nausea. ## Yes, I have had this. I increased from 1 x500mg a day to two. For a while, I was fine, then the heat started in my face and hands. My face felt cool to touch but I felt like I was on fire underneath. I wondere...

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