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Humalog or Lantus wrong result for methamphetamine?

Can lantus & humalog cause a wrong result for methamphetamine? For some reason I came up positive for it and certainly don't do it! ## Hello, Tom! How are you doing? I'm very sorry about what happened. I did some research for you and discovered several articles in PubMed, as well as other research sites that say this can happen, but it is usually due to being diabetic, not the medications. It can also occur, if someone has lowered kidney function, which often happens with diabetes, or certain kidney diseases. But no, I have not found anything showing those two medications being known to cause this. Did the person doing the test know you are diabetic?

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contents of tablet eurepa m f 2

indications, interaction with other drugs 100 ml. alchol in particulr ## I'm sorry, but I can't find any information on a product under this name, or something similar. Are you certain of the name and spelling? What country is it from? ## my sugar level is high and is not in control cosistently at 250 to 350 .I am insulin dependent taking humalog 75;25 @ 30 ml daily.In addition I was taking METFORMIN 1000 MG WITH GELPRIDE 2 MG .MY DOCTOR HAS NOW CHANGED THE DRUG TO EUREPA MF 2.alongwith the Insuln I notice that .EUREPA MF2 is for non insulin dependent patient then \how wilit go with Insulin as in y case.

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lantis overdose

what are the symtoms after an overdose of lantis my mom had 6 life threatining low of 20 or less in 4 days rushed to hospital 2 times doctors not absolutly sure what caused lows but to much lantis is suspected what do you think? ## It is very hard to say, since none of us are doctors and do not know your mother's medical history, nor what other drugs she was taking. The Lantus may have caused it, even without an overdose, if she was very sensitive to it, on the other hand, it could have been caused by her not eating properly, being sick or many other possibilities. ## I usually take 23 units of lantis at night. I think I just gave myself double the dose. Should I go to the E.R.? Also, I take humalog throughout the day.

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