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Diane 35 for hormonal imbalance (acid reflux)

Hello, I have a hormonal imbalance and my doctor prescribed me to take diane 35pills for 6 mos. To correct this problem. But as soon as I took the 7th pill in my first pack, I stopped taking Diane cause I was experiencing an Acid Reflux, will there be a problem if i left the pack unfinished? Planning to change my pills but don't know when is the best time to restart again since i havent finish the first pack of diane. Currently, I am taking also anothet medicine called Minirin 100mg per day does it react with it?


I am regular user of MINIRIN past 6 months reason to start was consumption of 15-18 ltr water per day and every hr urination. I take dosage before going to sleep it controled water intake to 5-6 ltr per day and increased duration for passing urin. But latly i am finding no effect for 2-3 days but again it start controlling intake of water( i have not missed single day without dosage) in such situation i may take repeat dose and relief will be for only 4-5 hrs and again water intake and urinating frequency increases. After reading on net i have found i was making mistake while inhaling spray instead of holding breath i was taking deep breath to take it it deeper, is it harmful? i will like know why miniri suddenly become less effective and again it becomes effective.even tough usage is f...