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Glucose is a simple sugar with the molecular formula C6H12O6. Glucose circulates in the blood of animals as blood sugar. It is made during photosynthesis from water and carbon dioxide, using energy from sunlight. It is the most important source of energy for cellular respiration. Glucose is stored as a polymer, in plants as starch and in animals as glycogen. With 6 carbon atoms, it is classed as a hexose, a subcategory of the monosaccharides. D-Glucose is one of the 16 aldohexose stereoisomer...

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bromazepam 3mg overdose
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Hey, my sister has taken 10 pills of 3mg bromazepam containing pill Relaxin. I'm extremely worried because by thr time I came to know she had gone to sleep so I couldn't force her to vomit. I can't tell anyone at home neither can I take her to the hospital. Please tell me the side effects of this overdose.,.I just want to know that she's going to be fine :( ## Hello, Araiz! What happened? Is she okay? I'm sorry, but when someone takes that many benzodiazepines, at once, no one is going to be able to just tell you that she's going to be okay. It could put her life in danger and emergency medical help should be sought immediately. I know it's hard to tell your family, but it is necessary, when someone's life may be in danger. Learn more Bromazepam details h...
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gimalxina amoxicilina information
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Gimalxina-500mg,Reg.No.122M93SSA lV red and white capsule ## WHAT ARE THE INDICATIONS FOR THIS GIMALXINA AMOXICILINA FOR &HOW DO YOU TAKE IT? ## Brief description please... Gimalxina-500mg,Reg.No.122M93SSA lV red and white capsule... r.s.v.p ## How do you take amoxicilina red and white ## what is the dosage for this ## Does Gimalxina amoxocilina contain any ingredients that could change the results of of fasting blood glucose test? ## Can you take this. medication for a vaginal bacteria ## I took it this morning for vaginal bacteria I don't know if I was supposed to since it came from mexico but it did help me feel a lot better ## What is the dosige foe these medicine. What age can the drinck it.
Updated 19 days ago.
Is susten 400 good for pregnant lady
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My wife is 2 months pregnant but today she got a fit and we went to doctor for check up he advise to hospitalized her and the other doctor told levtam 500. Is safe in pregnancy for a fit patient. After hospitalized she was on glucose and was not given food to eat as per doctors advised and also susten 400 capsule she is having. Just wanted to know hospitalizing her was required and also the above tablets mentioned r safe in pregnancy or not.
Updated 1 month ago.
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My SGOT level 300. i want to know medicine name for decrease the SGOT ## my sgpt is 94 & sgot is 60 plz suggest me the medicine to reduce. ## My sgpt is 199 ,sgot is 92,alkaline phosphatase is 129,ggt is what medicin have to be taken ..please advise me... ## My sgot 37 and sgpt 63 u/l, Pl. advise if i have any liver problem and it's remedy ## my HBA1C 7.0% and mean plasma glucose 154 mg/dl. Pl. advise whether i am diabetic, needs any medication or without medication how i nay cone out.
Updated 1 month ago.
febugot tablet used for controlling uric acid
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I had higher uric acid and creatinine levels of 1.5. Doc prescribed Ubexa 40 to control it and later another Doc prescribed Febugot 40 or 80. Which medicine is most suitable for treatment and at what strength? ## Presence of uric acid in the blood increases joint pain an d since taking the febugot 80,my uric acid level came down.The medicine seems more effective than Ubexa 40 here are other med for lowering of uric acid in the blood ## I was diabetic with sugar level in the blood-fasting more than 150 and PP more than 200.First I was taking Metformine and gileperide tablets .Glucose level was not controlled with thjese medicines and I was prescribed insulin(Novomix 30) 12 u in the morning and 18 u before dinner/. This continued for several years.Recently I was diagnoised having Collitis...
Updated 2 months ago.
Benefits And Side Effects Volix 0 3mg
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My doctor has prescribed volix 0.3 mg tablets for controling sugar. Please let me know the benefits and side effects of volix 0.3 mg ## Volix contains the active ingredient Voglibose, which is an oral antidiabetic medication used to help lower blood sugar. It works by delaying the absorption of glucose. Learn more Voglibose details here. Side effects may include abdominal pain, swelling, flatulence and diarrhea. Are there any other questions I can help with? ## My doctor has prescribed volix 0.3 mg tablets for controling sugar. Please let me know the benefits and side effects of volix 0.3 mg ## what is the generic name of volix 0.3 mg tablet ## I am a type 2 diabetic on medicine forpast 23 years,.76 years old, male single,active person go for morning and evening walk and controlled diet...
Updated 3 months ago.
glycomet 250 side effects
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My daughter is 10 yr she is having type 2 diabetes n post prandial insulin is 219 n fasting insulin 8.79 should we give her glycomet 250 twice a day should we continue is their side effects ## Sir My son is 8 years.his fasting sugar is 85 and sugar after one hour of taking 75gram of glucose is 141 and after 2 hour 112. But fasting insulin is 6.79 after one hour of 75 g sugar is 121 and after 2 hour insulin is prescribed glycomet 250 mg twice a day . What are side effect of tablet and this tablet can be discountied after how many months ## Sir, my 5yr old suffering from hypothyroidism, is prescribed Gylcomet 250 mg once a day after lunch, however she is nt suffering with diabeties. Her sugar level are normal, BT endrcologists prescribed saying for weight loss. What are consequ...
Updated 4 months ago.
Diabetic- Zoryl
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I am from India, right now in Chin tour for about 12 days. Already spent four days in Hing Kong. I am a diabetic for the last 10 years and the last month glucose level of mine is 165 in fasting. I forgot to bring tablet Zoryl 1 mg, which Inused to take before Break fast and dinner. What alternate medicine, I can take here in China and how to get it.
Updated 4 months ago.
reducing SGPT and SGOT
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My SGPT is 144 and SGOT is 66. I have to reduce it to its normal level within 10 days. It's my final medical... Please help what to do.. They told there are some tablets which can reduced it to its normal level. Please help...I don't Wann a deep out second time... ## I am 42 years of age. Today my blood report has come back and my sgot is 43 and sgpt is 46 and total bilirubin is 0.7. Please advise. ## Use Tab. Udiliv 300 twice daily before meal. 5%Dextrose with Inj. Hepawin 2 ampoule I.V. for 3 days. Take Glucose as much as u can. ## Age 58,AST-88,ALT-74,SAP-135,GAMMA GT-125, what medicine should I take.
Updated 5 months ago.
volibo m 0.3
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volibo m 0.3 is to be taken once or twice daily? ## Hi shri, Based on my research, the usual adult dose for Volibo (voglibose) is 200 to 300 mcg 3 times a day on an empty stomach, 15-30 minutes before meals. Always be sure to follow the prescribing information that was given to you by your doctor or pharmacist. Voglibose is an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor used for lowering post-prandial blood glucose levels in people with diabetes mellitus. Voglibose delays the absorption of glucose and thereby reduces the risk of macrovascular complications. Postprandial hyperglycemia (PPHG) is primarily due to first phase insulin secretion. Alpha glucosidase inhibitors (such as Voglibose) delay glucose absorption at the intestine level and thereby prevent sudden surge of glucose after a meal. Some side...
Updated 5 months ago.

Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Gel: 40%, 40g
  • Liquid: 100g/180ml
  • Tablet, Chewable: 4g, 5g
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NDC Database Records for Glucose: (4 results)

Sorted by National Drug Code
  • 0338-9547 Glucose 2.5 g/50ml Intravenous Injection by Baxter Healthcare Corporation
  • 0338-9551 Glucose 5 g/100ml Intravenous Injection by Baxter Healthcare Corporation
  • 0338-9569 Glucose 5 g/100ml Intravenous Injection by Baxter Healthcare Corporation
  • 0338-9573 Glucose 2.5 g/50ml Intravenous Injection by Baxter Healthcare Corporation

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