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Breathless on Jardiance

I am unable to take Metformin as it causes severe side effects and pulmonary oedema. I tried Liraglutide (Victoza) injections which gave my tachycardia. As I have heart failure I was then prescribed Jardiance 10mg 3 months ago which seemed to be ok but I'm not on the loo every hour and have not lost weight (gained 5kg actually). It was increased to 25mg 2 weeks ago and I have been increasingly breathless on mild exertion (speaking and bending forward). Feel like I'm full term pregnant. Surely I can't have side-effects to this too? My blood sugars are fine. ## What are your blood pressure readings? The symptoms you've described can also be due to congestive heart failure, according to NIH warnings. Those are typical symptoms of it. Do you ever wake up at night unable to b...

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Long time sex pill in bangladesh

I am 35. I want to increase my sex power from 2 minutes to 30 minitues. How I can get a Bangladeshi Sex Increase Medicine Name? Pls. Help Me. ## Iam 30. I want to increase my sex power from 2 minutesto 30minitues. How I can get a Bangladeshi Sex Increase Medicine Name?Pls. Help Me. ## i am 47 years old now i am sexual problem main sex lasting 4 or 5 minutes.my wife like long time sex, what can i do? please help me .long time sex medic en need there is no side effect. need medicine name or best suggestion. ## i am 47 years old now i am sexual problem main sex lasting 4 or 5 minutes.my wife like long time sex, what can i do? please help me .long time sex medic en need there is no side effect. need medicine name or best suggestion. ## I want name of sex pill, that at least 20 mints longer ...

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medicine for esr

my esr is 94 please prescribe some medicine . my age is 46 yrs . i am diabetic. using insulin ## ESR IS 95 , and uric acid is 8.5 ,TLC is 7,600 , DLC N 55 L 40 M 02 E 3 ,RA and CRP is normal limit ## My wife is now 32 years and her esr is 72. Please suggest me medicine to reduse esr.

Drotin M Tablet

My mother is a diabetic for nearly 20 years and recently, she had been prescribed Drotin M tablet. Could anyone please let me know what is this tablet for and is there any side effects? ## Drotin-M contains the active ingredients Drotaverine and Mefenamic Acid, this combination is usually used as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, for its ability to treat pain and swelling. Learn more Drotaverine details here. Learn more Mefenamic Acid details here. And all medications carry the risk of side effects, some for this may include: nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and headaches. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Can we take Drotin M after having micoprostal pills

white oblong pill with c 474

can you tell me what kind of pill this is ## I found white oblong pills with C 474 on them. these have been in my medicine cabinet and I do not know what kimd of pill it is? ## Metformin, diabetic med. ## To add some additional details, it contains 1,000mgs of Metformin, which is used to help lower and control blood sugar levels, but it can also be prescribed to treat PCOS/PCOD. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, stomach pain, and hypoglycemia. Inactive ingredients may include: povidone polyethylene glycol magnesium stearate lactose monohydrate hypromellose titanium dioxide triacetin But they can vary, depending on the manufacturing facility. Is there anything else I can help with?

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i am patient of diabetic and use 1 tablet gulvas met 50 850mg after diner 44 year old

Gulvas Met 50/850mg. Sagas the Madison is ok.I am patient of diabetic I use 1 tablet Gulvas Met 50/850mg. after diner am 44 year old. ## patient of diabetic and hypertension-using galvus met50/850 twice in day and exforgce5/160 one every day for last 5 years. my age -60. how long i continue above drug.

DBX-13 scam

In January 2013 - I recently purchased a subscription to the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) newsletter and got the book "Miracles from the Vault." I scoured the pages to find DBX-13 which they advertised as the diabetes miracle cure, and couldn't find it anywhere. I called HSI, and after three attempts and by threatening to take them to court for false advertising, a response finally came by email. DBX-13 is called X-Cravings. But get this... it is no longer being manufactured. X-Cravings appears to be a formula to help you stop craving food... a diet product... and I guess they apparently felt this would help you lose weight which would help your diabetes. I placed a call to the manufacturer of X-Cravings, Nutricology. Tel: (800)545-9960 who claims they don't know that...

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How long to continue with krimson 35 to get pregnant

Hi. I am 23 yrs old, unmarried..I have PCOD doctor advised me to take metformin n krimson 35 to regularise my periods. I reduced 4 kgs n one month and my weight now is 51 kgs..am gng to get married in another 7 months. Doctor asked me to continue the tablets. How long should I continue dis tablets.. What should I do to get pregnant earlier? ## You will to get pregnant, while taking the Krimson 35, it is an oral contraceptive that prevents pregnancy. Yes, it can help balance your hormones and make your periods more regular, but you would need to stop taking it, in order to become pregnant. Its typical side effects, as listed by the U.S. FDA my possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and PMS-like symptoms. You should continue them, until your doctor says otherwise, or you wish to b...

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Strength Plus Lehyam

i am 26, 180 cm hight & 68 kgs. I am diabetic for last 1 year. and i lost my weight almost 10 kgs in these session. i need to gain weight up to atleast 75 kgs. ayurvedic medicine strength plus can can gain weight without any side effects ? or can use diabetics? pls reply me soon.. ## Since you are diabetic, it may not be safe for you to gain a lot of weight. It can have an effect on your blood sugar and may cause it to be more unstable. Learn more diabetes details here. And as to an Ayurvedic product like that, it has not been tested to see if it will cause problems with any prescription medications or medical conditions. Thus, the only advice I can really give you is that you should talk to your doctor before taking anything new, or trying to gain any weight, to make sure it is saf...

Metformin Er dangers of taking it for weight loss

I quit smoking two years ago and it left me with this horrible unsatified feeling that only eating can take it away tempory. So i asked the doctor for a pill that could help me with the cravings and also help me loose the weight i gained since i guit smoking. And she gave me metformin er will it help me. ## will metfromin er help me with weight loss. ## This is an oral antidiabetic medication, which is normally used to lower and help control blood sugar levels. I have read posts from a few other people that have used it for weight loss, because there are some cases where improving the bodies use of insulin can help, however, it has not been approved for this use and I don't really have any information on such usage. It may cause side effects, such as: nausea, dizziness, abdominal pa...

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What is the difference between Metformin Hcl Er 500mg and Metformin Er 500mg?

My husband and I are both on Metformin but he takes the Er 500 and I take the Hcl Er 500? He still works and exercises but I'm retired on disability and unable to exercise much because of post polio problems. Does that make a difference in what we take? We do not have the same doctors. ## There is no difference, they are both the exact same thing. The HCL just designates it as a hydrochloride salt and in one instance it was included in the wording, in the other it was left off. This is an oral antidiabetic agent. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and low blood sugar. More info: Do you have any other questions? ## What is the difference in a med.that has HCT and HCTZ used for high blood pressure? ## what is the difference between Metformin HCL 1000mg tabs ...

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side effect galvus met 50 1000

I have Diabetes 2. I am also an epileptic and take Tegrotol CR 400 mg three times a day as well as Sedabarb 30 mg three times a day. I have been on Tegrotol and the equavalent of sedabarb since 1969. Dosages have just changed as needed. I am now also on Galvus Met 50/1000 for plus minus 3 years. The side effects I am now showing is: The shin, in the fold of my leg, my whole back and arms are itchy. On my back I have small sores as I am scratching. The itching is rediculous. My ankles and feet are puffy and uncomfortable. The skin on my back and my legs are red and swollen ## I am using galvus met 50/1000 for 4 months and for the past week experience right nose bleed . ## sing 50/1000 galvus met for 5 months and my right nostril start to bleed


Can a glycomet overdose lead to death? If not, what will be the symptoms of overdose? ## My mother took glycomet at night around 8:30 pm, but at 4 in the morning she was found dead with her pacemaker placed on march 3rd, 2014. ## Glycomet Se 500: How Many Tablets Could Possibly Prove Fatal, Or Will Make One End Up In A Hospital? ## What happens when 4 glycomate 500mg doses are accidentally taken at the same time? Do we need to seek immediate medical attention? ## Yes, taking too much of any medication could be fatal. The NIH lists overdose symptoms as possibly including nausea, lethargy, drowsiness, shaking/tremors, and sedation. Siddharth, yes, one should see medical attention. Essy, the same, if someone takes more than has been prescribed, medical attention should be sought. Jas, what...

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ARE GNC VITAMIN B-6 200, GNC VITAMIN B-12 1000 & GNF FOLIC ACID 1000 COMBINED A GOOD SUBSTITUTE FOR METANX? IS THERE A GENERIC FOR METANX AVAILABLE? ## There is a generic for Metanx now. I have been paying $42, but the generic is $18. Ask your pharamacist. ## There is NO generic for Metanx, anyone that claims to be a generic does not have the L form of folate (Metanx) that product would have both the inactive form in their product (racemic mixture). DO NOT TAKE THE RACEMIC FORM. If your doctor prescribes Metanx, please only take Metanx. ## A racemic mixture has both the L and R forms of the substance and should be OK, just make sure there is sufficient L form (half of the total weightj). I.e. Metanx has 2.8 mg of the L-methylfolate, make sure the generic has this or 5.6 mg of methyl...

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Metanx - ingredients

I want to know what is in this medicine, the amount of each ingredient- how much more than an over the counter drug. ## Please explain what is in this medicine and also is vitamin C and B12 over the counter just as good. Thank you ## I just started this metanx a little over a week now. I was given a pamphlet on it. It states that metanx contains the active ingredients of folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 which allow the body to absorb them without having to break them down first like you would have to do with OTC vitamins. It is only available with a prescription and you take two of the pills a day. Hope this information helps. ## The ingredients list provided by Krystal is correct, it is generally given to help Diabetic Neuropathy patients. The breakdown is 2.8mgs of Folic Acid, ...

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Baralgin m 500 mg uses

What are Baralgin m 500 mg tablets used for? ## Baralgin M is a brand name of Metamizole, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (pain reliever, fever reducer). Metamizole was banned from the United States in 1977, but continues to be available in many other parts of the world. For more information about this drug please see the page for Metamizole Details. ## what is baralgin m 500mg tablet used for ## How many tabs should one take per day? Is there any side effect? I am diabetic. ## can baralgin give to 9year old pain ## What are the side effects of Baralgin M? If you are taking anti-coagulants can you take Baralgin M? ## i have back pain taking sudalud and voltaren pain is still there today is now the fifth day and doctor said it is back sparsum i also use a heating bag did ...

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Is ketosteril a drug to avoid dialysis

A 70 yr old lady lost the efficiency of both kidneys and was advised dialysis. But again doctors suggested to take KETOSTERIL for a month and can be observed for improvement of kidney function.Will the above named drug avoid dialysis ? ## Ketosteril contains Ketoanalogues and essential amino acids. It is commonly used in predialysis patients to try and improve renal function and avoid the need for dialysis. She should also be on a low-protein diet, while using this medication. Are there any questions or comments? ## soumen kar ## MY BOTH KIDNEYS ARE ALMOST 80% DAMAGE. I AM TAKING 2TAB OF KETOSTERIL THREE TIMES A DAY. MY CRETININE IS 4.89. DOCTOR TOLD ME THAT IN FUTURE I MIGHT REQUIRE DAILYSYS. SO IS THIS DOSE OF KETOSTRIL IS SUFFICIANT FOR ME OR SHOULD I ASK MY DOCTOR TO INCREASE THE DO...

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what is gelmicin cream used for

I have boils on the lower part of my stomach, do you think gelmicin will be good for that ## Hello, Traviesa! How are you? It really depends on what's causing them. Have you had them checked out? How big are they? How often do you get them? There is a steroid in Gelmicin, so it could actually make them worse, in some cases. ## Yes I have had them checked out my doctor says its because I dont have my diabetes controled, there like quarter size and sometimes ill get them about four times a month. And ill ask my doctor about this medication thank you very much for your response, I appreciate it, once again thank you and god bless you ## Hello . Well I had a boil right on my stomach too that wouldn’t go away for two months and it helping me a lot . It stopped the pain and it...

glim 3 mg

what is the side effect of taking glim 3 mg and taking janumet 50 mg/500? ## Daibetc typ2 homalog mix 25 and glim3mg can take together

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Victoza and GERD

I have GERD, which is reflux disease and the Victoza seems to make it worse. I also have a sliding hiatal hernia. Does anyone else have this issue? ## It is really hard to say what is causing it, it could be your medical issues, or the medication. The FDA warns that other side effects from Victoza may possibly include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and decreased appetite. Is this the only medication you take? What have you tried to treat the GERD?

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