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Ozempic - Weight Loss and Side Effects

I started Ozempic in October 2021. I was 209 pounds. I am now 134 pounds. I first started taking Ozempic .25 mg for 3 weeks. I really didn’t lose that much weight and no s/e. I was still a little hungry then I was increased to .50 mg. My appetite started to decrease, and I did that for 3 weeks. Then I started the regular dose of 1 mg, my appetite definitely decreased. I started doing portion control. Eat 1/2 wait 20 min. I never wanted more. I always say to myself: you can eat anything .. just eat small amount .. wait 20 min .. still hungry .. you eat .. not you don’t. I never did. There are many times I had no or little appetite. I also learned you better eat because I passed out twice low blood sugar (I’m not Diabetic; I just needed to eat). I always drink a lot of w...

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Ozempic and food cravings

Has anyone developed a sweet tooth while on Ozempic? I fear I have. Also cravings for salty food have increased. I have been Ozempic three months and have loss 15 pounds. ## Usually, Ozempic helps prevent cravings, but some medications have been known to cause unexpected side effects in some people that take them. The FDA lists the other typical side effects of Ozempic as possibly including nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, and fatigue. Ref: Ozempic Information Have you consulted your doctor? Are you on any other medications? ## The cravings have gone away. When I started Ozempic, I had recently recovered from Covid. I think Covid dulled my taste buds. So the sharpened taste and cravings may have come from recovering from Covid and being able to taste food again. It may h...

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Ozempic and Skin Sensitivity

After seven weeks on Ozempic the skin on my upper back and sides have become very sensitive to the touch, like a sunburn but no redness. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm on my third week of the .5 dose. No weight loss yet. ## Hello, Christi! How are you doing? Has there been any change? I suggest contacting your doctor to be safe, since there is a warning about Ozempic potentially causing some serious side effects involving pain in the stomach, side, and abdomen. The FDA lists other side effects as possibly including anxiety, headache, constipation, rapid heart rate, and increased hunger. Ref: Ozempic Information

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Very Little Weight Loss in 98 Days on Ozempic

I don’t seem to be losing weight as much as others on some form of Semaglutide. I started on Rybelsus on 1/28/23. Then I started on Ozempic on 3/3/23 at .25 for two doses, then went up to .5 on 3/17/23 to the present 5/5/23. From 1/28/23 to 5/5/23 (98 days) my total weight loss is 12 lbs. I track my calories on MyFitnessPal and I average about 1,209 calories a day. I never really felt a lot of appetite suppression. My main side effect has been constipation, with about three difficult episodes. I’m frustrated that my weight loss has been so little compared to what I hear about others’ experiences. Today I up the dose to 1mg Ozempic. I hope that results in a little more weight loss. So far the only loss seems to be my hair! Any advice or input would be greatly appreciate...

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Ozempic and gas

I have been on ozempic for 6 weeks tomorrow. I started the lowest dose for 4 weeks then went to .25 last week and will take that same dose for 3 more weeks before my doctor moves up any more...My issue is after the shot I'm fine but by late in the week I feel all gassy... like I have some kinda of gastrointestinal virus....I pass gas a lot and belch with the smell of rotten eggs....and stomach pain and nausea off and on....is this normal...?? Any comment or advice is much appreciated. ## I have been on Ozempic for about 3 months. I'm at the 1.0 dose. Every day I'm burping those rotten egg burps and feel nauseated several times throughout the day. I thought things would get better over time, but they haven't. ## The FDA does list these types of symptoms as being possible ...

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Ozempic and Constipation

I have been on Ozempic 1mg for a few months and have lost 25 lbs. I feel great but struggle with constipation from the drug. Does anyone else have this problem? ## Ohmygosh!! Yessss I love Ozempic for my type 2 diabetes. I have lost a good amount of weight. I have so many diabetes problems that Ozempic has helped with.. BUT I freaked out about the Constipation I took Mira lax and then ex lax. I calmed down about it and know I don’t eat junk like I have and I don’t eat as much. I take Metamucil daily and eat fiber drink tons of water. The Constipation is better but still an issue if I don’t drink enough water.. I love Ozempic and haven’t felt better since I got this prescription. My blood glucose is great!! ## I take Ozempic & also hv constipation issues, not ...

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Ozempic shortage

Anyone know who has stock of Ozempic? It's now so popular I’m unable to re-order from anywhere, as it's out of stock everywhere. ## If want get ozempic and can't get it, find a pharmacy that does compound. That's the only way you can get it now.

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Ozempic Prescription Cost

Hello. I am hoping someone can give me an idea of how much I'll have to pay per month to start taking Ozempic? I have BCBS insurance but has anyone tried to buy Ozempic without insurance using the savings card? If so, how much did you have to pay? I really need this medicine so I can get healthy again. ## If you go to a private drug store, ask the owner if they can get it for cheap. I did. ## Do not take this if you are not diabetic. THEY need these meds. But if you have to pay cash, AAA gives a really good discount at chain pharmacies. My $90 meds became $30 but CVS told me someone’s $900 dog meds became $90 with AAA. If your pharmacy is not used to processing these you might have to go to the AAA website to look at the discount card to get the bin number, but a lot of the ch...

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Taking Ozempic after freezing and thawing

So devastated... finally got my script for my second lot of ozempic filled and then my fridge went on the fritz and froze it! The chemist said I can try it, that it might not be as effective but it will be safe... however the manufacturer definitely says no... I wonder if it's just because they don't want you to freeze it? Has anyone had theirs frozen and thawed? It is still nice and clear! ## Did you end up trying it? I think mine froze Too last night . ## Have you tried it yet? Mine is frozen now too. ## Did you try the Ozempic? Mine accidentally frozen so I’m trying to find out if someone has tried it after it has thawed. ## Mine froze. Thawed clear. I used it. Still works fine. ## How well did it work? Because I was told by a doctor not to use it. But I really don'...

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Ozempic is a damn miracle!

I have been on Ozempic now for 5 weeks. I started at the .25mg and after two weeks, upped it to the 0.5mg. I have never felt so dang good! I'm 53, post-meno, non-diabetic, 5'4", and SW was 264. My current weight, after just one month was down 19lbs! Now I'm down 21lbs! I'd love to finally be 165lbs or so again. I haven't been that small since I was about 11 years old. Ozempic has saved me! I can't believe it. I actually look forward to the injection every week. I only had nausea for a little bit the day after I started. And since, then, it's been great! No diarrhea, no nausea, just boundless energy. And not just that, but it's done something to my brain! I have this amazing sense of optimism, and positivity. I feel hopeful again! I feel like I AM goin...

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Ozempic GI side effects

Hello. I just recently started ozempic I'm type 2 diabetic and am overweight I've worked up to the .5 dose 2 more weeks I'll be on 1.0 is there anyone out there with any experience with this drug? At first I thought I was allergic as I broke out in a rash I thought was poison sumac, but not so sure now. And my bathroom habits have seriously changed from once every morning to several times a day. Any input would be greatly appreciated ## Hello, James! How are you doing? Ozempic contains the active ingredient Semaglutide, it used to treat type 2 diabetes. Its typical side effects may include nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, as well as the risk of some serious possible side effects, like pancreatic inflammation, and kidney problems, though they are very rare. The medication info...

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Ozempic dose increase

Hi, I have been on ozempic for 4 months. I went up from .5 to 1.0 last week. I tried the increase prior about a month ago, but when I went up to 1.0 I had too many side effects the first time I tried to tolerate 1.0 for 2 weeks. I experienced stomach cramps, gas, and diarrhea, then went back down to .5 for several weeks and that was okay. This week is my second time trying 1.0 again. I have stomach cramps and a gassy stomach as well as a little nausea. I thought about this new week and am due to take my next dose. Trying one more week on 1.0, I don’t know if I can handle it. I was doing ok on .5 and lost about 50lbs. My concern is gaining weight back if not going up to 1.0. What do you suggest I do? ## Those can be normal side effects of Ozempic, as reported by the FDA, you may al...

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Ozempic injection

I just started Ozempic today and forgot to count to 6 after injecting the needle before removing it. Did I still get my dose in me?? ## Definitely not. ## Has anyone used their Ozempic after it froze? My whole script froze..7 weeks worth. It defrosted and looks OK... The warnings seem a bit dire, but my chemist said it might just lose some of its efficacy? Anyone taken it after defrosting? ## Can you still use your Ozempic if it was delivered hot? Medicine was very hot, ice was thawed, temp here was 95. ## Hi, I don't feel the needle in my skin at all (no pain or anything). Does this mean I am not getting a dose of Ozempic? I pinch the skin on my stomach or thigh and push the needle in but don't feel anything. Is it the same for everyone else? ## I think I am on week 13. I have ...

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Ozempic after Victoza

Has anyone been on Victoza (Liraglutide) for weight loss without success then switched to Ozempic? ## Unfortunately, since we are all different, not every medication works for everyone that tries it, and when that happens, you usually need to try a different medication. When will you be starting the Ozempic? The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including administration site reactions, abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, and anorexia. Ref: Ozempic Information

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Ozempic diarrhea and nausea

I took my first dose of Ozempic 0.25mgs and within an hour had really bad stomach cramps (which resulted in quite severe diarrhea and nausea). Is it normal to experience side effects that quickly or is it an unlucky coincidence? ## Yes, you can experience side effects having just taken one dose, it has been known to happen to many people. Along with the issues you experienced, the FDA also warns that other side effects may include tiredness, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bloating. Ref: Ozempic Information How are you doing, now? Has there been any change? ## I am on my 2nd dose of 0.5mg and still have almost daily post meal diarrhea, bloating and stomach churning. It has done wonders for my blood sugar glucose was 99 last Thursday, but will the diarrhea ever go away? ## I h...

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Stopping Ozempic

I had been on ozempic for diabetes for about 18 months. Great results! Low side effects. A1c down to 5.6, cut my insulin in half and lost 60 pounds! I was also basically immobile for any distance more than 100ft., on O2 for 24hrs a day and unable to do anything more than light care for myself. After losing 60lbs I am able to do most things and no longer need O2. My life has been transformed! Ozempic has been hard to get, due to demand and I was changed to truelicity. My insulin need increased and I was hungry. Very hungry! I quickly changed back to ozempic and my pharmacy said they should be able to supply at my level of 1mg dosage. My husband retired, I went on medicare with a plan G, and rx coverage thinking medicare would cover some. I used the last of my ozempic in December. I am un...

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How to administer Ozempic

I am on my 2nd week of Ozempic (I started Sunday last week). I couldn’t tell if the needle went in so on the left side of my stomach I had 4 spots where I had poked. I finally did the injection on the right side and when I did I pushed down a bit because when I took the pen out I could see the indent of the pen and the needle bent a little. That night when I had a bath I noticed on the left side where I did 4 pokes I had red dots. So the needle was going in without pushing. It must have worked because my appetite was much less and I lost 10 pounds. This week when I did the injection I did it in my stomach the left side. I didn’t really push down this time because I didn’t want to bend the needle. I pressed the button and after it clicked back to zero I counted to 30 an...

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Ozempic and blood sugar levels

I’d like to talk to others on the Ozempic. How long did it take for your blood sugar levels to come in normal range?

How many doses are actually in the Ozempic pen?

I find there is a lot of medication still in the pen after the 4th dose. Do y’all continue to use the same pen until it’s much more empty? Seems like it would be a waste to not. ## The Ozempic information website says that you can store it up to 56 days, after first opening the pen, then you should dispose of it, even if there is some left. Ref: Ozempic Pen Information However, the number of doses per pen will depend on your individual dose. How much are you supposed to be using? Were you instructed to discard each pen after 4 uses? Usually, such pens are used until they expire, which would be 56 days once opened, or until they are empty. The FDA lists the typical Ozempic side effects as possibly including administration site reaction, hypoglycemia, headache, diarrhea, and n...

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Total Appetite Loss & Serious Indigestion on Ozempic

Hi. I started Ozempic 3 weeks ago. Recently I have become constipated but having diarrhea. (Yes that is possible) I have also had horrible indigestion and a lot of acid sitting in my stomach. I have absolutely no appetite. I am dehydrated. When I drink anything it makes me feel like I ate a 20oz steak and baked potato. And then I feel super nauseous. I have digestive issues as is. Could the Ozempic be causing this or is it due to my IBS or something with my digestive track? I have had the same thing happen before I was taking Ozempic but not with the total loss of appetite & total fullness feeling. ## I'm glad you wrote in about this as I too am on Ozempic, once week for diabetes. I'd been wondering why I suddenly had no appetite, had indigestion & Despite already being ...

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