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Total Appetite Loss & Serious Indigestion on Ozempic

Hi. I started Ozempic 3 weeks ago. Recently I have become constipated but having diarrhea. (Yes that is possible) I have also had horrible indigestion and a lot of acid sitting in my stomach. I have absolutely no appetite. I am dehydrated. When I drink anything it makes me feel like I ate a 20oz steak and baked potato. And then I feel super nauseous. I have digestive issues as is. Could the Ozempic be causing this or is it due to my IBS or something with my digestive track? I have had the same thing happen before I was taking Ozempic but not with the total loss of appetite & total fullness feeling. ## I'm glad you wrote in about this as I too am on Ozempic, once week for diabetes. I'd been wondering why I suddenly had no appetite, had indigestion & Despite already being ...

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Ozempic cost from US vs Canada

I'm not sure if anyone else is having trouble paying for their Ozempic in the US. My health insurance decided to eliminate it from my coverage last month and my pharmacy in Flagstaff was quoting me $800+. Saw some chatter about filling my prescription from Canada and I decided to give it a try with insulin outlet. I thought I would have trouble but it saved a lot of money. If anyone is having the same problem, I hope this info helps.

Ozempic wears off half way through the week

Does anyone else feel like your appetite comes back half way through the week on Ozempic .5? I’m wondering about trying .25 twice per week…! ## Have you discussed the issue with your doctor? It would be best to have their approval, before making any changes to your dosing regimen. Are you specifically using it for weight loss, or are you also diabetic? Ref: Ozempic Information The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including administration site reaction, dizziness, nausea, and heartburn. ## I started on Ozempic about 50 days ago and am down about 30 lbs. I split the dose into two shots on Tuesday and Friday. It comes to 36 clicks each on the pen. Appetite is well controlled. Tho only occasional side effect I have is not from the med itself but when I overeat in m...

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Ozempic injection

I just started Ozempic today and forgot to count to 6 after injecting the needle before removing it. Did I still get my dose in me?? ## Definitely not.

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How many doses are actually in the Ozempic pen?

I find there is a lot of medication still in the pen after the 4th dose. Do y’all continue to use the same pen until it’s much more empty? Seems like it would be a waste to not. ## The Ozempic information website says that you can store it up to 56 days, after first opening the pen, then you should dispose of it, even if there is some left. Ref: Ozempic Pen Information However, the number of doses per pen will depend on your individual dose. How much are you supposed to be using? Were you instructed to discard each pen after 4 uses? Usually, such pens are used until they expire, which would be 56 days once opened, or until they are empty. The FDA lists the typical Ozempic side effects as possibly including administration site reaction, hypoglycemia, headache, diarrhea, and n...

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1.0 Ozempic dose

Hi I have been on ozempic for 4 months I went up from .5 to 1.0 last week. I tried the increase prior about month ago I went up to 1.0 I had to much side effects the first time I tried to tolerate 1.0 for 2 weeks experience stomach cramps, gas, and diarrhea went back down .5 for several weeks was okay. This week the second time trying 1.0 again I have stomach cramps and gassy stomach a little nausea. I thought about this new week due to take my next dose trying one more week on 1.0 I don’t know if I can handle I was doing ok on .5 and lost about 50lbs my concern is gaining weight back if not going up to 1.0 What do you suggest I do? ## Those can be normal side effects of Ozempic, as reported by the FDA, you may also experience headache, dizziness, and tiredness. Ref: Medline Plus ...

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How long for loss of appetite from Ozempic?

Just started ozempic for weight loss. In my 4th week and now taking 0.5mg ... I don’t really feel any loss of appetite. Does it take a little longer for that to kick in? I have had no side effects which makes me wonder if it’s even working? Lol

Ozempic side effects

Hello. I just recently started ozempic I'm type 2 diabetic and am overweight I've worked up to the .5 dose 2 more weeks I'll be on 1.0 is there anyone out there with any experience with this drug . at first I thought I was allergic I broke out in a rash I thought was poison sumac but not so sure now . and my bathroom habits have seriously changed from once every morning to several times a day . any input would be greatly appreciated ## Hello, James! How are you doing? Ozempic contains the active ingredient Semaglutide, it used to treat type 2 diabetes. Its typical side effects may include nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, as well as the risk of some serious possible side effects, like pancreatic inflammation, and kidney problems, though they are very rare. The medication infor...

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