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length of time taking Byetta

I've been taking Byetta for 10 years and am wondering howany others there are that jave used it this long. I take 10mcg twice a day and recently at the evening dose I end up being nauseated which I have never experienced before. Wondering if I should cut down to 5mcg at that meal. Anyone else having that problem after long time use? ## Nausea can be a normal side effect, as reported by the FDA, however, the issue here is to try to figure out what has caused it to happen now, after such a long time. Are you on any other medications? Has anything else changed, such as your diet? The time you take it, or etc.? Its other typical side effects may include dizziness, site irritation, redness and hypotension.

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senso di sazietà

Ciao a tutti, sono oramai 6 anni che uso il byetta prima ed adesso il byduron ho perso circa 25 kg nel primo anno di terapia ma dopo il terzo anno non ho piu provato quel senso di sazietà che l'exenatide dà. ho oramai ripreso almeno 18 dei kg persi. Esiste una soluzione? ## Ciao , Alessandro ! Come stai? Che cosa hai glicemie stato ? Si fa a controllare regolarmente ? In generale , l'aumento della fame in un diabetico è dovuta alla loro glicemia essere fuori controllo . Ti anche guardare ciò che si mangia di stare lontano da un sacco di cibi grassi e zuccherati alti ? La FDA elenca gli effetti collaterali tipici di questo farmaco come forse anche nasuea , diziness , mal di stomaco , flatulenza e ipoglicemia.

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amox clav Byetta

Should I stop taking byetta while I am taking amox clav 875 mg? ## Hi Jane, Upon looking up drug interactions, I haven't come across any discrepancies listed between Amoxicillin clavulanate potassium and Byetta (Exenatide). So based off this intel alone, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to take the two together unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. Having said that, it sounds like you'd be fine, but I'd also encourage you to double check with your doctor first just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps!

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byetta and type 1 diabetes weight loss

I have recently been diaggnosed with type 1 diabetes,after being ill for such a long time. I have only just heard about byetta it has never been mentioned before.I struggle constantly with weight even tho I exercise and eat properly I need to lose at least anoth 10kg. Why can,t I have access to this drug? ## Byetta is actually used to treat type II diabetes and it isn't intended to help with weight loss, it's just been noted that it has occurred in some people that have used it. Learn more Byetta details here. Have you checked with your doctor, or pharmacist to see if it's available there? What medication do you currently use to treat your diabetes? How long has it been since you were diagnosed?

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why byetta and not insulin

I am confused as to why doctors are pushing byetta when it can cause major problems with pancreas and also kidneys and maybe thyroid cancer (in mice) ? It seems to me I am better off using short term insulin and not dealing with all the other issues. ## Many doctors today are only pushing drugs that are covered by insurance companies and nothing else, and I think it is because this is how doctor's make their money. If you even mention to them an alternative that works just as well or better, it's as if you're speaking another language, since it doesn't put any more money in their pocket. There has been scientific evidence for a quite a while now, demonstrating how Diabetes type 2 is caused by an excess of fat in the bloodstream, which then causes unstable blood glucose l...

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would like to know the side effects from Byetta and how effective this drug is ## How will this drug effect my menstrual cycle? ## concerning Byetta shots- I have taken them since end of Oct of 05 and so far have lost 30 lbs. The side effects in the beginning are kinda rough with the nausea but you have to remember to eat within the hour of the shot and that will go away in time. ## as far as the effects on your menstrual cycle- I cant advise- I am a cancer survivor who is 40 yoa and had a total removal of organs at the age of 24. ## I have been on Byetta for 7 mos and have lost 50 lbs. My blood sugar has been so low that I went off the Metformin after the first month. My high sugar was only 249 though. My blood test last week showed my sugar is holding at 105 and I am cutting back on m...

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WHAT IS BEYODETA ## Did you mean Byetta? If so, it contains the active ingredient Exenatide, it is an injection that is used to help treat diabetes. Side effects may include: injection site soreness, nausea, dizziness and low blood sugar. Learn more:

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used for treatment of diabetes ## just want to ask im not on diabetic pills my blood sugar goes down to low , my a1c is 6.4 does this pill biada work to keep it in safe levels ? saw it on the news said it is from lizard spit ? lol ## The correct name is Byetta, it is not approved to treat Type I and it is not a pill, it is an injection. Like any other drug, it works differently for different people, only you and your doctor can decide what medication is best for you. ## By the way, this is also meant to treat people with HIGH sugar levels, not low ones, it would make them lower and could create dangerous problems.

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Diabetes medication ## What is Vyetta and how is it used for diabetes. ## Did you mean Byetta? Byetta is an injectable drug to help those with diabetes with weight loss and is by prescription only. You can look it up on the web ## Sandi is correct, the name is Byetta. Here's a link to the monograph to find more information on it: ## This was reccomeded to me by my doctor. He said it was based on gila monster saliva and reduced your bodys digestion process. In my case i became violently ill after the first half dose and could not eat anything solid for ywo weeks. Dioc said my reaction to it was a side effect was reported by 2% of users. I know of 3 other people who sucessfully use this and have had spectacular results both with weight control and lowering blood sugar.

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snake serum for diabetic ## I need some drug and side effect information concerning Biata or Byetta. Thanks ## The correct name is Byetta, the second one you listed, here's the monograph link: ## By the way, to the OP, this is not derived from snakes, but from the Gila Monster, a type of lizard.

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Byetta for weight loss

I found out i had type 2 diabetes in january of 2006, so my doctor put me on byetta, but i had to stop taking it in june 2006 because of the cost. My insurance doesn't cover it and it costs $187.00. It really helped me and i lost a total of 30lbs. Now i am scared i will gain the weight back. ## Byetta is really only a temporary fix for weight problems anyway, just like various diets, such as weight watchers, Jenny Craig and etc. you have to use it forever to maintain, if you ever go off, then those benefits are lost and the weight is gained back. If you really want a permanent weight loss, then you will need to set up a good diet and exercise plan, this way you can lose the weight in a healthier manner, and keep it off permanently. ## It's not that your insurance won't cover...

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Byetta for diabetes or weight loss

A new drug for weight loss; available as an Inj. ## Sorry, this drug is not intended for regular weight loss issues. This is Exenatide and is a Diabetes drug used to help lower and control blood sugar in Diabetes sufferers, losing weight is just a side effect. However, this cannot be used by someone who is not Diabetic as you could have serious adverse reactions to it. Byetta

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