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substitute for Zincovit tablets

Please suggest an alternative medicine for Zincovit tablets as they are unavailable where I live in Jammu city (Jammu & Kashmir). ## Pleas provide details of alternative medicine of zincovit tablets ## Hello Raj, Zincovit reportedly is a multivitamin that contains the following. - Folic Acid - Vitamin B9 - 1 MG - Vitamin B12 - 7.5 MCG - Vitamin D3 - 400 IU - Vitamin B1 - 10 MG - Niacinamide - 50 MG - Vitamin B2 - 10 MG - Vitamin B6 - 2 MG - Iodine - 150 MCG - Magnesium - 18 MG - Vitamin A - 5000 IU - Vitamin C - 75 MG - Vitamin E - 15 MG - Selenium - 50 MCG - Manganese - 0.9 MG - Zinc - 22 MG - Copper - 0.5 MG - Chromium - Chromic - 25 MCG - Molybdenum - 25 MCG - Carbohydrate - 0.2 GM - Biotin - 150 MCG - Vitamin B5 - 10 MG Since I don't live in your area I won't be able to ...

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Folic Acid 5 Mg Tablet

im 42 i have been told i need to take folic acid 5mg tablets for the rest of my life but i was not really told the reason why i need to stay on this for the rest of my life please can u help answer why this is ## Did you try asking your doctor? There could be several reasons for it. Folic Acid is a nutritional supplement and a deficiency in it can cause or contribute to various health conditions and not everyone gets enough of in their diet. You may be deficient in it or have another health condition that causes you to not absorb enough of it. ## My doctor put me on folic acid cause I was anemic ## folic acid infacare it is true that it can help to become a pregnant...

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clear capsule with pink white n black beads

I found a clear capsule with pink,whit,n black beads with no markings or #s.. ## Hello Mel, I've seen a lot of questions regarding clear capsules with colored beads in them and from what other users find is most of the time it's a vitamin/supplement manufactured by performix. I have also heard of prescription medicines from outside the U.S that have similar descriptions but without having an imprint there really is no way for anyone to tell if it is or isn't a medication.

Yellow round pill no markings

No markings on the pill ## round yellow smooth ,no markings , on the packet has writing but i can only identify yl on the end of the word. ## Hello, Likely what you've found is an over the counter medicine or some kind of vitamin/supplement/dietary pill as the FDA requires that all controlled medicine be identifiable through it's physical appearance to include an imprint. Since there is a vast market of possible products out there that match this description I can't really give you an answer as to what it could be and anyone who does is guessing at best. Sorry that I can't identify the pill but at least you know the product is not a controlled substance and therefore illegal for you to have if it isn't prescribed to you. I hope this helps. Have a wonderful day.

how old can take memo plus gold

Is memory plus godd for 13 yr old, and is it good to drink as vitamins? Is there any side effect if we are hoing to drink that as a vitamins ## What age can a person take the supplement, memo plus gold? ## Pwed po ba sa 13yrs old mag take ng memo plus gold ## pwede po sa edad na 8 years old at 6 years old.. ## Can my 13 years old daughter can take memo plus gold? And how often should she take the vitamin daily? ## Hai po pwede po ba magtake ng memo plus I'm 23 yrs old ## C forth ugm!j tr What prer take of memo plus gold ? Is it before eat or after or when we wake up? ## Pwede poh ba magtake ng memo plus gold qng 22 yrs. Old kna ? At meron poh b nito sa mercury drug stores? Tnx ## Its allowed to drink the memo plus gold the age of 13?

q gold is used for what purpose

Q gold tablets are used for what purpose? ## These are said to contain Co-Enzyme Q 10, which is touted to help with many conditions, such as improving semen count and preventing premature aging. It is a supplement, however, so is not actually proven to help with anything. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## My husband has low motility, so doctor advised Q-gold,but she also suggested IUI(Artificial Insemination) Should we go for that or can we try to improve motility n over come the problem and if yes how long it may take. Kindly help ## It is very useful and improves motility and semen count. ## My wife's electrophorosis H1,A2 found 5.4% ,hemoglobin-9% and doctor says it is Thal Minor/Trait.What medicine to be taken?Dr.prescribed folic acid.Some Dr. says there is no treat...

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biotin to treat hair loss from taking drug Forteo for osteoporosis

I need to know if it's true that it helps offset the loss of hair some people experience(1/3 of hair some need wigs) and what are the dosages 10,000 mcs or mls plus Vit B complex and what vitamins/mineral supple ments? ## Biotin may help, but the only way to find out is for you to try it. However, you should always check with your doctor to make sure that it's safe for you to do so. You shouldn't exceed the dosage suggested by your doctor or on the product packaging. There is no proven supplement protocol that I can give you, I'm sorry, I wish there were. Vitamin E is also said to help with the health of your hair, so that could be another to try, if your doctor says it is safe for you to take. Does anyone else have any suggestions to add? ## I believe that while you are...

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Detail about Gonadil F (Helpful)

GONADIL-F [Protodioscin + Oti Zinc + Vitamin E + Selenium] get the LIFE - Trusted , Non Hormonal, Effective & Safe Combination for infertility Recommended Dosage* (Preferably with meals) > Male Infertility: [Oligospermia, Oligoasthenospermia, Teratospermia, Oligoasthenozoopermia, Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia] Active Therapy [Morning 2 + Evening 2] 90 days Maintenance Therapy [Morning 2 + Evening 2] 2 - 4 weeks > Female Infertility: [Ovulatory disorders (Improper follicular growth, Anovulation)] Mono-Therapy [Morning 2 + Evening 2] from day 6 to day 14 of menstrual cycle Combination Therapy [Gonadil-f + Clomiphene Citrate] 50mg from day 6 to day 10 of menstrual cycle [Gonadil-f + Gonadotrophins] hCG, FSH and/or LH, as per doctor`s own treatment > Male Sexual Performance D...

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M2 Tone and Folic Acid

I have been trying to conceive and recently started taking M2 Tone with Folic Acid. I would like to find out how long it will take me to conceive as a result of taking these medications? Thank you. ## we ve been looking for child, pls can my wife combine m2- tone with pregnatcare conception? ## Can I take clomid, vitamin E, m2 tone and folic acid , pregnacare concaption all together? ## I want to conceive and my doctor advise me to take folic acid and m2-tone please I want to know if this can help me get pregnant ## Hello Waspee, The Charak manufacturers website claims that M2 tone syrup is used to treat scanty menstrual flow, heavy menstrual flow, irregular menstrual flow, and unexplained female infertility. I was not able to find any clinical studies that support this claim nor was I ...

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small blue pill no markings white inside very bitter

Small round light blue pill. No markings, smooth on both sides, white on the inside, and very bitter. ## It sounds like a generic version of zopiclone. If it makes you sleepy then I'd say for sure it is. I've had similar pills for my zopiclone prescription ## What is a blue pill with no number or letters, just scored on one side? ## yes sounds like the Zop "zopiclone" from HAB , but it round with a score down the center of one side, , quite big pills almost like a X2 "Iktorivil" swedish Klonazepam ## Hello Ashley, A pill that doesn't have any markings on it is more than likely not a prescription medication. It could be some sort of over the counter product or a vitamin/supplement but without having any imprints it would be near impossible for anyone on the in...

Side effects of Wellwoman Original vitamins

I am taking one capsule a day of this vitamin with my breakfast, but have very severe nausea after taking it. Is this common or normal? I am 44 yrs old and in good health. ## Mild nausea is usually normal after taking most vitamins and supplements, however, if you are experiencing it severely, then there is probably something in this that doesn't agree with your body. Have you considered trying a different product? ## I am 48. My doctor has prescribed me WELLWOMAl cap one at night, but i am having nausea and change in mood. Is it the side effect? ## I uswd to take Wellwoman but didn't fell good at all.Then had change them with A to Z multivit. by HeathAid,they working very good with my body and i am feeling much better now,without any side efects. ## Am 24 am taking wellwoman on...

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zincovit tablet Weight gain Side effect.

Im taking follihair and zincovit everyday from past 1 month. I feel my body size is increasing..i feel a bit fat. I take it at night after dinner. Consuming them at night can be the reason for weight gain? Or weight gain is a known side effect? ## If I take zincovit tablets daily will I put on weight? ## Please I'm a lady of 27 and weighs 49kg. I ant to gain weight can I take zicovit? ## pls am 24 years old; am very skinny nd am tired of insults, pls what drugs shuld I take to enable gain weight within a month! pls replt me. ## Hello Rev, Doing some research I found that Zincovit is just a vitamin for zinc. Oddly enough one of the side effects of increasing your zinc intake is decrease of appetite which should in theory cause you to lose weight not gain it. As for the follihair, the...

Tiny blue pill with no markings

Its a round, tiny light blue pill with no makings ## Yes I have the same question regarding tiny blue pills with no markings. What are these? ## Hello, In the United States the FDA requires that all prescription medication have an imprint as to be identifiable for medical professionals in the event of emergencies as well as to ensure that customers are able to identify their medication. Because your medication does not have an imprint I feel that one of two things is happening. Either you have found something that falls under the category of something like a vitamin/supplement/dietary pill or you have a presciption medication that has had it's imprint rubbed off. A starting point could be to feel the pill, does it feel like it has a coating on it or does it feel rough and easy to br...

price of mosegor

How much is the price of mosegor capsule in the philippines? My friend is asking and we are now in dubai. ## Mosegor pills is for what? And how much each pills? ## how much the price of mosegor tablet in Saudi Arabia ## Mura lng ang mosegor tablet yan ang ginagamit ko noong kong tumaba...kc mjo skinny ako dati. Isang stab 23 aed. ## Mosegor Vita is a B-vitamin complex supplement combined with Pizotifen (which is used to prevent migraine or cluster headaches). Mosegor Vita by Sandoz contains: Pizotifen hydrogen maleate 500mg Thiamine mononitrate 3mg Riboflavin Phosphate 3.2mg Pyridoxine HCL 2.4mg Nicotinamide 19mg Prices for vitamins and supplements will vary not only based on location/country, but prices also vary even within the same region from pharmacy to pharmacy, whether you use in...

Oviburst Tablet Information

I wanna know this tabs purpose: Oviburst (D-Chiru-Inositol, Myo-Inositol, N-Acetyl, Cystein, Vitamin-D3) I am 22 years old with PCOD and this medication was recommended to me. ## My Dr suggested that I take oviburst tablets because I have a pcod problem and I want to get pregnant... Is this tablet helpful for me and my pregnancy? I want to know what the indications of this tablet are? ## My dr suggested to take Oviburst tablet for 90days continuously. If i get pregnant in between, should i continue the tablet ? Or should i stop? ## Hello Hena, I was unable to find any credible information but I did find a source where Dr. Jatin Soni writes this about the medication "Oviburst tablet acts as an anti oxidant and increase the chances of regeneration of new cells of the body". With t...

can a etg test be passed after 30 hours sober

I've been clean from alcohol for 30 hours. I've had a gallon of water yesterday and one before testing. I drank creatine mixture to raise my levels. Should I pass a etg? ## Depends on how much you drank, when you stopped and how many hours after the test, plus your metabolism factors in. There is no way to speed up the clearance from the body and dilution of the urine is your best bet. Eat a lot of red meat which will keep the creatinine level up and be a little over-hydrated when you go in. some places will consider a too dilute urine a positive, FYI. Many people have passed in less than 24 hours with 1-2 drinks. normal drinking would very often pass in 48 hours. also depends on what you would call a "drink", lol. but if you drank a pint of vodka and testing today or to...

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Red Arrow Lemon And Cream Of Tartar

ow many to take aday;;and for how long ## This is a supplement, not an actual medication, so there are no specific guidelines for its use. What you should really do is follow whatever instructions have been provided on the packaging. Learn more dietary supplement details here. What are you using it to treat? ## alady I know with 6 boils under each arm. ## Want to buy cream of tarter with suffer wafers, or would like formula so I could get my drugest to make them ## At this time you can purchase the Red Arrow Lemon Cream of Tartar with Sulphur Wafers from Metro Chem Associates. They are the formulator and manufacturer. Phone: 940-484-2178, 940-325-8503, or 940-325-9284. Website coming soon for ordering. ## I tried the red arrow brand for the ggrandkis. They don't taste good and don...

obynal m multivitamins

obynal m ## This is a Prenatal vitamin, commonly given to women who are trying to become pregnant, are pregnant or have recently had a baby. They contain: Vit A 5,000 iu, vit B1 3 mg, vit B2 3 mg, vit B6 10 mg, vit B12 6 mcg, vit C 100 mg, vit D 200 iu, vit E 30 iu, niacinamide 20 mg, Ca pantothenate 6 mg, folic acid 250 mcg, Fe fumarate (equiv to elemental Fe 18.95 mg) 60 mg, Ca lactate 250 mg, iodine 150 mcg, Mg 5 mg, manganese 1 mg, copper 500 mcg, Zn 500 mcg and fluoride 500 mcg. They should be taken one daily, unless you doctor has instructed you otherwise. Do you have any questions? ## is it possible to take obynal m multivitamins and folic acid folart 5mg at the same time during pregnancy? ## Is it possible to take iberet-folic during pregnancy? ## yes of course, but ask your OB ...

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Right hand feels heavy and numbness finger tips

since 3 week ago, my right finger tips often feel static and numbness whilst my right hand feels heavy some-kind like mildly paralyze. My doctor suggested neurobion. After 4 days taking it, there isn't any improvement. what should i do? ## Neurobion is actually just a nutritional supplement that contains a complex of B vitamins, so it hasn't actually been proven to help with all such types of problems. Learn more B vitamin details here. Also, since it is a vitamin and not a drug, it may take awhile to help and for you to show any improvement. Did you hurt your hand in some manner? ## Not that i could remember, but recently i put a stop to my 2 1/2 yr old daughter breastfeeding, i noticed waking up with numbness on my arm depending which arm she was sleeping on (while breastfeed)...

Poly Iron 150 vs Ferrous Sulfate Tablets

I have been taking Ferrous Sulfate tablets (325 mg; 1 tablet 3 times per day) for the last month. My Hgb is still 87 and Hct 27.7 (both results are still low). These pills have been perscribed through the VA Clinic. My Family Physician says that he has had better results using the Poly Iron 150 than the Ferrous Sulfate. My question then is: If I order the Poly Iron what dosage am I going to take them. Now taking 975 mg of ferrous sulfate and the poly iron is 150 mg. Would I take the same dosage of the Poly Iron to do any good? ## Hi Robert, How many tablets of Ferrous sulfate are you currently taking in order to reach 975mg? I think the maximum available dosage of this medication is 325mg, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Poly Iron (Polysaccharide-Iron Complex) may ...

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