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can a etg test be passed after 30 hours sober
113 Replies RSS
I've been clean from alcohol for 30 hours. I've had a gallon of water yesterday and one before testing. I drank creatine mixture to raise my levels. Should I pass a etg? ## Depends on how much you drank, when you stopped and how many hours after the test, plus your metabolism factors in. There is no way to speed up the clearance from the body and dilution of the urine is your best bet. Eat a lot of red meat which will keep the creatinine level up and be a little over-hydrated when you go in. some places will consider a too dilute urine a positive, FYI. Many people have passed in less than 24 hours with 1-2 drinks. normal drinking would very often pass in 48 hours. also depends on what you would call a "drink", lol. but if you drank a pint of vodka and testing today or to...
Updated 8 hours ago in Creatine.
vitamin d2 1.25mg (50000 Unit)
43 Replies RSS
Do you take this supplement at night or with meals? When are you supposed to take it? ## You should take vitamin d with some sort of fat- any meal is fine. But you should be aware that taking D2 is NOT the recommended form of Vitamin D. Please take a look at the page on Vitamin D3 to see why that is preferred. You may also be interested in taking a look at this page on Magnesium and Vitamin D to see why it's not the best idea to 'just' take large doses of Vitamin D without taking magnesium to prevent some of the adverse effects that can occur with large doses of Vitamin D. ## suspect Vit D2 overdose with 50,000 units prescribed ## I was very tired so my dr. took blood work and found out I was low on Vitamin D. He put me on 51,000 units and after a few weeks, a person who nev...
Updated 16 hours ago in Vitamin A.
Cherifer Pgm 10-22 efficacy
383 Replies RSS
Is Cherifer Pgm 10-22 effective? I'm 5'7 height and play basketball. ## I'm sorry, but I really don't have an answer to that question. This is actually a nutritional supplement and as such, it is not actually tested for efficacy. In addition, even when something has been proven effect, it doesn't always work for everyone that uses it. This does contains a complex of vitamins, with Chlorella Growth Factor and is commonly given to teenagers to try to maximize their growth potential. Has your doctor advised you to use this? ## does it make you gain weight? ## guyz effective po ang cherifer pgm with zinc 2 weeks plang akong umiinom 5'2 ang height ko nging 5'3 bukod sa cherifer dapat my diet and stretching pag umaga.inumin nyo bago mtlog para umeffect.btw im 16 yr...
Updated 23 hours ago in Posture.
evion 400 side effect
62 Replies RSS
Are there any side effects of evion 400? Can i take it regularly? I'm 33 years old. ## What are the benefits of evion 400 vitamin-e capsules? ## This is a 400mg Vitamin E supplement, it is a nutrient that is essential to your body and proper health. It is generally considered safe to use, unless you are taking in too much of the vitamin. Since it is a supplement, however, side effects have not been clearly studied. Read more on this nutrient here: Do you have any other questions? ## Hii, I am 24 can i take regular dose of Evion 400 is there any side effect or advantage of evion please suggest is it beneficial or not ## evion 400 mg can be taken in order to remove the deficiency from the body. it helps in enhancing the colour and texture of the body and face. the best way to follow t...
Updated 1 day ago in Vitamin E.
Can Folic Acid folart help me to get pregnant
21 Replies RSS
I am not pregnant and have polycystic syndrome. I've undergone removal of polyp (polypectomy) in jan. 2011. My question is does the folic acid (folart) help me to get pregnant? What are the contributions of the said drugs to me? Can anyone help me or give advice on how I can get pregnant? Thanks. ## Folic Acid is a nutritional supplement, it is essential to your health and no, it will not help you get pregnant, but when someone is pregnant, it is very important that they have enough of this to prevent birth defects in the baby. As to getting pregnant, what has your doctor advised? If you are suffering from a fertility problem, there are certain medications that they can prescribe that may help. ## I have polycystic ovaries and the doctor advised me to take 5mg Folart folic acid for ...
Updated 1 day ago in Folic Acid.
evion 400 vitamin e capsules how to use?
16 Replies RSS
Meri umar 21 saal h aur mai evion 400 daily 1 capsule dinner k baad le rahi hun lagbhag 20 dino se.. Apne hair fall ki paresani k aran aur face glow karane k karan. Mai puchhna chahti hun ki daily khane se koi problem to nahi hoga na? Aur agar hai to plsss aap mujhe thoda btaiy ki mujha kitna capsule Lena chahiy kitne dino me aur kitne dino tak? Please reply. ## evion khane se koi fayada hua h to mujhe bhi batado plss ..m bhi khaunga me {edited for privacy} ## Yes you can take 1 tab daily after freakfast..its dr suggest me.... ## i think koi side effect to nhi hoga. but apko Dr. se advice le leni chahiye... ## Dear Puja, I'm a consultant, tou ap mujse contact karo, mai apko har skin problem k bareme suggest dunga okay... ## Can i take it orally after dinner..with ...
Updated 1 day ago in Vitamin E.
What Multivitamins Is Best To Be Taken While Taking Diane 35 Pills
5 Replies RSS
Is it safe if i will take multivitamins + diane 35 pills? What are the side effects? ## Hi Im Marissa, Im currently on diane 35 for the last 3 months. i have taken diane 35 for the past 4 years to treat Policistic ovaries on and off. and recently three months before i started again. Now timing is such that the 21st pill will finish on the 29th of september which will make me have my periods on the 4th of october which is just two days before my wedding. I want to either have my periods earlier to end before the wedding or delay it for 2 weeks or more until the honeymoon is over, what can i do? is it ok if i stop taking after the 18th tablet?? will i have periods then 4 days after?? let me know what to do and the side effects ## I want to be pregnant,what multivitamins I need to take? ##...
Updated 1 day ago.
sazo 500 and indocap sr
4 Replies RSS
Hi, I am 29 years old and i was suffering from pain in my both knees and I was using sazo-500 with indocap sr in 2006 for one year and after that period I was never feeling any pain, but since this past week I am suffering from the same pain in my backbone. pls advise? ## Have u taken a blood test... Blood test will let u know if u have RA.. in 2006 u say u have been prescribed with RA medicines.. on what basis did they prescribed these tablets.. def the doctor might have asked to do a test to chk if ur are prone to RA.. RA can be controlled however there is no cure... pls chk ur blood report asap and hmeet a doc immediately.... i have been taking sazo1000 for the past 5 years. let me know if u have any more questions.. thanks ## sir my age is 22iam only48kgs weight iam sufeering otthop...
Updated 1 day ago.
Tablets For Loose Motion
4 Replies RSS
I have not had a bowel movement for the last four days. Can anyone recommend a tablet for loose motion? ## Hi. In the last two days, I have not had a bowel movement at all. Can you advise any home remedies? ## i am not having loose motion for the last three days and i have gained 2kg,i want to get loose motion,will amla juice cause loose motion instantly? because im feeling my tummy burdensome and uneasy ## My creatine is 2.3 and potassium is 4.4. I have not had a bowel movement in 3 days. What may be the reason why? ## I have had loose watery motion for the last 3 days, triggered by cremafinn. I had only 4 mL to control it. I dared to take flagyl 400 knowing I get itching all over my body. Exactly that happened a half hour afterwards. I am allergic to flagyl. Now I don't know how t...
Updated 2 days ago in Creatine.
At what time should cherifer pgm be taken?
191 Replies RSS
When is the best time of day to take cherifer pgm for optimal efficacy? ## Did your doctor provide any instructions? Cherifer PGM contains: Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) 200 mg, Zn (elemental) 15 mg, taurine 200 mg, vit A 2,756 iu, vit D 400 iu, thiamine HCl 1.95 mg, riboflavin 1.95 mg, niacinamide 35 mg, pyridoxine HCl 3 mg, cyanocobalamin 3 mcg, folic acid 250 mcg, vit C 100 mg, Fe 17 mg, Ca phosphate 150 mg, Mg oxide 7.5 mg and copper sulfate 1 mg. So it is a multivitamin supplement. Some people experience some nausea when taking it, so you may want to take it a little while before eating. Due to the energy boost that vitamins can also give, it is usually best to take it in the morning, rather than at night. ## how many times do i have to take cherifer pgm a day?? ## I dont know :) #...
Updated 2 days ago in Folic Acid.
Propan With Iron Supplement
47 Replies RSS
elow poh ako poh si marjune 19yrs old ano bah mga side effect and good effect nitong propan with iron capsule.gsto ko sana 2maba kahit man lang konti, Isa pa pagod palagi sa work ko internet shop 11pm to 12midnyt na ako mkka2log, pwde bah sa akin, ang propan gsto ko uminon. may ini inum na ako ngaun ng Centrum A-Z plzz help me ill wait.. ## Propan with Iron on own testimony: After 2 weeks kong paggamit e2 ganado kumain kahit ayaw ko ang siniserve sking meals tpos antukin. kaya nag shift me ng sched sa pag take n2 from morning gnawa ko after dinner para 2loy ang 2log after work n surf s net. feel ko parang bumabanat ang face ko at ung muscles ko parang namamaga kc nag start ng lumobo. pero tama lng for me. hindi talga as in mataba. di tulad dati na pat-patin ako.>gerard_laspiÃ...
Updated 2 days ago.
409 Replies RSS
last period ko po march 22 3 days sya dpt april 22 reglahin ako gang ngyn dp ako nireregla delaynako ng 7 days uminom ako ng cortal methergin at redhorse reglahin n po kya ako nagpahilot ako wla nakapa wg dw ako magalala magkakaroon po b ako.plz reply salamat po..... ## mag Pregnancy Test ka para maka sigurado ka yong GF ko nga 1month delay e kala niya buntis siya non. Pero yon nagkaroon naman siya ng regla. ## last period ko po ay nov. 21-25, 2013, at ngaung dec. ndi pa dn po ako nagkakaron 6 days n po ang late pano po un ano po pwede inumin pamparegla? nid answer now tnx ## last po aq dinatnan dec.19 tpos few days b4 new year hnimatay aq..tpos dpat nun jan.19 datnan n aq pero wala p dn,4 days n po aq delayed..2wiks before akala q meron n aq kc me dugo s panty ko kaya nag napkin na ako...
Updated 2 days ago in Ella.
Evion 400 Vitamin E Capsules how to use
24 Replies RSS
Can I control hair fall by taking these capsules and is it more suitable to apply it in my hair or consume it orally? ## Since this is just a vitamin E supplement, it will only help with hair loss, if it is being caused by a lack of this vital nutrient. If something else is causing your hair loss, it is unlikely that it will do anything. As to how to take it, since these are intended to be taken orally, I can only suggest you stick with taking them that way. These are concentrated, so breaking them open to apply to your hair or skin could cause some irritation and problems. A vitamin that you may want to consult your doctor about taking is Biotin, a deficiency in it has been shown to cause hair loss in some people, so supplementing it can help with this problem. Are there any other ques...
Updated 3 days ago in Vitamin E.
Ovacare Tablets
13 Replies RSS
Can we use Ovacare tablets after concieving? When should we stop taking Ovacare tablets? ## i m using fertyl & ovacare tablets for pregnency doctor adviced me to take these tablet please give me the answer i have irregular periods i ha d ovulation problem can these tablets help me to get pregnent ## Ovacare is a nutritional supplement, it contains many of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to the proper health of your body. A deficiency in them could cause problems getting pregnant, so supplementing them can help resolve that issue. This type of supplement is also often continued throughout pregnancy, to help ensure that the mother and baby both get enough of the nutrients they need to maintain health. Fertyl contains the active ingredient Clomifene, it is used to help s...
Updated 3 days ago in Folic Acid.
essentiale forte
6 Replies RSS
for drug study-educational use ## Essential Forte is a phrase used to refer to various vitamin and mineral supplements that are believed to be essential to ones health, it is not any specific product, at least as near as I can tell from my online searches. Does anyone else have any information on this? ## There is a food suppliment called Essentiale Forte. It is used in treatment of liver. You can check it out on wikipedia. ## what is negative effect of esentiale forte to ones body. like me my breast are bigger and my muscle begin to grow is that a negative effect. tnx ## please help me cure my hep b ## pls. take essentiale forte 2capsule in morning 2in the lunch 2 in the dinner time and make proper diet and pray to GOD ALWAYS EVERYDAY HAVE FAITH IN HIM ALWAYS. ## My doctor ordered Esse...
Updated 5 days ago.
Will Deviry help in getting pregnant
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Hi im 32yrs im trying to conceive for past fews months i hav regular periods i was on medication for hormonal imbalance my doctor prescribed me ovabless ,folvite for a month n Deviry for 10 days during my ovulation period its being 3 months that im on this medication but i hav not conceived yet wil this medication help me in getting pregnant im desperate ... plz suggest me
Updated 5 days ago in Folvite.
How To Gain 10 Kg Weight Within 15 Days
382 Replies RSS
I AM 21 YEARS OLD AND I NEED TO GAIN 10 KG WEIGHT WITHIN 15 DAYS. I am too skinny. I'm 6.1' ft tall and my weight is 65 kg. I eat a healthy diet but it doesn't work.. help me please. ## I am 22 years old girl.weight is only 34 kg.Doctor suggest me some vitamins,but my weight is not improving.I am getting thinner day by day.How can I able to gain weight early? ## I am 26 years of age and very small in stature... I used to use a drug called CYPRON to help me gain weight... It helped, but I was told it wasn't healthy for me that I needed to stop using it and eat well... The thing is I don't eat well and properly. And I decided to use OMEGA H3 to help but instead am becoming smaller and smaller. My weight is 50kg. Please what can I do? Has these drugs affected my growth?...
Updated 5 days ago.
tribedoce compuesto
69 Replies RSS
Tribedoce compuesto - I was told this Mexican pill would help relieve pain in my legs. I walk three miles daily and it has helped or its my imagination. What is the pill used for? Is it safe? ## I am needing to get a hold of a medicine called Tribedoce. I am unable to go to Mexico to get it. How can I get the medicine to me, or can I find one similar to it in the US? ## I have not seen Tibedoce in the US, but I have used it 5 years for my sciatic nerve. It contains B12,B1,B6 and diclofenaco for the inflamation. It works. I use it everytime my sciatic nerve acts up. Your sciatic does run down you leg this could be why it helps your legs. The doctor had prescribe the diclofenaco by itself for my back but it would upset my stomach. when I found the Tribedoce I told a friend and she said sh...
Updated 5 days ago in Heather.
side effects of nurokind g
7 Replies RSS
i am taking neurokind tab long time so plese can you tell me there is any side effect from this tablet also whate are the best for health wht will happen if i take more? ## Nurokind is a Vitamin B complex supplement, sometimes given to treat Diabetic Neuropathy and other cardiovascular diseases. It contains: Folic acid 1.5 mg Alpha lipoic acid 100 mg Methylcobalamin 1.5 mg (a form of vitamin B-12) Vitamin B1 10 mg Vitamin B6 3 mg Since it is a dietary supplement, the side effect profiles, interactions with other medications and actual proof that it helps does not exist. Too much Vitamin B12 can also be dangerous and cause or aggravate other health problems, so it should be only used under a doctor's supervision. This also means you shouldn't just arbitrarily up your dosage. Do y...
Updated 5 days ago in Folic Acid.
Weight Gain Vitamins
6 Replies RSS
i am 26 years old man,hight is 159 cm,my weight is just 55,so i would like to increse my weight it possible ## Of course it's possible, but you have to be careful to do so in a safe and healthy manner. A good multivitamin may help, if a possible deficiency in some vital nutrient is causing you to be underweight. Learn more vitamin details here. You aren't very tall, though, so you are likely to always be smaller. Do you eat a healthy diet and get proper exercise? ## What brand of vitamins that helps gain weight? Thank you! ## I am trying to gain weight and i dnt kno what to tell my docter... Do i need vitamins and what kind do i need ## I am 23yrs old and am to thin for my age my weight is below 100 and I need sum weight do I need vitamins ## I'm looking for vitam...
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