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Suboxone chat room

I have now been on suboxone for a year, I got on it when I found out I was pregnant last January 2013 and I had my beautiful healthy daughter in August 2013 I used to be on subutex during my pregnancy but once I had my daughter I was switched to suboxone. I am on 2 1/2 strips a day and my doctor has been wanting to lower my dose however I have so much going on that I am really nervous to do so. I have lately been dealing with my daughter on my own her father just didn't show me the respect I deserved and he wasn't willing to work to support our daughter so we separated and now I am left on my own with all the finances out daughter and looking for employment which this all just recently happened since the last time I saw my doctor on top of that my daughter has medical issues due...

Suboxone 8mg/2mg and Roxy 30's

I am currently taking Roxicodone 30's each day. I have suboxone 8mg/2mg to help get off of these. I know the suboxones are the best pill made to help with the withdrawals but I'm wondering if for the firsrt 3 to 5 days when I'm having trouble sleeping and feeling clammy, if i should take like half of a Roxicodone 30 (which i have done in the past), as it helps me to sleep and takes away the clammy feeling? Any other suggestions that you may have? Thanks to anyone answering this for me. ## Taking the Oxycodone pills with the Suboxone will do you no good, it contains a substance that neutralizes opiates to prevent their abuse during treatment, that is why it throws you into withdrawals. Suboxone should really not be used without a doctor's supervision, as the dosage and us...

suboxone/personality change

Since my son started taking suboxone, he has developed hatred for me. We have always been very close, but now he is verbally abusive. It is only when he takes the drug. I should add, he sometimes drinks beer while on it. Has anyone else experienced this? ## He's taking too much !! I've felt the exact same way when taking more than 12mg. I'm on 6mg and feel great. I don't think the beer worsens the suboxone, but it doesn't help. I'd suggest he lower his suboxone. Or, instead of taking it all at once, take half in the a.m., half in the evening. good luck ! ## my friend has been taking 8mg 4 times a day for about 4 months. Just this week his behavior went off the wall, he is like a different person. Can he be having a reaction to this medication. He has been complai...

suboxone doctors

Looking for help for my son. He doesn't have a job and needs help for drug addiction. ## If anyone needs a Suboxone doctor in Atlanta let me know. Mine is great, and I think he has a few openings. ## i am needing to find a suboxone doc in okc area that takes insurance. Any suggestions? ## I DO!! ## I need to find a suboxine dr in wisconsin. ## I'm in atlanta and uninsured. The most affordable suboxone doc I've found charges $250 per month just to write the script (cash only, of course!) and then I pay anywhere from $6-8 per pill. I don't want to go back onto methadone for countless reasons, but it is cheaper and may be my only option. If anyone in/around Atlanta knows a doctor who really wants to help and not just exploit desperate people, please let me know! ## I am a 4...

suboxone clinics around knoxville tn or williamsburg ky

Where are cheap suboxone clinics around knoxville tn or williamsburg ky? I need numbers and prices if you know please? I have no insurance so im needing to find the cheapest ones. I'm new to the area and am trying to get help for my babys daddy please? Thank you. ## Hi, Sissy! How are you? Sorry about the problem that you're having. However, there aren't any Suboxone clinics, it is done much differently than Methadone and the doctors that treat with it aren't cheap. If the person in question has no insurance, then the cheapest option would be to find a Methadone clinic in your area. Learn more Methadone details here. Does anyone know of one in that area? ## wellness north in knoxville is now accepting new patients for suboxone assisted opiate addiction. it is a very well...

suboxone and pain management hattiesburg ms

I don't want to take pain pills but sometimes my pain is unmanageable and I take suboxone. I need a doctor who can help me. ## I'm taking suboxone for addiction problem with pain meds it works for my pain as well as my dependence on the opiates. My dr suggested that I search for a dr who would treat my chronic pain with suboxone once I complete the program. I know I will need permanent chronic pain management and this is what I want to let me know any information on this you find good luck ## I want to thank Dr. Passer in hattiesburg for not kicking me out last week when I flunked my drug test. My last doctor did kick me out and I relapsed and almost died. Dr. Passer is different because he listens and tries to just help you do better. ## I see Dr passer this week for the first ...

Do you have to wait to eat or drink after suboxone?

Hello, everyone! I have heard from different people that they can eat and drink right after taking subs. Others have said 2 wait a half hour. Does anyone know which is true? Different Drs say different things. Thank u 4 your input. ## Hi cats, my dr. says don't eat, drink or smoke 15mins before or after taking sub but its alright to rinse with water before taking. ## answerd twice but both needed to be reviewed. ## Hey Jolter, would it b ok if I give u my e mail address when I get home? So, we can just talk as friends. ## Its ok with me but they won't let you send an email address on this site. ## Hi Jolter, I'll just try when I get home. Have a good one. ## Hi Cats, I don't know if you're still looking for anymore opinions on the matter, but I've also heard diff...

Suboxone doctor that accepts mdwise hip insurance in indiana

I am looking for a suboxone doctor anywhere around indiana at this point. I just got my hip insurance with mdwise about 2 months ago and really need to get help.. I have called a lot of doctors where I live and now I guess I will start looking around indianapolis.. Idk What I'm going to do.. If anyone could help me I would be so greatly appreciate it.. ## I have been taking pain pills since I was 17 and now I'm 34 years old.. The last 4 year's I been taking a lot because I can't feel them and I say about 15-20 or more some days.. I know it's time for me to get help so I called and made a appointment for suboxones and paid cash for this month and got a prescription but I really need to find a doctor who takes mdwise... If anybody can help I would really appreciate. It...

Generic Suboxone 54 375

Since I've been taking this new generic suboxone 54 375 it make my arms and hands hurt!! I've been taking suboxone for 3 years now, and I've been switched to most everyone that's came out. I was taking the orange with AN 415 on them. It's now been 7 days and everyday it does the same, causes pain in my arms and hands. Then as the suboxone wears off they stop hurting. I know it sounds weird but I swear it's the truth!!! Anyone else having problems with this new generic suboxone 54 375?? Please comment!! ## Hello, Barry! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem you're having. It really doesn't make much sense, to be quite honest. If the new tablet was a little lower in the amount of the active ingredient, since there can be fluctuations, I'd at...

medicaid louisiana doctors that are suboxone licensed

I had been on Suboxone for almost 8 years. In my opinion it is a wonder drug compared to all the opiates that the pain clinics are all too willing to prescribe .I have been out of my Suboxone for a week & a half. I feel like I am dying. I can not sleep. I have a 5 month old new baby boy. I can hardly pick him up due to the pain that I am in. I hurt all over. i have been so nauseated. My doctor who 's visits were cash bases only, however medicaid would take care of the actual prescription of 60, 8 mg. At one time I WAS PRESCRIBED 4, 8 MG SUBS A DAY. i WOULD KILL JUST TO HAVE A QUARTER RIGHT NOW TO FEEL LIKE NORMAL AGAIN. My doctor decided that he no longer wants to deal with any one with medicaid due to the fact that his office does not "LIKE TO HANDLE PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS ...

Suboxone, Adderall and Klonopin

I am very pleased to say that I take all three of these great medications. The suboxone is the most important because it keeps me from craving other drugs which I used to abuse. I take 12mg a day. The Adderall XR 30mg is helpful with ADHD and staying alert. It keeps me going all day. And finally, last but definitely not least is the klonopin 1.5mg a day. Nothing else has touched my anxiety or made me feel so comfortable around people. Each med is important, and I would highly recommend this mix for anyone with anxiety, ADHD, and substance abuse disorder. Of course, they’re all controlled substances so you have to control yourself and be responsible, especially with a history of substance abuse. Other than that, just find a good doctor who cares and take them as prescribed. If you ...

Need a suboxone dr in louisiana that takes medicaid

Please let me have the info about the dr that takes Medicaid in louisiana. ## Hello, Sherry! How are you? There is a search engine on the website at that you can use to search for doctors in your area by zip code. Their contact information will also be provided, so you can contact them to see if they accept your insurance. This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## No louisiana doctors take medicaid for suboxone now if the doctor is medicaid approved u will pay cash fir your appointment and medicaid will cover your script at the pharmacy ## Not true. IDK how you can give ppl who are struggling & desperate FALSE INFO. Ther...

suboxone & phentermine

Does anyone knows if taking Phentermine (diet pill) and Suboxone is harmful in anyway? ## I'm not finding any contraindications listed that states they cannot be used together. However, this site is not medical professionals, so you should check with your doctor or pharmacist to be on the safe side. Is your doctor aware that you are taking both? ## No problem taking the two together. I have been on Suboxone for two years, and my doctor just started me on Phentermine. Also, I checked with the pharmacist before filling. If you have heart trouble or very high blood pressure, you should be monitored however. ## I know this question is old, but for anyone who may be looking for the answer. Yes you can take suboxone & phentermine together. Ive gained 45lbs on the suboxone & I have...

Maximum dose of Suboxone/Subutex & chronic pain

What is the maximum dose of suboxone or subutex when you have severe pain? ## What is the maximum daily dose of subutex? I'm taking it to wean off of opiate pain killers but may need to stay on it for chronic pain. My doctor has me taking 2mg up to 6 times a day, but it feels like too much and I feel sick at 6 mg. I can't imagine taking more. Any answers would be helpful... thanks. ## If u have true clinical pain suboxone will not work it is for opiate detox only. It is an opiate blocker which will in turn allow your brain to make its own dopamine. ## feelinbettergoinbroke is wrong, suboxone is used for the treatment of chronic pain. Although, I think the reason you are getting sick is because your doctor has you taking 2mg up to 6 times a day. That in itself is causing you to b...

suboxone doctors that accept medicaid in new orleans area

I have been on suboxone for many years now and Im trying to find a suboxone doctor that accepts medicaid in the New Orleans area. Please help! ## They are few and far between! Although, I do know of a Doctor in DeQuincy, LA who prescribes Suboxone and also accepts Medicaid for the office visit. This doctor is extremely peculiar and is very, very strict. His name is Dr. Jagjit Chadha and his wife also can prescribe Suboxone and she is in the same office as he is. Hope this info helps someone! ## I have been taking Suboxone years to given by pain mangment I hated what other medication did to me and mind we decided try it been on it since at time he took Medicaid Louisiana and stopped without warning.visit was $180.00 now $240.00 for 2 seconds of their time all about cash anyone know where...

suboxone and adderall

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and has any knowledge that might help.I have been an opiate addict for roughly 15 yrs. and 2 yrs. ago I started taking suboxone I also take adderall the first year and a half I felt great but recently I feel like i'm close to death I am majorly depressed and have lost all interest in life I dont know if its the meds or just the state of mind i'm in anyone whos been through this please give me some advice ## I was not on suboxone at the time but I started adderall and within 1 week I had the worst depression of my life. I read online and it made sense that since adderall makes you Focus on things, if there's anything negative in your life while taking it you might focus on that bad thing and hate yourself. Stop taking it. or only...

Suboxone Withdrawal: Tramadol or Doloxene or any better Ideas?

I have been on 2mg of suboxone for 10 months and have not used any other drugs in this time.(The occasional joint but they dont count!!) I have tapered myself down and in the last week down to .5mg or maybe less of bup and skipping a day here and there.My sleep has been fine but I wake early and feel bit like throwing up if a bad smell hits me and bit of goose bumps and sweating, but not too bad but I normally take bup at this stage. I am going to my dr and was going to ask for some tramal 50mg and tramal sr 200mg to help me through this period. I am all out of bup now and as i was getting off a friend and chemist can not go back on again nor do I want to... after 15 years of heroin abuse I have had enough. I now have non using social supports(otherwise known as friends) a great therapi...

How Do I Find A Pharmacy in East TN That Wont Hold It Against Me? Have Been Treated For Chronic Pain With Suboxone

I have been treated for chronic pain for the last 5 months with 2 to 3 suboxone a day but it's not touching the pain from my two bulging discs in my back that are pinching my sciatic nerve plus I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is also very painful. I also have generalized anxiety disorder. this one one causes me lots of problems including chest pains, panic attacks, and lots of worrying. It also causes me to want to just sit in the bed and not get out of it for fear that someone will judge me. I went to this pain management clinic and they wanted me to keep coming and getting injections in back with no pain relief without giving me maintenance drugs so i won't be in all this pain and I didn't want to go through all that pain from the injections without the maintenance drugs...

Not A Pharmacy Pain Management Clinic That Wont Hold The Suboxone Against Me And I Would Like To Know Who Go Get My 2mg Xanax Bars Back In

Not a pharmacy, a pain management clinic that won't hold it against me that I was being treated for chronic pain for my bulging discs in my back and my RA. I also need help finding a doctor or psychiatrist that will write me back my 2mg Xanax bars 4 times a day for my generalized anxiety disorder. ## I was going to a suboxone clinic several months back and was being treated for chronic pain and generalized anxiety disorder. I stopped going because the suboxone wasn't helping my pain at all. So I finally found a pain management clinic months later and started going there for help or was first starting into the program to see if they could help me with my chronic pain issues from RA and I was also having major pain in my lower back. They sent me for an MRI and an EMG (test where t...

Suboxone and Urine Testing: Need clean sample testing positive for suboxone

I will save my story until after and ask my question first: Can I give Suboxone to a drug free friend and use their urine sample for the urine drug test that is held in the doctor's office? CONCERNS: 1. I need the metabolites of Suboxone to show up, so I want to know how MUCH suboxone to give her so that it shows up (without making her feel uncomfortable) and approximately how LONG after dissolving should I collect the urine sample. 2nd concern: I have been on subs for a year, about 2-4 mg a day. Since she is taking sub for the first time, I'm wondering if the CONCENTRATION of the drug will matter or show up on the test..if so, then obviously her levels will show differently than mine. I am hoping it only tests for traces of suboxone. My appointment is very soon and any help is ...


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