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Piracetam Citicoline

I want to know the indications, contraindications and action of the drug. ## Piracetam and Citicoline are considered to be nootropics, which means they are believed to help with issues related to brain function, such as seizures, memory loss, cognitive ability and etc. Learn more Piracetam details here. Learn more Citicoline details here. The most common side effects may include: nausea, dizziness and lucid dreaming. You can also refer to the above links for more information. Has it been prescribed for you? ## Presently I am taking Piracetam and Citicoline, but now l want to take C Z Pam tablets along with this medicine. Can each of these medications be taken simultaneously?

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What Is Use Of Piranulin

I want to know use of piranulin and whether the neuro partient can use the said tablet and how long the patient can use the tablet and what is the combination of drug ## What is the use of Piranulin Tablet My father has suffered from Viral Enceplitis and lost memory. he is 10 years back Does this medicine will help him to recover his memory ## It hasn't actually been proven to help with such severe cases, so it may not actually do anything to help him. The main studies for it were done on healthy, young people and they showed some memory improvement, but that obviously doesn't show what it may or may not do for brain damage. Learn more Piracetam details here. Has he been advised to try it? ## i want to know abt combination with usage of piranulin tablet ## Pls let me know the su...

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Piracetam syrup

my son who is 4and1/2 year old . He is not able to speak as normal child. Dr had advice to take Piracetam syrup for 2months. ## Did the doctor give you a diagnosis? Piracetam is a nootropic that's believed by many to help with mental cognition and verbal memory. Learn more Piracetam details here. It is known to have few side effects and any that do happen are usually very mild and may include some excitability and anxiety. ## I m worried about my son he had a short. Memory 0 confident nervousness and scared with everythings ## aged 3.5 years old diagnosed by docter of attention deficiency syndrome prescribed 1. piracetam syrup 2. tab. ## My son name SOM he is 6 & 1/2 year age.at the age on 1 year he is two time hospitalized due to serious loose motion first time with blood &...

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Cognix Plus Tablet for Cerebral AtoxyVGWAI

I am a patient of Cerebral Atoxy. I am advised to take Cognix plus tablets 1tabxtwice a day Will this help to prevent loss of balance while walking? Are there any adverse side effects? ## Cognix Plus contains the active ingredients Piracetam, Gingko Biloba and and Vinpocetine, it is used to enhance cognition and improve cerebral function. I have no information on whether or not it will help with your balance, because actual in-depth studies have not been done. Some people have reported mild side effects, such as: nausea, nervousness, insomnia and headache. Are there any other questions? ## my wife is suffering from vertigo since 2 months, and had sinus also. dr prescribed her cognix plus twice a day. I want to know what exctaly is for cognixplus , will her problem will be solved by this...

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Neurocetam along with Feronia-XT

My son is 2 1/2 years old. He is very sharp and has good memory and grasping power. But he does not answer to what we are asking instead repeats what we are saying. Doctor adviced to use Neurocetam along with Feronia-XT. Can you let us know the role of this medicine ## Neurocetam contains the active ingredient Piracetam, which is believed to help enhance verbal memory and cognitive function. Learn more Neurocetam details here. And the Feronia-XT is just a nutritional supplement that contains ferrous ascorbate and folic acid. How is your son doing? ## My baby is 2 year old. He had good memory but he dont reply when we ask any question and cant follow directions. Dr give hime neurocetam syrup. Is it safe or not.

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Ecosprin And Normabrain (Piracetam) Taken Together

Please tell me ASAP if my grandmother can take Ecosprin and Normabrain (Piracetam) together without any harm/side effects as prescribed by the doctor. She has a feeling that it is not OKAY and because of loose motion once she is refusing to take them together. Please advice. Krishna, India.

Neurocetam Syrup

Neurocetam Syrup , doctor has pricribed this drug, i would like to know , what is the purpose this please let me know Thanks ## Neurocetam contains the active ingredient Piracetam, it is usually given to help with neurological problems, such as seizures, strokes and memory impairment. Its side effects may include: nausea, headache, insomnia and nervousness. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ## What is the role of citicoline and piracetam combination ## what is the dosage of piracetam syrup in dyslexia ## neurocetam has a side effect of headche is it right

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C-Toin and Piracetam

My father's age is 50+ and he has a clot in his brain due to an accident and also facial paralysis. C-toin was given to him as prescribed by the doctor. Are there any side effects associated with "piracetam" and "C-toin"? ## What are the possible side effects of C-toin-100 pills? ## All medications carry the risk of possibly causing side effects, even over the counter products. That said. C Toin contains the active ingredient Phenytoin, which is used to prevent seizures and its side effects may include: nausea, headache, dizziness and drowsiness. Learn more Phenytoin details here. Piracetam is mainly prescribed to treat myoclonus, but has many other medications uses off-label, as well. It's not been found to have a lot of side effects, but some people experience ...

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Piracetam and Aniracetam Together

How many others have tried mixing the Nootropics Aniracetam and Piracetam together? I've been taking the two together for about a month now and I'm noticing that I'm maintaining a much higher level of focus, while still having a certain "meditative" attitude towards what I'm learning. From what I've read at online the two can actually work together quite synergetically. Considering that Piracetam acts on stimulating the GABA and Corpus Callosum, where as Aniracetam stimulates the AMPA I can see how the two can be advantageous, and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced positive gains from using the two simultaneously. Is it necessary to take more choline since I'm taking more than one Racetam now? Thanks in advance. ## I've tried Aniracetam an...

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Piracetam Tablet

I am prescribed Piracetam tabs and I would like to know wheter it is contraindicated with consumption of any alcoholic drink. Or can I have a peg or two once in a week and still can take the said medicine. Any other perecaution such as having sex regularly or so. Please advise. ## It is usually not advisable to mix any medication with alcohol, because it can enhance the side effects of the medication, making them worse. This could cause worse nausea, dizziness and headache, than usual. I don't see any warnings involving sexual activity, but you should check with your doctor, or pharmacist to be certain. Are there any other questions or comments?

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Piracetam Dosage, Indications and Side Effects

What is the recommend dose, indications and potential side effects of Piracetam? ## Piracetam is a supplement, said to help with mental cognition and memory. It is generally available in 800mg tablets or capsules and depending on why they are being used, the daily recommended use varies from 2 to 12 pills. Some side effects noticed by those that have used it include: nausea, anxiety, insomnia and tremor.

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PIRACETAM AND HYDERGINE as a treatment for ADHD in people over 50

I have heard that Piracetam Nootropil) and Hydergine are positively synergised for the treatment of ADHD (also anxiety and depression relating to the ADHD symptoms) I no longer find Ritalin that I'm currently taking, to be as effective as when I first started taking it. I've also in the past, have been on Strattera and also Atomoxetine. I also have heard that Dilantin works well with those symptoms. Does anyone know if the Dilantin is compatible with Piracetam and Hydergine ? Thanks. ## piracetam and hydergine when take in small doses (1 mg hydergine and about 500 mg piracetam 2x daily--careful not to take too much: when added together they make EACH OTHER stronger as in hydergine makes piracetam 5x stronger and piracetam makes hydergine 5x stronger) is very safe and effective w...

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