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Taking Biotin with Metoprolol

I wanted to know if I can take biotin while taking metoprolol? I just want to make sure before I start. ## From what I've researched, Biotin can be naturally found in your body (and is produced by bacteria in your GI tract to aid in digestive functions). It also naturally occurring in many foods. Therefore, I am of the opinion that Metoprolol shouldn't negatively interact with what is already normally present in your body...Otherwise, the medication would be deemed useless for all human consumption...Lol. According to The University of Maryland Medical Center, "although there is no evidence that biotin interacts with any medication, there are some medications that may lower biotin levels." Source: I hope this helps! ## Can i take Biotin with metoprolol? ## You should be ...

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What is dbx 13...Answer

Not a scam! I do not know why the reference is "DBX-13," however the formulae in the "Miracles from The Vault - Anthology of Underground Cures" refers a formulae to the same statistics for "DBX-13" AS "Syntra5" TM, by Syntratech. Syntra5 is sold by Amazon but the best deal is similar to the manufacturer, but cheaper, at quick2you, savings of @ $20 (buy 2 and get one free). Now that you know the actual name, check it out. I have never been steered wrong by HSI over the last 7 years. Great info in the book above. ## I know you mentioned that HSI has never steered you wrong in the past, but I am curious to find out if you've had a chance to actually try any of their products over the past 7 years? Apparently the active ingredients contained in Syntra5 ar...

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Side Effects Of Follihair Tablet

Hi. For my premature greying of hair and hair loss problem, I have been advised to take Follihair tablets once daily. Should I go ahead with it? If so, what are its possible side effects? ## Follihair is just a multivitamin nutritional supplement that contains nutrients that can sometimes help slow or stop hair loss, if someone's hair loss issue has been caused by a deficiency in the vital nutrients it contains. However, if you hair loss has been caused by natural aging or genetics, this product will not change it. Some of the nutrients it contains are Biotin, Copper, Iron and Selenium, but there are a few others and I am unable to find a complete list. Learn more Vitamin details here. There is really nothing that will stop you from going gray, the only thing you can actually do the...

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Side effects of fourrts hairgro serum

i just used this serum once on my scalp which was prescribed to me for hair loss.. but just few hrs after applying i experienced excessive headache along wid body ache.. i am not sure if this the side of effect of this serum.. so plz reply if abt the side effects of it ## I am also using hairgro serum since one month... I too experienced a severe headache when I applied it over the scalp. ## Based on my research, HAIRGRO contains the following active ingredients: biotin 500 mcg, l-cysteine 150 mg, vitamin E 42.2 mg, beta carotene 3.1 mg, selenium 75 mcg, zinc 7.5 mg, ascorbic acid 150 mg, silica 5 mg, para-aminobenzoic acid 5 mg, calcium pantothenate 25 mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride 25 mg (vitamin B6), riboflavin 20 mg, ginkgo biloba 1000 mg. With regards to side effects, one of the ingr...

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biotin to treat hair loss from taking drug Forteo for osteoporosis

I need to know if it's true that it helps offset the loss of hair some people experience(1/3 of hair some need wigs) and what are the dosages 10,000 mcs or mls plus Vit B complex and what vitamins/mineral supple ments? ## Biotin may help, but the only way to find out is for you to try it. However, you should always check with your doctor to make sure that it's safe for you to do so. You shouldn't exceed the dosage suggested by your doctor or on the product packaging. There is no proven supplement protocol that I can give you, I'm sorry, I wish there were. Vitamin E is also said to help with the health of your hair, so that could be another to try, if your doctor says it is safe for you to take. Does anyone else have any suggestions to add? ## I believe that while you are...

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DBX-13 Information

I'm interested in dbx-13. Please send info and details on where I can get the product. Thank you. ## Where can I purchase this and get more info? I'm very interested because I'm a diabetic. ## Hello Harley, DBX-13 is reportedly an organic supplement used to help diabetes and obesity. The manufacturer claims that the supplement contains the following ingredients. - Vitamin C - Biotin - Chromium Aspartate - Garcinia Cambogia - Cinnamon - Bitter Melon - Betaine HCL - Banaba - Gynema Sylvestre - Fenugreek - Vanadium This supplement is not FDA approved and because of this most pharmacies and drug stores will not carry this supplement as it does not have a strong study showing it's effectiveness. Unfortunately I was unable to find any location or website that sells this supple...

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Supradyn (multivitamin tablets with mineral & trace elements)

What are the side effects of Supradyn if consumed on a daily basis for a year? ## Well, as you have already stated, Supradyn is a multivitamin supplement, not an actual medication. This means that the side effect profiles of it are not studied, as is done for traditional prescription drugs. The only thing really known is that some people do report some nausea, after taking it. It contains: ascorbic acid 150 mg, biotin 0.25 mg, calcium pantothenate 16.3 mg, calcium phosphate 129 mg, copper sulphate 3.39 mg, dried ferrous sulphate 32.04 mg, magnesium oxide 60 mg, manganese sulphate 2.03 mg, nicotinamide 100 mg, phosphorus 25.8 mg, sodium borate 0.88 mg, sodium molybdate 0.25 mg, vitamin A 10000 iu, vitamin B1 10 mg, vitamin B12 15 mcg, vitamin B2 10 mg, vitamin B6 3 mg, vitamin D3 1000 iu...

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Drugs prescrition

The lab result shows am having typhoid and toilet infection, internal heat malaria, Low immune, biotin, bacterial infection and memory index. What medication am I to undergo ## My name is Esther, am 30years old, I have internal heat for about seven years now, and I don't know which drug to use for it. Please i need your help. Thank you very much. ## I need the name of the medication to take to treat internal heat ## at drugs can I use to treatment internal heat ## Im have general body hert more my leg,which druge will l use 4 it

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Loss in physical interest after prolonged use of follohair

My husband is 35.... doctor prescribed him follihair for hair loss two years back for a month.... but he has been taking since widout doctors advice.... I hav noticed that in past one year he is hardly interested in physical touch.... I feel this is because of excessive intake of follihair.... can this be true ## It is very doubtful, because Follihair is just a nutritional supplement that contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that are vital to our overall health, as well as biotin to aid in hair growth and health. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, and diarrhea, in some people that take it. There are, however, many medications that could cause such an issue. Does he take anything else regularly? Has his doctor checked his testosterone level?

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supradyn tablet consumption

After consuming supradyn for more than a month , leg cramps reduced but noticed considerable increase in hair loss. The daily hair loss is too much . I have stopped taking supradyn for a fortnight but hair loss is continuing. Kindly advise. ## Supradyn is just a multivitamin/mineral supplement, so it should not cause hair loss. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, headache, and constipation, due to its potency. Are you on any other medications? Usually, ingredients in this, such as Biotin, help reduce hair loss. How old are you?

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biotin calcium pantothenate with minerals and N-acetyl cysteine tablets

biotin calcium pantothenate with minerals and N-acetyl cysteine tablets; Toboplus, Zee laboratories. ## What type of infornation are you looking for? This is a nutritional supplement, that is used to prevent a deficiency in these vital nutrients or to treat the conditions that can be caused by such. Since it is not an actual drug, the side effect profiles for it have not been studied, but some people do report nausea after taking them. ## Can my doctor prescribe Pantothen on the NHS UK, which is the best drug for Acne? I am on ESA free prescription. Pantothen is very expensive and I can't afford to buy it. ## I have some black scars on my leg, which appeared 4 years ago. Doctor (in India) prescribed Keraglo brand tablets (Biotin Calcium Pantothenate With Minerals And N-Acetyl Cystei...

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follihair tablets

I am having follihair tablets for my excessive hair fall. I would like to know the side effects of the tablets, like will it cause me to put on weight? Will it help to regain my lost hairs? Which is the best medicine to stop hair fall? ## Follihair is just a nutritional supplement that contains various vitamins and minerals, but one of those that it contains is 10mgs of Biotin, which is believed to help with hair loss. Learn more Bitoin details here. Do you know what's causing your hair loss? ## Hello,am 19 years old and I had really thick & long hair in the initial years of growing up..but from the last 3-4 year's my hairfall problem has increased severely,am also overweight.I'm currently using hair 4U solution 2% n I have heard a lot about biotin it safe for...

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what is dbx 13 ingredients

dbx13 what are the ingredients? ## Hi Virginia, Based on my research, DBX-13 is said to contain 11 natural ingredients that are touted for their ability to fight diabetes (by balancing blood sugar levels) without many of the harsh side effects of prescription medications. The strange part however, is that I can't find much information on it other than what is mentioned above; not even a list of the actual ingredients. Because of the lack of available information, many people on this site (including myself), feel that this product is a scam and should probably be avoided. However, I'd recommend checking out the discussion thread linked below to read about another user's personal experience falling for their gimmicks: Discuss/DBX-13-scam-261559.htm I hope this helps! ## I just...

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ingredients in dbx 13

Why can't I find an ACTUAL list of ingredients in DBX 13? I'm interested in this product but I don't understand why I can't find a list of the ingredients. ## Hello, Susan! How are you? Many people have been asking about this, H86 and others ever since that email newsletter has been going out, but there is nothing to be found! I'm sorry, I know many people's hopes were falsely raised, so I know what I'm saying is very disappointing. But I have searched extensively and repeatedly in many different resources, both paid and free, that cover everything from experimental drugs to natural supplements and have been unable to find a single mention of these, whatsoever. Does anyone else know more? ## Always be leary of a product named by Alpha and Numerical characters...

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Tabs containing: biotin, niacinamide, paba, calcium, folic acid and selenium

I'm searching for tablets containing: Biotin 10mg + Niacinamide 30mg + Para amino benzoic acid 100mg + Zinc Oxide 25mg + Calcium Pantothenate 200mg + Folic acid 1500mcg + Selenium 100mcg. Please let me know about its availability. ## Need tablets biotin tablets with belo sepecifications. Biotin, Niacinamide, PABA, Zinc, Calcium, Pantothenate, Folic Acid, & Selenium Tablets Biotin tablets Company Name : Dermacare These company tablets are not available in medical stores Let me know if we get this in any medical shops. Please share us the tables pics also. Thanks Srini.

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Adgain hair supplement

How should I take Adgain tablet each day? Should I take it in the morning or night time? How many should I take per day, and should I take it before or after eating food? ## The manufacturer of this product is Cipla Ltd in India. Adgain is an over the counter supplement for the hair and is intended to help improve the hair's structure. It contains the following ingredients: Calcium D-pantothenate...............50 mg L-Cystine..........................................60 mg Thiamine mononitrate...................10 mg Brewers yeast...................................100 mg Biotin................................................5 mg Iron...................................................10 mg Zinc..................................................25mg The recommended dosage is one capsule...

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Riconia silver

Information on Riconia silver ## Riconia Silver is MutilVitamin/Mineral supplement. It contains: alpha tocopheryl acetate 10 mg, biotin 30 mcg, calcium 162 mg, calcium pantothenate 5 mg, chloride 36.3 mg, chromium 100 mcg, copper 2 mg, folic acid 0.3 mg, iodine 0.15 mg, iron 9 mg, magnesium 100 mg, manganese 2.5 mg, molybdenum 25 mcg, nickel 5 mcg, nicotinamide 26 mg, phosphorus 125 mg, potassium 40 mg, selenium 25 mcg, silicon 10 mcg, thiamine mononitrate 2 mg, vanadium 10 mcg, vitamin A 2500 iu, vitamin B12 1 mcg, vitamin B2 3 mg, vitamin B6 1.5 mg, vitamin C 50 mg, vitamin D3 200 iu, vitamin K 10 mg, zinc oxide 15 mg We need to proper amounts of these vital nutrients to maintain good health and not everyone gets enough in their normal diets. Do you have any other questions? ## Wish t...

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Solution Of Hair Loss Due To Thyronorm

i am taking thyronorm 50 mcg since last 2 years my t3 t4 tsh are in range. problem is hair loss, dryness of skin and weight gain ## I'm sorry, but there really is no solution as long as you are taking this medication. There are well known side effects of it and they tend to continue. Have you consulted your doctor? They might be able to make some suggestions to help with the dry skin. Additionally, a supplement such as Biotin, if it's safe for you to take, may help slow the hair loss. Other supplements may help, as well, such as a good multivitamin. It's hard to say, some people have good luck with them and some don't. ## From starting of hypothyroid i was taking Thyroxine Sodium Tablets IP Eltroxin 100mcg monday to friday (5 Days) prescribed by doctor. From last two mon...

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Biotin B T N Tablet

Hair loss solution tablets ## please verify biotin solution tablets, is it prescription or otc ## I've been suffering from hair loss for the last 4 years. I currently take thyroup 100 mcg and have been for the last 8 years. I have just strands of hair left. I was taking homeopathic medicine, but now someone told me to take BTN (biotin). Will it help? Please advise.

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Doc Prescribed Me Tricovit Tablet For Hair Loss

I have been diagnosed with alopecia aretae . I m going thru severe hair loss. Doc prescribed me tricovit tab . Will it help me and how long it would take to protect my existing hair . ## Tricovit is just a nutritional supplement that claims to contain vitamins that will help your hair. It contains biotin, L-Cysteine and L-Methionine. However, there are no guarantees that it will actually help your hair loss and stop more from occurring. It is known that some hair loss can be caused by a deficiency in Biotin, so if that's what has caused it, supplementing it back can arrest the hair loss and help encourage new growth. But, if your hair loss has is genetic, which is usually the case with alopecia areata, there may be nothing that can be done to change it. There are cases of this, thou...

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