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trigiminal neuralgia

Selective Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of the trigiminal root for the relief of trigiminal neuralgia.After this treatment, gabaneuron, Trioptal300 & Bplex Tablets are prescribed.Is there any low cost medicines in place of these medicines? ## I am under sever attack of TN,I feel extream pain even while walking...I had been taking Tegeral but discontinued due to extra rashes on the skin.I had been twice injected with annathistatic (numb ) drugs but the pain is back after a lapes of about six months.Some one has suggessted me for Laser Radio Thraphy? Any one tried this...any side effects......Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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large yellow-orange tablet cpc1027 ## This pill has been identified as B-plex plus (multivitamin). It is a combination of vitamins and minerals used as a dietary supplement. I was unable to locate any specific ingredients and milligrams, however you may be able to find more details on the manufacturer's (Contract Pharmacal Corporation) website, listed below:

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