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Is surbex zinc 750 increases the quality and the quantity of sperm ? ## Surbex with Zinc is a multivitamin/mineral nutritional supplement. It is often given to help with may conditions, because a lack of the vital nutrients it contains can cause or aggravate them and yes, that can include sperm motility and fertility issues. However, there is no guarantee that it will solve the problem, it will only help if a deficiency in something has caused your issues. Are there any other questions?

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I have been prescribed Surbex z in order to help increase the quantity and quality of my sperm.Does anyone have experiences of such usage of this drug ? ## Surbex-Z is a nutritional supplement and, if someone has some type of fertility problem, supplementing the vital nutrients that could cause such problems is often the first treatment chosen to try to rectify the problem. In many cases, people don't get enough of certain nutrients in their diets and correcting this can be a simple solution to certain health problems, which is also safer than resorting to prescription drugs. Are there any other questions?

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