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for patient on dialysis ## Rena-Vite is just a nutritional supplement that contains a complex of vitamins and minerals that are believed to support renal health and function. Learn more Vitamin details here. It can be hard for such patients to take in all of the nutrients they need, so such products are often recommend to help support their overall health. Are there any questions or comments?

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contents of Rena-vite

What is Rena-vite made of: amount of B vitamins/ vitamin C / etc ## Rena-Vite is listed as containing 60mgs of Vitamin C, 1.5mgs of Thiamine (B1), 1.7mgs of Riboflavin (B2), 20mgs of Niacin, 10mgs of B6, 800mcgs of Folic Acid, 6mcgs of B12 and 10mgs of Pantothenic Acid. Learn more vitamin details here. Have you been told to take it?

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yellow and and round pill ## I am having a difficult ime locating this pill. I did however locate a similar pill with CYP 160 on it, this pill is Rena-vite (Vitamin B Complex with C and Folic Acid). If this is not correct, please post back with any more information so I can help you locate the correct pill.

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