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vicon c

can someone please advise why this vitamin got discontinue. My mother is diabetic not much that she can take. This vitamin helped her alot it would make her feel better when she was under the weather. Is there another vitamine similar to this one? ## my mother needs this vitamin, she has stomach problem and it helps her from feeling sick at her stomach. she is 82 yrs old. i need to know another vitamin tht well do the same as vicon-c thank u summer ## For the past 30+ years I have advocated Vicon C to my patients as a preoperative preparation for surgery. When the product was discontinued I called the company and was told by a company representative that insufficient request was the reason it was removed. I asked if the formula was sold to someone else or what. She stated that it was no...

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Substitute pill for Vicon-C

I have been taking Vicon C for almost 40 years. I started taking it for dental relief. My teeth hurt and my Dentist suggested Vicon C and the pain went away. They have discontinued the product now and want to know something similar to take. HELP! and thanks. ## This is a Vitamin B Complex multi-vitamin. That said there are many on the market, the amounts can vary, so you should just ask your doctor or pharmacist to help you find a comparable option.

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