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FDE Skin allergy rashes

I am 44 years now I Am Taking Ecospirin 150 Mg Clotpilet 75 mg For Past 5 Years and Rosuvasatatin 10 mg from past 2 years earlier i was taking Storvastatin from 2008 When A Stent Was Set in my heart. I am also taking maxepa (fish oil capsules) from past 1 year. I am getting skin rashesh suddenly every 3 to 4 months skin doc says that this could be drug allergy specially ecospirin (aspirin) My cardiologist has warned me not to stop aspirin and clopidrogil I dont no what to do can somebody suggest ......


I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE INDICATION OF MAXEPA, VARIOUS SKIN DISEASE IN WHICH MAXEPA CAN BE PRESCRIBE? ## MaxEPA contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, this is a supplement used to make sure you are getting enough of these essential nutrients, since they are not produced by the body in any way and we have to get then through our diets. A lack of them can cause various health problems, including some skin disorders. Is there anything else I can help you with?

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