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taking iberet folic acid to concieve

it is safe to take iberet folic acid everyday to concieve? ## Hi im sandra im 27yr old i take iberet folic 500 it is safe a pregnant woman or it is help to concieve to a woman? ## Hi sandra again iberet folic 500 its safe take a woman pregnant ## This is a nutritional supplement that contains nutrients that are vital to your overall health, including folic acid, which is vital to the health of a baby, if you become pregnant. The NIH does warn that it may cause nausea, and diarrhea, in some people that take it, due to its potency. If your doctor has told you to take it, while pregnant, then you should do so, since you have to take in enough nutrients to ensure the overall health of both yourself, and the baby! How are you doing, now? How is the baby?

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