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Tablet Oligo Care and Oligo Care Forte

Doctor asvised me to take Oligocare Forte for fertility treatment, I have finished one box in one month. Now we didn't find Oligocare Forte, I bought Oligocare tab. I don't know is it ok to take oligocare instead of oligocare forte. ## I have lol sperm count that is 15 millions doctor give me oligocare forte and vignor 2 times in a day and hcg 10000 ones I a weak plz suggest me is this medecine is right 4 me ## Based on my research, Oligocare and Oligocare forte are both used for the same exact purpose of delivering additional nutrients to help support male fertility and encourage optimal sperm production. So in my honest opinion it should be fine to substitute one for the other. Each tablet of Oligocare forte is said to contain: Co-Enzyme Q10, Lycopene, L-Arginine, L-Glutathion...

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what is the use of ovabless

I'm 28yrs old and married. 2 years back I was trying to conceive, but it's not working so I consulted a doctor. She advised me Ovabless tabs. So my question is, is this tab useful for getting pregnant? ## Is ovabless health supplement useful for getting pregant? ## I'm 24yrs old and married 3 years back I was trying to conceive, but it's not working so I consulted a doctor. All of my reports are normal. She advised me Ovabless tabs, nacfil forte sachet. So my question is, is this tab useful for getting pregnant? If so, how many days will it take? Pls advise. ## I'm 28yr old..i am trying to conceive from last 3months but cant sucess,i have regular periods,now doctor suggest me ovabless & B gold f there any benifit of taking this? ## I'm 39yrs old an...

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Astymin 3 200ml inj

Doctor priscribed this medicine wen i admitted for delivery. Why this injection ## The Astymin 3 infusion is a nutritional product that contains: L- arginine hydrochloride 8 mg, glycine 10 mg, L-histidine hydrochloride 4 mg, L-isoleucine 5.5 mg, L-leucine 12.3 mg, L-methionine 7.1 mg, L-phenylalanine 8.7 mg, L-threonine 5.4 mg, L-tryptophan 1.8 mg, L-valine 6.1 mg, L- lysine hydrochloride 22.3 mg andsorbitol 50 mg/1 mL. As to why it was used when you were admitted for deliver, I don't know. Your doctor may have been concerned about you or your child's levels of these nutrients. Are there any questions or comments? ## I am 34 years in the 34 weeks of my pregnancy, afer the ultrasound the doctor told me that the amnoitic Fluid is not adequate, it was 7.5 cm and the weight of the c...

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conceva tablet description

Aminoacids, Enzymes, Alkaloids, Anti Oxidants, Vitamin & Mineral Tablets, L- Arginine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium Trisilicate Equivalent to Elemagnesium, Benfothiamine, Lycopene, Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothinate), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Equivalment to Elmental Zinc, Piperine, Excipients etc. ## conceive 500 tabeltes requried

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i am 55 years old and i positive for laiden v i taking 28mg day coumadine i would like to know if i can take l arginine plus also i

I am 55 years old female with Laiden V; Iam taking coumadine 28mg/day and I would liek to know if I can take L-arginine Plus and also Vitamin B12 ## Hi Mirela, According to the MayoClinic, patients using anticoagulants, or other blood thinners, should consult a licensed practitioner before using L-arginine or B12. This is not to say that it can't be done, but you'll still want to double-check with your doctor on this one, as there are no drug interaction checkers that determine the safety of using Rx meds along with dietary supplements. I do know that both supplements have the potential to interact (based on their blood thinning properties), so in that sense I think it was wise of you to wait and ask first before taking such risks. It's really just a matter of the extent of ...

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does l arginine interfere with sprintec

i take the birth control pill sprintec and i wondered if l-arginine..9000mg...will interfere with it ## Hello, Shelly! How are you? I haven't found anything that says it does, but it's always best to double check such information to be sure. The FDA lists the typical side effects of oral contraceptives as possibly including nausea, headache, irritability, breakthrough bleeding and PMS-like symptoms. Is there anything else I can help with?

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astymin 3 iv

allergic reaction of astymin 3 i.v. please . ## Astymin 3 is a nutritional supplement product, given via I.V. It contains: L- arginine hydrochloride 8 mg, glycine 10 mg, L-histidine hydrochloride 4 mg, L-isoleucine 5.5 mg, L-leucine 12.3 mg, L-methionine 7.1 mg, L-phenylalanine 8.7 mg, L-threonine 5.4 mg, L-tryptophan 1.8 mg, L-valine 6.1 mg, L- lysine hydrochloride 22.3 mg amd sorbitol 50 mg/1 mL. As to an allergic reaction to some component, it could include: trouble breathing, accelerate heart rate, itching and swelling of the tongue and throat and requires immediate medical attention. Are there any questions or comments? ## can astymin iv be given im, as it is very difficult to get a vein ## Astymin 30ml inj. dosage, what is difference between two inj. and how long can a healthy per...

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uses of Genew plus medicine

could u please tell me the use of Genew plus tablet (lycopene ,l-carnitine and zinc )and)ATP,idebenone,l-arginine,vitamin-e,selenium,zinc )tablets ## This is a nutritional supplement, so it can be given to help treat or prevent any of the problems or medical conditions that may be caused, or aggravated by a lack of these vital nutrients. Has your doctor instructed you to use it? ## What is the purpose of the gene w plus tablets ## is it right to take Genew plus capsule in pregnancy? And how far is it safe, if any side effect happens. Please reply the same ## Is genew plus have any side effects?may i know the improvement period.pls reply ## my head very phin...

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product robust dietary supplement

can you tell me where I can find robust in the united states or a place that can ship it to usa? ## Hi Donald, Are you inquiring about the "ATC Robust 550mg Dietary Supplement for Men"? Based on my research, this product is said to contain the following list of active ingredients: Epimedium Extract L-Arginine Songaria Cynomorium whole herb Extract Gamma Amino Butyric Acid/GABA Cnidium Monnier whole plant Extract Tea Extract Ginseng Extract Ginkgo Bilboa Extract Dahurian Angelica root Extract Dansheng root Extract Unfortunately I don't know of any products in particular that are like it here in the US. However, popular herbal shops on the internet as well as many general health food stores should carry most (if not all) of those herbal ingredients. I hope this helps!

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tendo care & ACL tear

I am 40 year female with 60 kg. weight . I suffered knee injury a few days back . My MRI showed partial tear of Anterior Cruciate ligament . I am now having pain on weight bearing and slightly at rest . No i an using hinged knee brace . I have been prescribed tendocare tablets and L-Arginine powder for it . Does it have any beneficial effect . And if yes. What should be the dose . Is there any other medication for healing of the said ligament . ## mam it depends on which degree of tear, the first and important rx is rest and about medicine ligament has poor blood supply so medicine has less effect but its better continue. my advice is consult with a PHYSIOTHERAPIST . and physiotherapy rx is most beneficiary if the tear is 20- 40 percent.

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Gluconorm Sr can use along with l arginine or not

My gyncolgiest had suggested me to use l arginin powderd granules with half cup of water after lunch . I am already taking gluconorm Sr 250 mg aafter lunch and dinner i can use both this table s i am using femilon .i have pcod and hypothyroid .i came to know l arginine is supplement it enhances the insulin .but glucornorm Sr reducess the insulin level. As i am pod and hypothyroid patient reduction of insulin is important .please suggest me

Rejunuron Plus Capsules

can this capsules be used for nerves weakness ## Rejunuron Plus is a nutritional supplement that contains: alpha lipoic acid 200 mg, arginine 50 mg, inositol 50 mg, methylcobalamin 500 mcg, pyridoxine hydrochloride 1 mg, riboflavin 3 mg and thiamine mononitrate 3 mgs. It is given to help with nerve pain and weakness. These vital nutrients have long been believed to help with these types of problems. Learn more: Are there any comments or questions? ## Hi i have some problem in my eye. Doctor suggested me to use REJUNURON 500 mcg. what are the uses of the tablet, can any one suggest??

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X10D Powerman tablets

Supposed to help erections ## This is an herbal supplement, not an actual medication, therefore it is not actually proven to do anything. There are many of these on the market and they make many claims and charge people a premium price for their products, when in most cases you are better off not wasting your money. This one contains: Ashwagandha Root Epimedium Yohimbe Bark Extract Maca L-Arginine Dimethylglycine L-Tyrosine Choline NADH Tribulus Terrestris and a patented Bioperene complex. Thus, it is all the same stuff that can be found in many herbal supplement products in almost any drug store, for much lower prices. If you have trouble getting or keeping an erection, it would be much smarter to go to a doctor and find out what is causing the problem and get a real effective solution...

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1500 Mg of Arginine

will l-arginine cause a false positive pregnancy test? and how long will 1500 mg stay in your system? ## This is a natural amino acid and, as such, it has not been tested in the same way that is done for actual prescription drugs, so it may be difficult to answer your questions. Have you tried asking your doctor? They may know a little more about it. Have you been sexually active, is there a chance you could be pregnant?

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Tablet Oligo Care Lycopene L Arginine Glutathione Carnitine Co Q 10 Methylcobalamin Selenium With Micronutrient

kindly let me know if this drug is authentic: Tablet Oligo Care Lycopene L Arginine Glutathione Carnitine Co Q 10 Methylcobalamin Selenium With Micronutrient ## Authenticate this tablet:Tablet Oligo Care Lycopene L Arginine Glutathione Carnitine Co Q 10 Methylcobalamin Selenium With Micronutrient ## Hi Alex, Based on the ingredients listed, this appears to be a very solid vitamin and mineral supplement. Everything is natural and each ingredient has a purpose. The only question that I would have is how much of each ingredient is there? Any amount of Co-enzyme Q10 that is under 200mg is insufficient (but better than nothing). You can't really feel the difference or true strength of this enzyme unless you have about 600mg a day. Daily L-Carnitine doses should range around 500mg+ per da...

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one of the components included in the supplement drink mix sold under the name of ARGI-VIVE III ## What would you like to know? L-Arginine is an amino acid, these are essential to our overall health, deficiencies in them can cause health issues. You can read more on it here:

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tablet ova care

what is ovacare forte tablets used for? please explain the advantage and side affects of this tablet ## Ovacare is a nutritional supplement, usually given to help women who are having trouble getting pregnant or having other feminine issues, such as menopause. It contains: Imositol, L-Arginine, Folic Acid and anti-oxidants. However, as a supplement and not a medication, it is not actually proven to help with anything other than a possible deficiency in these nutrients, which in reality could prevent some women from getting pregnant or contribute to various health problems. Since it is not a drug, the side effect profiles have not been studied for it. Are there any comments or questions?

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ge new plus

could u please tell me the use of (lycopene ,l-carnitine and zinc )and)ATP,idebenone,l-arginine,vitamin-e,selenium,zinc )tablets ## These are dietary supplements, used to correct or prevent a deficiency in these vital nutrients. Do you have any other questions? ## thankyou sir ## Can you please tell me the use of GeNew/Gnew Tablet/Capsule? Which is correct GNew or GeNew?

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