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MSM dosage

I have been taking 1,500mg of MSM in the morning and 1,500mg in the afternoon for the past two weeks. I was wondering if I could take 3,000 or 4,000mg in the morning and the same in the afternoon. I am taking it for psoriasis. It has helped some with joint pain, but not at all for my skin. Has anyone bumped the dosage up to 6,000mg or 8,000mg in divided dosage daily? ## MSM is actually just a nutritional supplement and I have never heard of it actually helping with any type of skin issues, though it is naturally present in joints and supplementing it can help with such problems, for some people. That said, the general maximum recommended daily amount is 4.000mgs in equal divided daily doses. Have you consulted your doctor about how much you should use?

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This is an incredible worthwhile supplment to treat musclular cramps etc: Have you had success with it. Please share for what ailment MSM relieved all manner of symptoms. ## Methylsufonylmethane is claimed to help with many things, but there have not been any scientific studies to prove this. Its most popular use is to help with the joint pain and mobility problems that are associated with Osteoarthritis. It is often coupled in over the counter supplements with Glucosamine. Are there any comments or questions?

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