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ferrogels fo forte cap

## I mormally take chromagen (iron pill) but for whatever reason the drug store has had problems getting this from the supplier. So they had replaced it with ferrogels forte cap. This pill has caused severe throat irritation. Do I need to stop, or will this go away in time> ## I can't seem to find a lot of information on this, I suggest asking your doctor or pharmacist about this reaction. They may be able to tell you why it is happening and what to do about it. Does anyone have information on this?

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chromagen forte caplet trx

Prescribed because of anemia. It is maroon tablet with Ther-Rx on the front, and 197 on the back. I am anemic, have PCOS, migraines, depression, heart murmur, kidney stones, chronic back pain that is not known why, asthma, diabetes, gallbladder removed, still nauseaus ## Here's a link with some more information: Chromagen Forte Click Here

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