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Drisdol Capsule 50,000

Drisdol ## is generic as effective as Drisdol.. i'm a little concerned about side effects after reading some patient postings. have not yet begun to take my Rx ## My doctor prescribed Vitiam D2 1.25 MG (50,000) i a week for six months. Is this to much, and is that amount harmful. Another doctor of mine thinks it is to much. What is your opinion? Thanks you ## I was prescribed VITD2 50,000 units once a week for 4 weeks. I am concerned however and have not started taking them. Is there anything dietary/nutritionally I can do instead of these pills? ## Vitamin D is an important nutrient that is necessary for bone health, as well as overall health. Side effects are usually dose dependent, and can include nausea, constipation, and elevated blood levels of calcium. Why was it prescribed? ...

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vitamin D defiecincy

My 18 yr.old daughter was diagnosed with a vitamin D defiency.After reading on line about vitamin D3, I wonder if they prescribed what is best for her, which was Drisdol 1.25 MG. Why 2 D2's and no D3? Would a good grade of cod liver oil be a better choice? ## If they prescribed her Drisdol, they did NOT prescribe her the best form of Vitamin D. The reason that they did not give her D3 is that D3 does not come in prescription form and, well, when you have a prescription pad, it's hard to tell your patient to go to the drug store and go buy something. People don't like paying for 'Drugs' and so doctors write a prescription. It's a two sided problem that will continue until people understand about d3 and doctors are willing to take the time to explain why they need ...

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