Hemocyte Plus

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Hemocyte Plus
  • Capsule: Combo
  • Tablet: Combo
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  • 52747-800 Copper Sulfate 0.8 mg / Ferrous Fumarate 324 mg / Folic Acid 1 mg / Magnesium Sulfate 6.9 mg / Manganese Sulfate 1.3 mg / Niacinamide 30 mg / Pantothenic Acid 10 mg / Pyridoxine 5 mg / Riboflavin 6 mg / Sodium Ascorbate 200 mg / Thiamine 10 mg / Vitamin B 12 0.015 mg / Zinc Sulfate 18.2 mg Oral Capsule [Hemocyte Plus] by Us Pharmaceutical Corporation

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