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availabilty in washington d.c. area drug stores - NAMES.

Have been using therobec plus for many years. Recently, can't seem to find them target pharmacy. If not available any longer, can you suggest an alternate near/equal vitamins to therobec plus? Thanks. ## It is listed as containing a complex of B vitamins, with Vitamin C and Folic Acid, however, I can't find a listing that includes the precise amounts. Have you tried asking a pharmacist which one would be an equivalent? ## Am looking for doctor who will prescribe methadone for pain, been in clinic but my ssi medicaid doesn't cover it so I'm paying $405. Out of $730. Am a senior who just wants to have a place to live out my days in peace. Desperately need doctor in Vancouver Washington area or Portland, barely surviving please! Help!! Haven't seen a doctor in 20yrs. Th...

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