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why does 1200mg fish oil delayed my period

I was waiting in may on 28 to receive my period. It didn't come. Every now and then I have a little blood in my discharge. I started taking spring valley fish oil with D3 2000IU (1200mg) heart, immune & bone.. in may on the 5. I'm worried because I never missed my period before besides when I was 13. Please don't mention the doctors. I need to get my period back. Doctors don't really do much but make matters worst ## Hello, Kristy! How are you? It may be due to the vitamin D in this, since it is actually a type of hormone, not an actual vitamin, so it can affect the other hormones in your body. It might just be affecting you too much. Have you tried stopping it to see what happens? ## I have stopped. I can feel my body recovering slowly. I thought I was missing some ...

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US Equivalent of E-Cod by Sanofi India

We are from India. My wife who is 75 years of age & is diabetic & hypertensive was advised by her physician in India to take the following supplement: E-Cod Cap manufactured by Sanofi India. This capsule contains: Cod liver oil 100 mg, Wheat Germ Oil 200 mg, Fish Lipid Oil 150 mg, Tocotreinols (50%) 5 mg & Vitamin E (Acetate) 10mg. Since our stay in the USA is extended, I would appreciate it if anyone can suggest an equivalent or near equivalent medicine available in the USA. ## I am still not able to locate any OTC medicine with these combination: Cod liver oil 100 mg, Wheat Germ Oil 200 mg, Fish Lipid Oil 150 mg, Tocotreinols (50%) 5 mg & Vitamin E (Acetate) 10mg. ## None available in USA with this combination of constituents. ## Personally, I don't know what is av...

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Internal heat drugs

As for my case, it's extreme that even at night I must have to wake from sleep maybe every 1 hour to quench internal hotness by drinking a cup of water so as to survive for the second day. Even if I drink tea as dinner or whatever food I may take, I've never escape this experience. Maybe i was born with it. I'm almost 30 yrs. old. I'm drinking so much water but it's only helping temporarily. Please what can I do? ## I have excessive internal body heat and at night I hardly sleep, whereas I need to pour water on my body before I could sleep some 4 to 5 times before the day breaks. Most of the time I have boils and rashes all over me. Please advise what treatment options I might have? ## Please tell me, what is the right medication for a persistent internal heat? I...

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Codesoft tablet

Is it safe to take codesoft while planning for pregancy. ## Hi Pinky, Well it looks like Codesoft is simply a combination of Evening Primose Oil (cod liver oil) and vitamin E; which in my opinion is safe to take while planning for pregnancy. This isn't a drug (it can be found in many whole foods, like cod, salmon, etc.) and unless you are somehow allergic to Vitamin E or Omega 3 fatty acid then this is fine to take at any time. I am not a doctor, but since these are natural ingredients found in common food there shouldn't be any risks. Keep in mind eating fresh whole foods is a much better option than supplementing single ingredients. ## Respect Sir, With in one month my left breast in small tumor with pain I am consult 2 doctor, Suggest first doctor operation but second doctor ...

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vitamin d tablet tayo 60k

One doctor suggest me ato 60 k tablet for me becasue i have complaint of neck pain last five years but now last two month have increases so that he advised me Tab Tayo 60k once week Is it okey for me, please sugget me good advise. Thanks Regards Amit Tiwari Indore ## Hi Amit Tiwari, I haven't been able to find any information on Vitamin D tayo 60k tablets, but I can provide some information for the supplement Vitamin D. Based on my research, neck pain has been linked to Vitamin D deficiency. I imagine that your doctor prescribed these tablets to treat the deficiency in hopes that it would put a stop to the neck pain. Usually Vitamin D supplements are taken once a day, but since I'm not exactly sure what type of supplement you have it's best that you follow your doctor's ...

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e cod plus

e cod plus ## This is a nutritional supplement containing Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin E, it is used to help ensure you have enough of these nutrients. Do you have any questions? ## Does it have any side effects? Or any interaction with other meds? My mother was on it and she had internal bleeding; they looked like bruises and severe headaches since. The doc who recommended it said it could burst a few blood vessels. Mum is also on steroids. ## A doctor recommended e cod pluse as I was getting white hair and I am only 27 will this help me. ## My wife a CKD patient. Recently pain developed in her right leg culf musle. Physiotherapy going on. No possitve results so far received . Doctor advised for Doppler. E-cord plus was also suggested. After discussion with radiologists after Doppler it w...

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Cod liver oil benefits

I have know to know that cod liver oil is good for you and have many benfits is that true? ## While it is good for you, it was not very good for the cod. ## It is supposed to be a great source of Omega fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D. If you are going to try this supplement I would highly recommend getting the gel caps which are filled with it instead of buying the oil and having to take a spoon of it LOL. If you'd rather try plant-based supplements which may offer similar benefits look into hemp or flax seed, but I still think that cod liver oil may offer the highest levels of what you want. Hope this helps! ## I recently purchased cod liver oil out of curiosity after learning about its crucial role in improving dental health and preventing/reversing tooth decay - something I...

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cod liver oil and primerose oil ## codasoft treats which problem? ## In my breast have small balls. when i ask to the doctor she suggest to eat codsoft caps . so my question codasoft treats which problem? ## Hi.iam havind lump in my i consulted a doctor.she suggested me to eat codesoft tab. For one i want 2 knw whether my dise ase wil b cured within a month or not with ths tablet.and wht codesoft wil b workng for that lump ## Hi.iam havind lump in my i consulted a doctor.she suggested me to eat codesoft tab. For one i want 2 knw whether my dise ase wil b cured within a month or not with ths tablet.and wht codesoft wil b workng for that lump

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I Am 22 Year Old But My Hair Is Falling And Its About To Be Fenish What Should Do Please Help Me Tell The Benifit Tablit Or Food Recover Feel Proud M

i am 22 year old but my hair is falling and its about to be fenishs what should i do please help me tell me the benifit tablit or food to be recover my hair nawa days i use seven seas cod liver oil tablet and vatika hair oil my skin is oily and its eaching ... and i cant feel proud i m hopeless of my life without hair hope give me some guid ## If you are not intaking the proper nutrition then you need to put your self on some multivitamins. Along witb some vitamin E capsules

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