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side effects of therobec

what are the side effects when taking therobec ## I can't find a listing of the exact ingredients and amounts for this, but Therobec is a multivitamin supplement, with iron. As such, the side effect profiles for it have no been studied, as is done for prescription medications. Some people, however, do report some nausea, after taking it. Are there any other comments or questions?

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cpc 1027

orange unscored tablet cpc 1027 ## This is a B-complex vitamin called Therobec Plus. It contains: B1- 15 mg (Thiamine) B2- 15 mg (Riboflavin) B3- 100 mg (Niacinamide) B5- 18 mg (Calcium Pantothenate) B6- 4 mg (Pyridoxine) B9- .5 mg (Folic Acid) B12- 0.005 mg (Cobalamin) C- 500 mg Is there anything else I can help you with?

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