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does sam-e work?

I statred taking Sam-e . 200 mg and worked up to 400mg. I buy it at health food sores, and better yet, price wise CVS Pharmacy Brand. Seems to help eleavate my mood, so I'm not depressed. Anyone know iof there are any bad side effects to Sam-E? ## It has been known to cause diarrhea, anxiety, dizziness, and insomnia at higher doses. You can learn more about it on the Mayo Clinic website. It does seem to help some people. However, are you on any prescription medications? There are some that it should not be taken with.

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No Imprint Yellow Coated Oblong Pill Brown Inside

I found a Yellow Oblong pill with no markings the inside is a sandy brown.. i cant find out what it is ## If you found it and are considering taking it looking for a high I don't recommend it. I did that once, lost consciousness and ended up left in a field because people thought I ODed and died. Nice, huh. People do stupid things when they are afraid. ## Without a distinct imprint code on the tablet it is nearly impossible to know what it is for sure without running a lab test. Do you have any other clues such as a manufacturer / product packaging / country of origin? ## Did you ever figure it out? I just found one of these in my house and can't find info about it anywhere on the web. ## Might be "Sam-E" which is an over-the-counter supplement. ## Found same from Sweden...

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nusam 200

What drug is used. Taking this Nusam 200 any posiblility of Thyroid ? here was no Thyrod before that i am very healthy. ## My age is 65 years. I am a diabetic patient since last 17 years and taking tablets. Since 14 years I am taking eltroxine tablets for Thyroid deficiency . Since 15 days I am suffering from pain near knee joint. I have under treatment by orthopaedic and taking Mecobalmin (Rejunuron) and Dynapar injections. I am also taking Lofecam 8mg, Pan 40 mg. As pain is not reduced since I have been advices to take Nusam 200 from today. Please give your opinion ## Hello! How are you both? From what I can find, Nusam is actually just a nutritional supplement that's often referred to as SAM-e (S-Adenosylmethionine). It is said to be useful for various health problems, such as de...

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