Evening primrose oil

Active Ingredient(s): Gamma-linolenic acid, GLA
Category: Vitamins & Supplements

Evening primrose oil Overview

Oenothera is a genus of about 145[3] species of herbaceous flowering plants native to the Americas.[4] It is the type genus of the family Onagraceae. Common names include evening primrose, suncups, and sundrops. They are not closely related to the true primroses (genus Primula). Contents 1 Description 2 Ecology 3 Origin 4 Genetics 5 Taxonomy 6 Evidence of medical effects 7 Cultivation 8 Gallery 9 References 10 External links Description The species vary in size from small alpine p...

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primosa 1000
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primosa ## This is a supplement that contains Evening Primrose oil, thus it is not actually proven to help with anything. Since it is not a drug, side effect profiles have not been studied for it. Has your doctor prescribed this? ## yes, my doctor has priscribed me since i have fiboadenosis. is this realy effective in such problem. ## if i will have primosa1000 as my doctor prescribed me, should i gain weight afterwards...please brief me on that as soon as possible... ## i have a subcentimeter lump in my right brest. AFANCE report says it is a fibroadnomea. my doctor precribed me primosa 1000 tablets for me is it help ful and in what way. ## Is primosa safe if high bp occurs and my mummy is also suffering from cervical in neck arms from 2 months and having pain in left side breast .her ...
Updated 1 month ago.
keraglo eva
17 Replies RSS
Keraglo Eva has an ingredient 'Gamma Lenolenic Acid' which is known to be an essential fatty acid helping to stop hair loss as well as growth of hair. Is it true & really effective? ## Hello, According to The University of Maryland Medical Center, Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is an omega-6 fatty acid that is found mostly in plant based oils such as borrage seed oil, evening primrose oil, and black currant seed oil. Omega-6 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids: They are necessary for human health, but the body can't make them -- you have to get them through food. Along with omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids play a crucial role in brain function, as well as normal growth and development. Also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), they help stimulat...
Updated 2 months ago.
eveprim evening primrose oil
10 Replies RSS
eveprim soft gel. evening primrose oil 1000mg ## when is the right time to take eveprim? are there any side effect in taking this pill? ## im am 38 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescript me the eveprim evening preimerose oil medicine, may i know for what is that? thank you ## i am 36 weeks pragnant and my doctor prescript me the the eveprim evening primrose oil medicine,may i know for what is that? thank you ## Iam 36 weeks pragnant and my doctor prescript me to take Buscopan,hyoscine butylbromide,what was does for?thank you ## as far as i know, eveprim help soften the cervics when its about to open for delivery.. im 39 weeks pregnant and im taking the same.. ;p ## im 39 week pregnant and my doctor prescript me the the eveprim evening primrose oil medicine last Tuesday but now my cervix...
Updated 6 months ago.
Evening primrose oil 1000 mg
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My doctor prescribed me Evening primrose oil 1000 mg one capsule daily after a meal. As I never heard about evening primrose oil, how does it work?
Updated 11 months ago.
side effect of rose day 10
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I have to start taking Rose day 10 mg tabs to reduce my LDL level which is 120 mg/dl. Is this a safe drug? What are the likely side effects for this drug? My age 56 Yrs , I am a Female and diabetic (type II) since 5 years. ## I can't find anything listed under the name Rose Day. From the name, I can only conclude that this is an Evening Primrose Oil supplement and if that is the case, this is not a drug, but an over the counter supplement. They are claimed to help with many conditions, but this is not actually proven. This also means that the side effects have not been studied. Have you tried consulting your doctor? Please let me know if this is the product you are referring to. ## i have started taking this medicine since 3 months. iam a male and my age is 31 . i also want 2 know t...
Updated 1 year ago.
Codesoft tablet and its uses.
7 Replies RSS
Hi, Can u please let me know in what all ways does codesoft tab help girls of age around 20. Cause for Fibrodenoma, Effects treatment. Will they be able to conceive in future? ## Hi, Sandy! Codesoft is just a nutritional supplement that contains Evening Primrose Oil, so it is not actually a medication. And no, actually there's a chance that it could make Fibroadenoma worse, since EPO tends to be estrogenic, meaning it may elevate the levels of estrogen in the body and excess estrogen is well known to be a primary cause of such breast problems. Unless it is causing you a problem, or is disfiguring, Fibroadenoma is usually not treated, since it's harmless. And it could also cause problems with future conception, since excess estrogen tends to overpower the progesterone in your bod...
Updated 1 year ago.
arthro d
5 Replies RSS
just saw a tv promo for arthro d, claiming after 5 weeks, cartliage starts to regrow??? Is this a scam? why do ppl victimize other ppl with health problems. ## Arthri D is a supplement, therefore it has not been tested and actually proven to help with ANYTHING. They cannot promise to regrow cartilage. The same is true of most supplements on the market, they have not been tested and proven to actually help with any medical condition. They do have a website and they list the ingredients as: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Magnesium, NAG, Chondroitin, Termeric, Rice Flour, Boswella, Ashwagandha, Bromelain, Evening Primrose Oil, Green Lipped Muscle and Hyaluronic Acid. Do you have any other questions? ## can this be taken along with coumadin? ## If this is true, how in the world are they allowed to p...
Updated 1 year ago.
what is eveprim
1 Reply RSS
primrose oil soft gel capsules and Eveprim , Evening Primrose Oil capsules . Are these three one and the same herbal supplement? If not, what are their differences? I have been prescribed Eveprim capsules 1000 mg for my menopausal symptoms. Please help!! ## Hello, Puzzled! How are you? Yes, they are all the same thing. It works well for some women to alleviate some of the symptoms, but not everyone has good results with it. You may also want to ask your doctor about trying Black Cohosh, which is another supplement that can help. The FDA warns that they may cause nausea in some people. Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 1 year ago.
Evening Primrose Oil Eveprim 1000mg
4 Replies RSS
what is the advantage of using this kind of medicine? ## Evening Primrose Oil Eveprim 1000mg ## It is an herbal supplement that is claimed to help with various health issues, but these claims have not actually been proven. Learn more Evening Primrose details here. Is there anything else I can help with? ## what are the indication of evening primrose oil eveprim 1000mg? does it help me to get pregnant? i got married for 4 years but i didn't pregnant. ## I've been using Primrose oil soft gel capsules from Natural Goal for quite some time now. It has helped with my menopausal symptoms like night sweats, back pain, hot flashes and mood swings. Although it is not a cure, it is a herbal supplement that may or may not work for everyone as we react differently with various supplements t...
Updated 1 year ago.
codesoft, cure of rashes
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Dr. recommended me to take codesoft tablet: evening primrose oil & cod liver oil capsules to cure rashes. Will it work in this regard
Updated 2 years ago.

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Gamma-linolenic acid, GLA
  • Capsule: 1000mg
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