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Sinecod Forte Uses

I have a tablet of Sinecod Forte, what is it used for? ## What is the function of sinecod and what is it predominantly use for. Is it for what disease process and what are the contradictions and what drugs should not be taken when taking sinecod? ## Sinecod contains Butamirate and is used to help prevent coughing. If anyone has more information, please post. ## I thought there's two existing classification of sinecod forte, antitussive and antihistamine. But i've been trying to search it in google the whole day but it didn't appear.

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I need help and answers about the pill

Hi I went to the bathroom earlier and saw that I started bleeding yet I got my period last week already so then it make me think wait I haven't taken the pill so I went to take it and saw I haven't taken it for 4 days , so I took all 4 days but now I'm worried that it will harm my body or do something bad , what do I do?

TMJ Jaw is popping

Had TMJ like 40 yrs. Now it is popping I don't believe others hear it just in my head. ## Hello, Kira! How are you? That is one of the typical symptoms of TMJ, according to the NIH. You may also experience jaw pain and stiffness. And there is a chance that others may hear the popping, sometimes it is loud enough to be audible to others. I've had several people comment on mine, when they heard it. Have you consulted your dentist? ## Oh yes in the 80's I had a cast made, but it was not a cute. The latest dentists answer was to file down my bite. This popping just started I have anxiety I think when stressed is the aggravator of the pain. Not sure why popping occurred by it is very aggravating.

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