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Probiotics and Norco at the same time
2 Replies RSS
Can you take Norco and a probiotic at the same time? Or do you have to wait an hour or so in between? ## There shouldn't be an issue, from what I know. The FDA warns that Norco carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and constipation. (NDC 0115-1559 for more details.) What probiotic are you taking? ## It’s called Bio-4 you take one with a meal or 2 with every meal. They are capsules.
Updated 1 day ago.
Generic Norco m367 10/325
481 Replies RSS
It's no good. I have to take three at a time for 1 hour of pain relief. Anybody else have this problem with M367 - 10/325? Has anyone else noticed that meds from certain manufacturers do not work as well for them? ## Recently went to refill my norco script and they gave me M367 10/325 instead of the yellow 10/325. One of the yellow pills would last 4 hours. With the m367 I have to take 3 at a time for 1 hour of pain relief. Let me know if any of you have encountered the same with M367 10/325. Thank you ## I'm sure there are others that have had similar problems, there can be some slight fluctuations from one generic medication to another, so not all of them work well for everyone that tries them. For example, I can take this same tablet and it really hits me very hard, after tak...
Updated 2 days ago.
Watson is now Actavis - Norco
26 Replies RSS
My pharmacist that I have known for years due to chronic pain from cancer/severe spinal injuries and a totaled knee, told me last week that it is the DEA that has created the change in ALL pain meds. I have been on Watson Norco for 10 years and now I am in severe withdrawal with actavis buying out Watson. It is unbearable and my pharmacist said that people will DIE because of not being forewarned or informed ahead of time. This is all due to the people that use the drugs recreationally; and whatever else they do has ruined it for us real patients. We all know the DEA is like God and they don't even care about us real patients that have medical records, etc. I have been suffering for over a month now and my pain doc is on an extended vacation. Thank goodness for my pharmacist at leas...
Updated 2 days ago.
Doctors willing to prescribe pain meds sacramento area
17 Replies RSS
Does anyone know of caring physicians in the Sacramento, CALIFORNIA area willing to prescribe pain meds for chronic pain? I have suffered from severe chronic pain due to 2 herniated disks and sciatica for 17 years. Current physician retired and no doctor I've seen to date is willing to fill my existing Oxycontin and per cover scripts. Any help in finding a doctor is appreciated. ## Have you found anyone? I'm in the same boat, having just arrived! The physician's office that I made an appointment with *3weeks ago* said no. I am 72 years old and am in fine shape taking only 90mg a day, but the doctor is gun shy. ## Who did y'all see? I could suggest Dr. vuong he helped my husband but don't ask for an early fill ever or you will get the boot so now I'm trying to fin...
Updated 2 days ago.
176 and watson 853 pill comparison
1 Reply RSS
Do these tablets contain the same ingredients, to where you can take 2 different halves of them together? ## Yes, they both contain 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen. The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth. (Norco NDC code for more information 0023-6021) Is there anything else I can help with?
Updated 3 days ago.
synthetic urine and adding norco
42 Replies RSS
I am going to a pain management appointment in 2 days. I need to use synthetic urine, but I also need it to show that I am taking my Norco/10 mg hydrocodone. Can I add some powder from a crushed pill to the fake urine? Will that make the synthetic urine positive for Norco? I am hoping so. Please reply asap anyone! Thanks so much! ## I have friend wondering the same thing? Did it work? ## It worked! The stuff I used was called "Quick Fix Synthetic Urine PLUS".. I got it at a local smoke shop for $19.99 + tax. Someone I talked to at the company said just use a small amount of crushed Norco/Vicodin and make sure you shake it well before putting it in the sample test cup. I give my sample unsupervised, but you can use the squeeze top (closed, of course) heat the bottle in the micro ...
Updated 3 days ago.
norco 10 325 M367 how much does it cost
5 Replies RSS
How Much does Norco 10/325 M367 Cost period. ## Hi Max, The price is probably going to vary based on your location, availability and potentially other unknown factors. However, as of writing this post, my findings are that a typical script for 90 tablets of M367 (10/325) Hydrocodone + Acetaminophencosts costs around $322.53 to fill at CVS. I'm not sure if this price is quoted with or without the use of an Rx savings card or patient assistance program; but those might be worth looking into as well depending on your situation. Hope this helps! ## $322? Jeez ur getting ripped off ! My 30 day script is only $10. Norco 10/325 only cosst .33 per pill ## Hi. Wow that is a great price your getting. Is it a big chain? Or just a very low profit pill? I remember buying Gonal F for $2000 for a ...
Updated 4 days ago.
white oval pill n 358 10
4 Replies RSS
Found this pill that says n358 on one side and 10 on the other. What is it? I don't know if it is a lortab or not. ## Norco 10/325. Not a lortab but basically the same thing with slightly more acetaminophen. ## Yes it's Norco/lortab 10. I get them from CVS. Put out by novel laboratories. I have gotten these the last few months ## I found this "n 358 10" white oval pill in my son's backpack. What is it? I'm concerned if he's doing drugs or whatever this pill is. ## Its a Lortab! Before you Scold him, ask him first, if he's having depression or any kind of issues at home/socially... Im not trying to tell you, how to raise your son..At All! But, if you use angry, you'll push him away and he'll start hiding. He Will Never Open Up To You! Be Blessed
Updated 4 days ago.
what brand does walmart use for norco
5 Replies RSS
I've been on Norco 7.5/325 since they stopped making Vicodin. I had the yellow, loved them, then my pharmacy only had the white ones from Qualitest. My last refill was with mallinckro, hate them! I itch and stay in pain 24/7. My pharmacist said they will no longer be able to get the qualitest, now I'm stuck as to where to go. I hate calling pharmacies for certain brands since they think I'm a druggie..when I clearly take no more and often less than required. ## I am very sorry about the problems you're experiencing. Unfortunately, there is no database that lists which medication any given pharmacy carries, at any given time, because such information is dynamic and can always change, depending on which manufacturer was offering the cheapest price, at the time they needed ...
Updated 5 days ago.
real vs fake norco pill
17 Replies RSS
How can you tell a real 7.5/325 from a fake one? Is there any tests you or your pharmacy could do? Thank you! ## Hello, Arlene! How are you? No, the only way to be sure, if you didn't obtain it from a licensed U.S. pharmacy, would be to pay to have it lab evaluated somewhere. Are there any markings on the tablet in question? That information would enable to check more details on it for you, such as if there are known fakes. The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. ## I've gotten two different ones before that I thought and knew were fake. Including Norco 10/325. I'll write down markings of both. Markings on Norco ...
Updated 5 days ago.
How to flush Norco 10/325 outta your system in 1day
4 Replies RSS
I have to drop for probation tomorrow and in the past day I've taken 15 norcos. I haven't taken any today how do I clean my system? ## I have taken bout 18 tab of norco in 2 day I have to take a drug test today! I didn't take any yesterday. What can I do to flush my system ## Needless to say, you didn't pass.... There's no true way to detox in 24-48 hours. You are rolling the dice. That's the cold hard truth. ## I haven't took a perk 10 since nov.29 got a drug test tomorrow I'm I clean ## I took a yesterday and today I have to drop on the 15th in I don't take any more will I be clean by then and how many gallons of water do I need to drink
Updated 5 days ago.
Prescribed Norco/Hydrocodone 10/325 and Fentanyl 50MCG, Urine Test showed positive for oxycodone
14 Replies RSS
In February of 2014 i went from oxycontin to fentanyl patch. Also was prescribed Norco/Hydrocodone 10/325's (up to 3 times a day) took urine test and it tested positive for oxycodone and no hydrocodone. I DID NOT TAKE OXYCODONE. I may lose my freedom, 13 months hard time, lose my kids, lose my job( least of my worries) my wife, and the support of many people. I have been seeing this doctor for 7 years and never tested positive for anything I wasn't taking. I am scared to death. ## I'm 99.9% positive what you're experiencing is called "false positive" or even more likely, since no hydrocodone showed up, the actual test was defective. You've been a patient with the same practice seven years? Obviously, you're not a chronic drug screen failure subject, else ...
Updated 5 days ago.
White oblong pill 10 n 358
5 Replies RSS
This white oblong pill has the number 10 on one side; other side is scored with a lower case “n” (NOT “m”) to left of the score line and “358” to the right of the score line. Thank you. ## I was just given these from my pharmacy the other day. They say they are Norco 10/325 but as soon as I started taking them I got sick. Upset stomach, loss of appitite. I called the pharmacy to see if anything could be done and they told me to call my doctor. Plus they don't seem to work like the brand I was taking. ## Hi Teri, Sorry to hear about your experience with these tablets... I just wanted to verify that these are listed as being generic Hydrocodone bitartrate + Acetaminophen (10/325 mg). The manufacturer is Novel Laboratories Inc. and the pill itself ca...
Updated 5 days ago.
Pain Medicine For Sciatic Nerve
5 Replies RSS
Can someone tell me what medicine they take for sciatic nerve, hip hurts and lower back. I already take norco but this not helping me. ## Hi Deborah, May I ask what treatment options you've already undergone? (i.e. surgery, acupuncture, natural alternatives, heat/ice treatment, chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, light physical exercise (yoga), eating more plant-based foods etc). I would normally suggest taking advantage of those options before relying on prescription narcotics; mainly because things like yoga and natural alternatives can be done throughout your life without necessarily being dependent on your doctor. I hope this advice helps! ## What alleviates the pain can vary from person to person, so the only way to find out what works for you is by trying different med...
Updated 5 days ago.
Norco 10 325 Mg And Suboxone Interaction
19 Replies RSS
My doctor prescribes me Suboxone 8/2 mg film and Norco 10/325 mg together for pain relief and to prevent addiction. I personally feel more pain relief from both together rather than one or the other. And doing research I found that a few patients get my results from both simultaneously having something to do with the brain receptors. Any feedback and/or where I can find any web information. I have lost where I found the research. Thanks ## Hi John, My findings state that there are actually potentially unsafe interactions between Hydrocodone and Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone). Quoted below are the precautions you should be aware of: "Using Hydrocodone together with Naloxone can reverse the effects of Hydrocodone. If you are a physically dependent patient you may experience withdra...
Updated 6 days ago.
norco 853 watson 10/325
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is 10 mgs/325 stronger than 5mg/325 ? ## absoluteltly ## 10 MG HYDROCODONE IS TWICE THE STRENGTH OF 5 MG ## I am taking norco 853 (watson) white. I am seeing a Pain Management Dr. Neurodiagnostic center. Had two EMG's on neck and back. I was prescribed one TID. Can not go 8 hours before I take another. Still in pain reqardless. What is the least time between taking my meds, ## Norco 853 is 10 mg Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 325 mg. It can be taken every 4-6 hrs. ## My goodness 10 mg twice as strong as 5 mg I didn't know that
Updated 7 days ago.
white watson 3203 versus yellow 10mg/3.75mg
29 Replies RSS
Hi I have a serious question to ask. I have been on Norco 10mg/3.25mg for a while now because I have chronic pain in my back. These pills that I take are yellow in color, and they help a great deal. However, I got my meds filled, and this time I got a white pill that reads on one side Watson 3203, and on the other side a straight line down the middle. This pill has the same mg as my yellow Norco do. Here is the question. Why does this pill not help my pain? What ingredient has been took out. of the white watson 10mg/3.25mg pill? I have read were other people are having the same issue as me. Plus this is not the first time I have got this watson 3203 white pill, and each time I do it does not help my pain and others pain! I hope after reading this people at the watson company may read my...
Updated 8 days ago.
doctors willing to prescribe pain meds los angeles
5 Replies RSS
Does anyone know of a compassionate doctor who will prescribe norcos in the Los Angeles area? I have a lower back issue that is inoperable (without consequences) and need them to just be a functioning adult again. ## If you have a serious pain issue and have x-rays, medical records and /or a MRI Dr. Benoush Zarrini is a great pain management doctor, who will work with you in your medications, make sure he knows exactly how much pain you are in!!!!! Stay away from the epidermals, unless you think they will help, he highly recommends them. I refuse and stick to my regiment of pain meds! P.S. don't use my name ## Need help finding a place to get a new MRI that is affordable and works with patients without health insurace.. My old MRI is from 2008 and my dr is finally pulling the trigge...
Updated 8 days ago.
IP110 vs v3601
26 Replies RSS
I have been taking v3601 yellow norco since I have had 2 spinal fusion done and they work great. One pill lasts about six hours. Now my pharmacy switched to IP 110 and I have to take 3 to 4 pills every 4 to 5 hours and they make me feel weird. I don't care what anyone says, there is a difference in the two. The ip110 are complete garbage and should be taken off the market. I am in so much pain still after 4 pills and feel like crap. How can this manufacturer think no one would notice the difference? So now I have to go all month (well I won't make it all month) taking two to three time more a day than normal. I will run out. This is such crap. So now I am forced to take more then prescribed a day just to somewhat help the pain instead of taking less to help the pain. Completely ...
Updated 9 days ago.
generic norco ip110
35 Replies RSS
White small oblong pill with ip110; norco. Why it doesn't work as good as watson? ## This tablet contains 325mgs of Acetaminophen and 10mgs of Hydrocodone, a generic for Norco. This tablet is made by Interpharm. As to why it may not work as well as the ones made by Watson, well, it is a generic version of the drug. I know when you are given a generic or read the information pamphlets about them, you are told that they are exactly the same as their name brand counterparts, however, this is done to try to prevent people from being afraid to take needed medications. The truth however, is quite different. Under federal law, generics are allowed to differ in the active ingredient from their name brand counterparst by as much as PLUS OR MINUS 20%. The FDA considers this an allowable diffe...
Updated 9 days ago.

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