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What pharmacy has better strength Norco 325

I found that Walgreens Norco 325 pills are less potent. What pharmacy has the regular strength Norco in generic, I can pay for brand if you advise me on where to go. I live in New Orleans ## Walgreens NORCO are the absolute worst ever produced and all should stay far far far away from those white trashy Watson oblongs pills. They REALLLLLY SUCK DONKEY BALLS ## Hello Bubba, Really sorry to tell you this but nobody is going to be able to give you this answer, even the pharmacies won't really give you this answer. I'll explain. First of all we would need to know what specific generic/brand works for you best. Nobody but you would be able to figure that out as every person reacts differently to different brands of medication due to the binders and inactive ingredients in addition to...

How long will it take to get norco 10mg and oxycodone 7.5mg out of my system

I have been taking norco 10/325mg and oxycodone 7.5mg for the past two months daily. I need to know how long it will take to get out of my system. I took one after not taking any for three days and I have a ua in four days. Will it be out of my system? ## Yes it will ## Can vicodin get into my system by handing or touch the pills?? I failed a screen and know for a fact i didn't take anything just wondering what could have happened for me to test positive because i did handle some pile the du.before the screen??? Answers please want find anything on internet ## Im taking 75mg fentanyl patches with 3-4 4mg dilaudid daily for a few months now. How long will it take to clear my system ## I am 17 weeks pregnant and have been taking one 10 milligram oxycodone a day. I just quit cold turke...

Doctors who prescsribes Oxycodone near Palos Park IL 60464

I am in chronic excrutiating pain and am allergic to many meds. I am taking norco, it isn't working very well any more. I am not looking for a particular med, just something to allow me to funciton, to do more than go to the bathroom and throw up. I am not suicidal but pray for God to take me as I cannot do anything, or even leave my apt. no transportation and many don't take my in. I have medicare part b anrd medicaid as a secondary. I just want to be able to go to church, go to the park with my granddaughter, eat and and sleep that's all.

lupin norco 5 325

I take Norco 10 / 325 and they aren't doing anything. I think I was even having withdrawals sneezing diarrhea and come to find out CVS carries Lupin. At first I thought I was building up a tolerance to the pain medication but it was like overnight. This can be traced back to when I got the medication from CVS from the manufacturer Lupin. I have about a 30 day supply left and can't get anymore but I definitely will not be going back there. I will be calling pharmacies to see who does not carry Lupin. ## Omg im so glad im not alone on the pupil brand. I literally hurt all over and they wear off in about 2 hours. I'm having a hard time finding my yellow ones and when i do call looking for them im treated like crap. I just want to cry. I have severe disk degeneration and need 5 ...

What's the difference between Norco MFG TRIS vs. MFG ACTAVIS?

I have been on Norco 10-325 for chronic pain and normally have no issues. My last prescription appeared to be more oblong and was manufactured by MFG TRIS and I’ve noticed that I’m nauseous quite often. Why do these make me sick but the ones by MFG ACTAVIS don’t? ## Hi Kaylee, Sorry to hear about your situation. To my understanding, the only difference should be the list of inactive ingredients (binders/fillers) that help make up the composition of the pill. In some cases, an individual may be allergic or hypersensitive to certain fillers which can be an underlying cause of side effects. Something fishy about Tris Pharma compared to other manufacturers is that they don't share their list of inactive ingredients so we have no way of knowing what fillers or how many ...

Prescription drug monitoring, chronic pain afraid of being taken off my meds

What the hell is going on with the CDC and FDA telling OUR doctors how to treat our chronic pain. I suffer from severe chronic back pain and have been to rehab, pain clinics for steroid shots and have tried Motrin, Tramadol, Tylenol and the only thing that eases my pain so I can function is Norco 5/325. I take one every 6 hours. According to the CDC that makes me a drug addict. They say it is because that 40 people die every day from opioid overdose but they don't tell you is that illicit substances are part of the problem. I say every one of us who suffers from chronic pain contact the CDC and FDA to tell them that their advice to OUR doctors to prescribe rehab and exercise, and motrin is crap. I don't abuse my pain meds and now is my doctor going to be afraid to prescribe me N...

Doctors willing to prescribe heavy pain medication in Texas

Hi everyone. I currently suffer from severe chronic pain. I have multiple conditions one of them being chronic renal colic. Another being degeneration of discs in my lower back. I will be moving to Texas next month and need to find a pain management clinic that is compassionate, doesn't treat people like drug seekers when they truly need the help and a doctor who is not super conservative. I need a doctor willing to prescribe any narcotic and prescribes what works for me. Cash only "wellness" clinics are ok for the time being. Informing me of a pain doctor in Fort Worth Dallas Austin Houston or San Antonio is fine. Thanks in advance. ## Were you able to find any specialists to help you with your medication needs? If so, can you please share who? I have a long list of chronic...

what pharmacy carries qualitest norco yellow

What pharmacy carries qualitest norco (yellow pills) in Arlington, TX? ## If someone knows please respond. I am looking for a pharm that carries them too in the DFW ## I live in Lubbock tx I take Norco 10/325 they are the yellow ones the only pharmacy I found that carry them is raff & hall (rexall) if that helps you. ## Generic hydrocodone 10/235 mg yellow/ produced by Qualitest phamrmaceuticals which pharmacy in Montgomery Al has these? ## Rick, did u ever find them? I live in ft worth and Walgreens only give you Watson brand. I'm scared to say anything because I'm might be put on the LIST! Lol. Let me know plz ## If looking for yellow H.E.B carrys them here in corpus ## Do you not have a around and ask. I have not been refused an answer when i have called and ...

Generic Norco m367 10/325

It's no good. I have to take three at a time for 1 hour of pain relief. Anybody else have this problem with M367 - 10/325? Has anyone else noticed that meds from certain manufacturers do not work as well for them? ## Recently went to refill my norco script and they gave me M367 10/325 instead of the yellow 10/325. One of the yellow pills would last 4 hours. With the m367 I have to take 3 at a time for 1 hour of pain relief. Let me know if any of you have encountered the same with M367 10/325. Thank you ## I'm sure there are others that have had similar problems, there can be some slight fluctuations from one generic medication to another, so not all of them work well for everyone that tries them. For example, I can take this same tablet and it really hits me very hard, after tak...

Norco 10 325 pharmacies don't have any

Around Oakland or Macomb Countys. WTF? ## Hello, Bob! How are you? Unfortunately, we are now into the time of year when shortages of controlled substances usually occur due to mandatory manufacturing limits. Once a manufacturer reaches their yearly allotted limit, they cannot manufacture new product, until after the new year. Each year, demand inevitable exceeds supply and shortages occur. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. The best suggestion I can make is to ask your pharmacist what they do have in stock and then speak with your doctor about them prescribing that, in the meantime. Does anyone else have any ideas of suggestions? ## I'm looking for No...

What pharmacy carries yellow norco 10 325

What pharmacy has yellow norco? I need to fill my prescription. ## Need a pharmacy in sacramento. Ca that carries yellow narcos 10/325 to phiil my percciption ## Hello, Tee! How are you? I'm sorry, but there is no listing of pharmacies according to which medication they carry from which manufacturer. Additionally, saying they are yellow isn't enough for someone to know which ones you're seeking. There is currently a shortage, due to mandatory manufacturing limits, so they may not be in stock at any pharmacy, until after the new year. This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. What are the markings on the ones you're looking for? Can you please pos...

Tris Norco 10/325 G037

I have been taking norco over the years from Watson. A couple of years ago my prescription changed to Tris I have realized over the last several refills the effects of relief are not constant as with the watsons, even within the own bottle some are strong some are not Walgreens said they dont carry Watson any longer. If FDA is monitoring this drug and lab works could there be such a huge significant difference in quality??? ## Hello Edawg, It's sort of complicated but I'll do my best to answer your question. There are rules that a generic must follow in order to sell a drug, one of these rules is that they have to prove to the FDA that they are able to consistently manufacture the drug within a 20% error of the brand name. This means that they need to prove that a person who adm...

Watson vs Mallinckrodt Norco

I have been prescribed Watson brand Norco for years. Recently I was given this same drug made by a different manufacturer (Mallinckrodt). This formulation gave me headaches, cramps, hives and I'm vomiting. Why? ## Hi Lee, Whenever you switch manufacturers of the same drug, there's almost always going to be a difference in inert ingredients (binders & fillers) that make up the composition of the pill. Some people are more sensitive (or allergic) than others to these changes and that in itself may be a culprit for possible side effects. Something else worth noting is that different binding agents can affect bioavailability, which in turn means you get more or less of the actual active ingredient, potentially bringing about an onset of withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, determ...


I've been getting norco made by Qualitest for a few yrs. now. I was given Vicodin 1st but I had problems with sweats and head aches. The Dr. gave me Norco by Qualitest and they worked great. They helped my pain without making me drowsy. They've been on back order for a long time and even the white ones are on back order. Should we expect the problem to be fixed soon or are the yellow norco gone forever? ## After speaking to my pharmacist about 4 months ago, he told me qualitest is actually manufacturing or taking over a lot of pharmaceuticals. I know when I get a qualitest medication it's going to work. ## Some companies has changed their formulations to remove any dyes, due to problems with customers being allergic to them. The FDA warns that this medication carries the ris...

how long does norco stay in your urine lab test

Today is the 10th. I took five 7.5 Norco today. How long will it stay in a lab test? I go back the 2nd. Should I be ok? ## I took a Norco on Saturday and I test Monday. Could it show up on an etg test? ## I have taken 6 norco 10-325, and 6 600 mg gabapentin tonight. I weigh 250 pounds and have a urine test that will be sent to a lab for testing. Do you think I will pass? ## Took10mg Norco Sunday night 1130pm got to drug test Wednesday morning at 1030 ## Max time to be out is 3 days. Your in the clear. You'll be total fine. The half life is 6hrs after 24 hrs it is out of your urine. But lab tests detect 2-3 days ## will 2 Norco 10s show up after 6 days in a urine test ?

How Long Does Norco Stay In Your Urine

i took 3 norcos about an hour like to know if i would pass a drug test next week wednesday is the drug test ## How long do Norco tabs stay in ur system ## I have a rx for Tylenol 3 but am in extreme pain & want to take 1 of my husbands Norco. I have a urine probation test in 8 days - will my test show the Norco? ## I have a question. I tend to drink ALOT of water. My question: Norco doesn't seem to work as well if I drink alot of water, does water push the pain releaving medication to not work? ## took 2 Norco 10 Thursday will they show up in urine test the next Thursday? no you should be fine

n358 10 white oval pill

CVS filled my script with these. I usually get the yellow Norco. When I asked about it they said the yellow ones were no longer being manufactured. Is this true? The white ones they gave me look similar to other meds i am prescribed and I do not want to accidentally take more than prescribed. Thank you. ## According to the pill ID, it’s the same thing. I would fight for the yellow ones though because they are the strongest, most effective on the market. They are just bulls***ting you about them not being manufactured anymore. Yellows are still around but getting rarer. ## Lupin is no good lupin lost 60 percent net profit,CBS must be bail them out ## From what I've been hearing, post #1 may be right about the yellow version getting harder to come by. However, if you keep search...

is this pill go 37 norco 10 325

G037 10-325 ... is this norco? Is this a norco pill? ## Hello, Sabrina! How are you? Yes, it's manufactured by Tris Pharma and they list it as containing 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 325mgs of Acetaminophen. The FDA classifies this medication as a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation. Is there anything else I can help with? ## This particular generic has caused me severe stomach cramps and I have never had this problem before (after 15 yrs and many different generics) this is the first for that generic. It started with this script, and it happens about 2 hrs after taking it, so that has to be it. ## Makes me sick to my stomach, my pharmacy recently switched to it from...

New white Watson 853 10/325 problem - What is going on!?

Hello all, I am a longtime chronic pain sufferer. I have taken opiates for pain for over 10 years. I recently got a prescription filled (from a well known pharmacy chain in the U.S.) and I was given these new Watson 853 white (not yellow) hydro 10/325 pills. I wanted to ask the forum here if any of you have had the same experience with them as I have. I know there are some very smart people with advanced chemistry knowledge here that may have delved deeper into whats going on with these things. They are ineffective for me. I've taken hydrocodone 10/325 for 10+ years and have never ever had a problem with pills being ineffective but that is the case with these pills. I've had about every brand you can think of and never an issue. Ever. I thought nothing of the color change when I...

qualitest norco in metro detroit?

Lately it seems like everywhere I go to get my norco 7.5 filled lately, I get those horrible white pills (not sure of the manufacturer). They seriously make me feel ill! I'm looking for a pharmacy around Livonia, Plymouth, Canton, Northville, etc, that still carries the peach ones with the flying "V" on the back (I believe it's Qualitest). Any help would be greatly appreciated! ## Hello Smash, Would you happen to have the imprints on either of the medications that you are describing? The flying V you are referring to is the imprint mark of the Qualitest brand but a large number of their medications comes in the peach/pink color and I wouldn't really be able to provide much useful information without knowing the imprints. Once you give me the imprints I can look up th...


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