White Watson 10mg 325 #853

Steve Says:

I just recieved a new prescription of norco 853 10/325. The last script was yellow and the new ones are white. The pharmacist said that Watson changed the color but the pill is the same, does anyone know if this is accurate?

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LuLu Says:

Watson has change a few different medications and the colors are different. But the Norco you're referring to is the same medication that you were prescribed prior. It is just as effective as the script you had filled before this one and it's a good thing that you ask the pharmacist, the pharmacist is correct.

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Verwon Says:

LuLu is correct and so was your pharmacist. There have been several posts on here recently about various Watson tablets being white now.

It seems that some people were sensitive or allergic to the dyes they were using, thus they decided to do away with them.

Learn more Norco details here.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Alison Says:

No I feel it's weaker then the yellow tabs why I wish I knew .

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Alison Says:

If that's the case why not give them other 10/325 brands why go thru all the trouble to change the color?

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Alison Says:

Why go thru the trouble of taking out dyes when their are other 10/325 brands out there that are white

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Alison Says:

Vernon and Lulu if that'sd the case their are 10/325 brands that are white!

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Madeline Says:

Yep - I just got mine last week and they were white. Got them from Osco near Chicago.

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Melissa Says:

Just seconding what Allison said. The white ones are not nearly as effective as the yellow tablets. My pain has become excruciating since I received the white ones last week. I took a yellow one an hour ago because it was what I had with me - it's like I've never taken these before. Dizziness aside, at least the pain has subsided. I'm calling my doc...

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LuLu Says:

Alison you can always call your doctor or talk to the pharmacist about your medication and how they have altered it, and/or why. Yes there are other brands out there that are 10 325mg, but if your doctor felt you should have been put on one of those he or she would have prescribed you that rather than the prescription you're complaining about.
Most likely you will always experience a little bit of pain or discomfort no matter what medication you take. A doctor's job is not to make people zombies by over prescribing meds.

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Amanda Says:

LuLu,I read your response and nobody is talking about a doctor's job to make anyone a zombie.I think that was a rude comment.The white's are weaker and I have called the FDA.Allison is correct and Melissa is correct.Ladies,if you will report this to the FDA like many other's have then there will be an investigation.

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christal Says:

yes, it is the same, but personally it is not as strong as the yellow ones. Maybe it is in my head.

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Melissa Says:

It's not in your head. If they were the same, the effect with regards to pain relief would be the same.

I'm hoping it's just a wonky batch from the manufacturer, but I think it's odd so many people are saying the same thing regarding the effectiveness (well, the lack thereof).

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Robin Says:

I just got my new "white" ones, and I totally agree that they are not the same, so it clearly isn't all in your head. I have been taking Mylan brand for 10 yrs and they worked just fine. Walgreens gave me the Watson brand this time and they are not working like the ones from Mylan.

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wanda Says:

I recieved the white watson pills today, been taking the yellow ones for 1 year. I think the white ones work better. After reading what everyone is saying (not as good), it makes me wonder if it has something to do with having a reaction to the yellow dye?? I dont know, maybe the white ones work better for those who had a reaction to the yellow dye.....just a guess

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Lemarr Says:

The white ones are definitely weaker and have different side effects as far as I'm concerned. From what I understand, Watson pharmaceuticals was taken over by Actavis pharmaceuticals. Maybe they changed some of the inactive ingredients which may be causing alot of us to react differently, I don't know. I just wish they would go back to the yellow ones - I plan on switching away from the Watson's for now.

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Diana Says:

Either way I am sick of taking pain pills, but if I have to take them, I would want it to work. With the Yellow one; I would take one or one and half, but with the white, I notice about two three days later, that pain was braking through and I had no energy . The yellow pills always help with the pain and I had energy to get up and do things, since being on the white ones, never no energy and having pain, even after taking 2-1/2 to 3 pills and I was only taking 1 to 1-1/2 of the yellow. And with the white ones I am out of pills to the 29th of April. I gurss I will ask my Doctor to change to something else. I don't care, they taken out more then yellow dye.

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Melissa Says:

I saw my doc on Weds and he changed them - he wasn't happy with what I told him as far as them not working and the weird side effects, so he changed them. However, he changed them to the 10/500, but still Watson, as we agreed we didn't want to veer too far from something that had been working for me for so long.

Well, these ones aren't any better. I still get queasy, everything tastes funny, and they still don't work. And yes, they're white, too.

I see him next Weds, so I'm just going to ride this out doing as close to nothing as possible. He said he'd change them again if these didn't work, either.

I'm so tired of pills, but with my fourth back surgery in a year only a few weeks away, I'd like there to be some semblance of relief at some point, even if it's just temporary. I already feel like a guinea pig and now this is just adding to it.

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Lemarr Says:

You can still get relief from generic Norco, just go with a different brand. Qualitest, Mallinckrodt and Amneal all work pretty good - much better than these white Watson's for sure. Call different pharmacys in your area and ask them what brand they carry before filling your script. Hope everyone finds relief from their pain!!

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Tom Says:

You guys are NOT imagining things. The white ones are not the same. Just reported it today, May 1st, 2013. There has been TONS of complaints with the white ones, and I was told its possible there needs to be some tweaking done to the ingredients to get them working properly. Personally, I think its bigger than that, but what do I know. Govt just trying to make us spend more money on the name brands, so they take out the active ingredients in the generics. I take 2 10/325 per day and I feel great. NO pain at all. These white ones, I have taken 6 in the last 5 hours and my knee is KILLING me. This is nuts...

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LaChel Says:

I agree. Got the Norco 10 whites. I only take half two to three times a day for pain and the white one feels noticeably stronger to me.

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