N358 10 White Oval Pill

Clifford Says:

CVS filled my script with these. I usually get the yellow Norco. When I asked about it they said the yellow ones were no longer being manufactured. Is this true? The white ones they gave me look similar to other meds i am prescribed and I do not want to accidentally take more than prescribed. Thank you.

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BayAreaThangs Says:

According to the pill ID, it’s the same thing. I would fight for the yellow ones though because they are the strongest, most effective on the market. They are just bulls***ting you about them not being manufactured anymore. Yellows are still around but getting rarer.

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Ken Says:

Lupin is no good lupin lost 60 percent net profit,CBS must be bail them out

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David Says:

From what I've been hearing, post #1 may be right about the yellow version getting harder to come by. However, if you keep searching you may get lucky.

These new N358 10 ones are reportedly made by Novel Laboratories with a National Drug Code of 40032-0358.

There's actually a few other discussion threads here talking about how ineffective they are...

[1] white oval pill n 358 10

I hope everyone here finds the level of relief they're looking for!

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Amanda Says:

The yellow are no longer being made so fighting for them will do you no good. The distribution and the factory that handled and made them was shut down this year completely. One of the centers was in Alabama and now sits empty due to a federal shut down to cut back on some of the narcotics being made. (This is what was told to the public.)

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Mandy Says:

The yellow are no longer being made so fighting for them will do you no good. The distribution and the manufacturer that handled and made them was shut down this year completely. One of the centers was in Alabama and now sits empty due to a federal shut down to cut back on some of the narcotics being made. (This is what was told to the public.)

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Mason Says:

Re: Amanda (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Are you sure you're not thinking of the yellow Qualitest 10/325 percocets that were made in Huntsville, AL? Or maybe it's the same lab that made the yellow norcos?

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Mason Says:

Re: Mandy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I just looked it up. Qualitest did lay off a bunch of workers in Huntsville but the factory on "Vintage Dr" (formerly qualitest) is still open and now operates under Par pharmaceuticals which is a subsidiary of Endo that owns/bought qualitest.

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Deathbed Says:

N358 10 are the most worthless Norco ever. I've been prescribed this medication for 20 years and I suffered this whole month. I have to find the old ones or something else in defuniak springs, florida. Please help.

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Mindy Says:

It's going to get even harder to get your pain meds filled.. for those of us that really do need them, the dummies on the street are making it harder and harder!!

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Bob Says:

CVS in Johnston County, NC filled my Norco yellow pills with V on one side last month and this month gave me white ones with n 358 one side and 10 other side made by LUPIN. Told me they were out of the yellow ones. The pills made by LUPIN are white and labeled as acetaminophen/hydrocodone 10/325 are totally worthless for my pain. Pharmacist said they are same medication as the yellow ones with V on them that they gave me last month. Labeled same kind yes but not 1 tenth as strong. I could tell the difference the first one I took did nothing for my back pain in an hour I took another one waited another hour no relief at all and finally took a third one and another hour passed and still no relief. I'm a 75 year old male and have been taking Norco for 5 years and I know the difference believe me. Now I have to suffer all month with nothing for my awful pain and now having withdrawals too. Why does the govt. allow this? To sell inferior medicines should be against the law!

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ken Says:

Re: BayAreaThangs (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Lupin is chalk.keep all these India people. Out of USA .Lupin own this company. Lupin h.q.is in maryland

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Keith Says:

It’s the same, but they do make the yellow ones still!

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LooseTheLupin Says:

I went on an odyssey to pharmacies at Wallgreens, Kroger, Walmart, CVS...all Lupin hydrocodone acetaminophen promoters. I talked with every pharmacy department head I could. The others? I called. I talked to the CVS corporate office representative in the pharmaceutical dispensing department twice now. I have made it clear to her that while I do like the CVS locations in my area and their staff? I'm extremely disappointed in their recent devotion to Lupin. I am allergic to Lupin. I do not know whether this is because of its fillers and binders? Or the rumor I heard that this company has substituted some of the hydrocodone for an antidepressant. I am extremely allergic to antidepressants. The CVS rep continually told me the same practiced answer as the other pharmacies who carry Lupin as their generic for Norco: "Our pharmacy does not know which generic Lupin brand we receive until we receive it." In the past, if I had an allergic reaction to any generic of any pharmaceutical, CVS would work with me to find another generic I could take without endangering myself. I was further told, by this CVS representative, that asking your physician to request a prescription to be filled with the brand name, in this case Norco, is no longer enough for CVS!

Now physicians must not only indicate "brand only" on prescriptions, of which Norco is the only hydrocodone acetaminophen brand by the way, the physicians must also use the word "Norco" in the prescription. This is for CVS only! CVS is quick to add, and they are right, not all insurance companies will pay for brand pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, my insurance company does. So why was it when my physician filled out my prescription for "brand only," somehow my CVS store still managed to fill it with Lupin? And because opioid policies and regulations are so strict now, I had to take that lousy Lupin for 30 days before I could fight with them again for the Norco for which I was prescribed! CVS is coming up with excuse after excuse. The bottom line, Lupin has a sweet deal with CVS. Lupin just came out of a 5-year probationary period with the US FDA. Lupin has been given more warnings since they came back into operation, fall of 2017. CVS and other pharmacies like Walgreens must be thrilled with the low price Lupin is asking for their very cheap chalky white Norco generic product. I will not go into details as to how this product does not work for me because others have already covered this well.

My allergic reactions include fainting and being unable to breathe due to a swollen tongue and bronchial passages. I will say I finally found a pharmacy an hour away from me which is not a nationally-known chain. This pharmacy was more than glad to fill my prescription with Qualitest, also known as one of the yellow norcos with the "V" or check mark insignia. This pharmacy never questioned my allergy to Lupin. My physician did not have to request that the Norco be "brand only." My physician does not have to request "Norco only." I mentioned these two points and my new pharmacy several times to the CVS representative. She fell back then on the old corporate standard response... "We have our own policies which we must follow." When she got to the point that she was suggesting the pharmacy I was using now was not following government regulations? I politely reminded her that I did like my local CVS store and its staff. But the CVS Corporation policies of late I did not agree with. And I would not be back until they changed. CVS and other chain pharmacies have forgotten who their customers are. Perhaps their own company value, like Lupin's, will fall if not already.

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LooseTheLupin Says:

Re: LooseTheLupin (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I need to update my previous post. I did some more research. In order to get any brand of hydrocodone acetaminophen, you must have your doctor indicate that particular brand where he also writes "hydrocodone acetaminophen" in the center of your prescription. He also must sign on the line that states something similar to "dispense as written", not "selection allowed". I must caution everyone, prior to asking your physician to request a particular brand, please check with your insurance representative. Most insurance companies will only pay for the generic brands. Unfortunately? This means Lupin. Unless you actually like the stuff and want your doctor to request it! I wish all of you the best and I wish all of you pain control!

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LooseTheLupin Says:

Please read my post below yours. (LooseTheLupin) It refers to CVS at length. I discuss CVS's prescribing the generic white (usually Lupin brand) of Norco (hydrocodone acetaminophen) vs the yellow Norco or Qualitest (hydrocodone acetaminophen) brands. I have done a lot of research on this and CVS. I have called CVS representatives at the corporate office several times and talked to the head of the pharmaceutical department. This post below should answer your question about why CVS is so adamant about prescribing the white version of hydrocodone acetaminophen, or "Norco" as we know it, and why CVS & other pharmacies avoid prescribing the yellow brands.

As for your concern in taking the white brands of Norco and endangering yourself to overdosing? It has been my experience and the experience of many others that the white generic, usually Lupin, CVS is now providing is simply not as effective as the yellow brands. Our pharmaceuticals are continually tested for quality and percentages of contents. It is these percentages which are Lupin's issue. Pharmaceutical companies are allowed a percentage range of each chemical in each dose. Several sources have told me that Lupin has purposely kept the pain relief chemicals in their white tablets at the very bottom of that percentage scale on purpose to save money. The most far-fetched rumor I have heard is Lupin actually added small amounts of an anti-seizure or an antidepressant chemical to their Lupin generic Norco white tablets. (I am extremely allergic to both of these chemicals. Upon taking my 1st Lupin white tablet I immediately went into an allergic reaction and passed out.) This is a rumor, again, but this does explain my reaction to the Lupin hydrocodone acetaminophen being exactly as my reaction to any anti-seizure and antidepressant pharmaceuticals. I did try taking half of a Lupin hydrocodone acetaminophen tablet. Again, I had the same reaction. This is why I started my heavy research into the Lupine brand. At the time, I never expected to find statements online claiming Lupin added any other medicines to their hydrocodone acetaminophen Norco tablets, after reducing the more effective chemicals which we so desperately need. After I discovered several people discussing this simply made sense for me.

The biggest complaints, rumors aside, about the white generic CVS continues 2 prescribed instead of the yellow brands of Norco that I found all concerned pain levels staying elevated and not being lowered at all after a dose of the white generic is taken. This is why I finally called every CVS and Walgreens location in my area and eventually the CVS corporate office because my local pharmacies continually gave me the same answer as to why they will only provide the white brand of Norco. The local pharmacies will continually say "[they] do not know which brand of hydrocodone acetaminophen they will get until it arrives at their stores." They are no longer able to request any brand of the pharmaceuticals they dispense. This policy started back in 2017, and at some locations 2016.

In the past, if I had an allergic reaction to any generic or any brand of a prescribed pharmaceutical, all of my CVS locations would work with me to find a brand I could take without any severe reactions. I did not have to have my prescribing physician write up my prescription in a particular way. The pharmacy would just order other brands until we found one I could tolerate. I am told by every pharmacist they are not allowed to do this any longer. The blame is put entirely on my physician. (However, please refer to my post below to see how to have your physician write a prescription so you can get the yellow forms, or brands, of hydrocodone acetaminophen and not the white forms/brands. I received this good information from both a pharmacy which did work with me to get the yellow brand of hydrocodone acetaminophen for me as well as the CVS corporate representative. The CVS corporate office would not give me this information until my third call which was my angriest conversation with the representative. This representative would not tell me how to do this until I actually called-out Lupin on recently being released from their probationary period (which our FDA put on them because they would not follow pharmaceutical regulations and continued to manufacture their products despite many warnings from our FDA and other pharmaceutical regulatory departments of our government) As of fall of 2017, the FDA has sent more warnings to Lupin for not following quality and control procedures. This company continually wants to manufacturer a poor quality product and ignore the high standards our government expects for its citizens' prescriptions. Again, this can be cross-checked easily with an internet search.

Upon mentioning the issues our FDA and other drug regulatory departments of our government has had with the Lupin company, I told the CVS representative I personally believed the Lupin company has to be offering CVS and other large chain pharmacies in the US a sweet deal for their Lupin hydrocodone acetaminophen product because Lupin brand is the only Norco product (at least at all of the large chain pharmacies in my area) we get when we have a prescription 4 hydrocodone acetaminophen. Also easily obtained on the internet, the Lupin company's value has dropped almost by half in the last 6 months, even after it's probationary period was lifted and it started selling again to our pharmacies.

My opinion again, perhaps the Lupin company is offering an even sweeter deal to our large chain pharmaceutical providers? I asked this specific question of the CVS representative I spoke to in my last phone call, and she ignored it period instead? She started telling me the pharmacy which is working with me to obtain the hydrocodone acetaminophen in a yellow color is not following laws set by our government. When a representative starts to not answer a direct question and tries to misdirect the person asking the question? I have concerns for this person.

I ended my conversation with this corporate representative by telling her it is unfair what the CVS Corporation is doing to their local stores. I hear the pharmacy staff continually trying to explain why their pharmacy will only provide Lupin. I have developed a great relationship with all of the staff at several of the CVS locations in my area. It is not fair that their company is putting them in this position. I pointed this out to the corporate representative and she simply did not care.

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LooseTheLupin Says:

What does CVS Pharmacy told you is false. The yellow forms of hydrocodone acetaminophen is available in two brands that I know of: Qualitest and Norco. Getting the yellow hydrocodone acetaminophen tablets for your prescription from CVS? You and your doctor must follow the instructions I posted in a previous post to the T. Look for the posts by LooseTheLupin.

I have gone into great detail over this question. I have done a lot of research on it as well. The problem does not include only CVS but other large chain pharmacies as well!

If you are unable to find the post? Please let me know.

Wishing you all the best with your pain management. LTL

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The Watson yellow or white are the same as the fiv Says:

538 n 10 has the same call and see as the Watson yellow or white, it's in your mind I used to feel the same way, sometimes the yellow ones don't work or the white ones that's just your system getting immune to them some days they work better some days they don't

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LooseTheLupin Says:

It is not true. CVS is lying.

I hate to be so blunt. CVS is selling primarily the Lupin brand (white) since they have bought into an extensive contract with that pharmaceutical company. The white hydrocodone acetaminophen tablets everyone keeps talking about? If they are getting them from CVS? They are from Lupin.

At a pharmacy in the largest hospital in my state, I was able to fill a prescription for yellow Norco. Yes yellow Norco! They also have yellow Qualitest. The pharmacist there was confused as to why the franchise pharmacies are not offering these brands. This is what sent me on my research odyssey.

The truth is, Norco makes the yellow tablets of hydrocodone acetaminophen but they do not make as many. So the pharmacies who get them are few. Same goes for the Qualitest hydrocodone acetaminophen in yellow.

A year or so ago, the US government, in wanting to reduce the opioid illegal trade on the streets asked the Norco company to produce their hydrocodone acetaminophen tablets in another color. Seems the druggies caught on quickly that the yellow tablets are a far superior tablet to the white tablets. I have heard from many former pharmacists, the dealers would send in a searcher to pharmacies with an illegal prescription for hydrocodone acetaminophen. If the filled prescription came back as yellow tablets? Then that pharmacy would be marked for robbery. Often, the store would be broken into at night and the robbers would grab every box or bottle they could find with a Norco logo or the Qualitest logo on them...hoping to get the yellow tablets. Yellow tablets sell for up to five times higher then the white ones on the street.

So, if you think you are imagining the yellow tablets work better than the white ones? Or CVS or another large pharmacy chain is telling you they are all the same? Ask yourself, why would the illegal trade go to such lengths to get the yellow versions of the hydrocodone acetaminophen? I mentioned in another post why the yellow tablets work so much better than the white ones.

Personally, I believe CVS stopped carrying yellow hydrocodone acetaminophen for two reasons.

1) To protect their pharmacies. (Remember hearing almost nightly of a CVS or another pharmacy being robbed? These were the medicines which were the primary targets of these robberies. I can certainly understand CVS and other pharmacies wanting to protect their staff and their products. But I believe the company could have come up with a much better way to protect their product and deter these robberies. Instead, perhaps it was far easier for them to just stop offering the yellow hydrocodone acetaminophen.

2) The bottom line. CVS's value has dropped significantly. They have had to cut corners in many ways. Check around online and see what former employees are saying about working for CVS. And, most importantly, as I mentioned before, Lupin was finally released from its FDA shut down for not following regulations set by the US FDA. So Lupin saw its chance to gain ground in the hydrocodone acetaminophen market. Lupin simply offered it's cheap white chalky hydrocodone acetaminophen tablets to pharmacies who were already struggling with the higher prices of the Norco and Qualitest tablets in yellow.

Lupin has been desperate to keep its U.S. pharmaceutical market. Even so, the FDA has come down on them three times since they were allowed to sell in the United States market again a little over year ago. (Check this online) You better believe the deals they are offering to CVS and other pharmacies for their white hydrocodone acetaminophen tablets are a fantastic ones!

When talking to one of the corporate CVS office Representatives, I almost got her to admit to this fantastic contract CVS has with Lupin. She almost slipped. But I had already heard her say it enough to know it was true.

So again, in answer to your question? Norco in yellow is still available. Qualitest hydrocodone acetaminophen in yellow is also still available. The two are virtually the same tablet as far as quality. Unfortunately for us, these brands cost far more than other brands, the generic brands like Lupin, so we are told all sorts of things 2 steer us away from the yellow tablets. And unfortunately too, some pharmacies have even begun to lie and say they no longer exist. I can tell you they do because I have a bottle of them I had filled two weeks ago!

When I realized I had been lied to by multiple CVS Pharmacies as well as their corporate office, (other franchise pharmacies had as well) I knew it was time to do my business elsewhere.

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LooseTheLupin Says:

Re: Keith (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Yes! But in limited Supply. And they are expensive as well. CVS no longer will provide them because of their high cost and because they are able to get the generic Lupin at a much cheaper price.

CVS employees have been told to tell you they no longer exist and also tell you they do not know what brands they will receive until they arrive in their stores. This is to prevent you from ordering a specific brand.

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LooseTheLupin Says:

Re: Bob (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

CVS will only sell the white tablets because they have a wonderful sweet contract with this company. The yellow hydrocodone acetaminophen cost them too much. They have trained there pharmacies to tell you either the yellow ones no longer exist? Or no one in the pharmacy knows what brand of each medicine will be in their store until they arrived. The answers are to keep you from requesting any other brand and to lead you into believing you are unable to get any other brand. At CVS? That happens to be true unless you follow their very strict guidelines.

In order to get your yellow Norco or Qualitest (the hydrocodone acetaminophen brand with the V), your prescriber must fill out the prescription exactly as I was told by CVS Pharmaceutical corporate Regional director: 1) In the center of the form, where your physician will write the chemical name of your medicine along with the dosage, your physician must also write the brand, right there in the middle of the form. This is new! 2) your prescriber must also have his or her signature on the line stating the prescription must be "prescribed as written." 99% of the time our prescribers will sign on the line that states something like "other brands may be substituted."

If these 2 criteria are followed exactly? According to this corporate person, your local CVS Pharmacy will be forced to fill your prescription with the brand you want. However, you may have to wait from 2 days up to 2 weeks! I think this is CVS's way of getting a final jab at us 4 figuring out how to outsmart them.

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Free2b Says:

Re: Amanda (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve been getting the qualitest yellows up until 3/1/2022. Called qualitest and they said Strides pharma makes them now but I can’t find anyone that carries them. I’m miserable

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Pat Says:

Re: David (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I got my Norco from Walgreens. I took one and noticed it was chalky and did not relieve my pain. I looked at the bottle and the manufacture was labeled as Lupin. As you said earlier n 358 10 is made by Novel. Google could not connect n 358 10 with Lupin MFG. It's already hard enough to get pain meds each month, now I suspect Walgreens has given me fake pills. If I bring this up at the pharmacy they may flag me or give me some other kind of trouble. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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