Blue Norco Wes 303

Marjorieson Says:

Anyone have these new Norco by EYWA marked "WES 303"?

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Combos Says:

Nope... I miss norco. I only get Alprazolam, Adderall, and Subutex now.

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roro Says:
Top Answer

Blue capsule shaped pill with imprint WES 303 contains Acetaminophen 325 mg / Hydrocodone bitartrate 10 mg from Eywa Pharma Inc. (NDC 71930-021)

Inactive Ingredients:

- Croscarmellose Sodium
- Silicon Dioxide
- Magnesium Stearate
- Cellulose, Microcrystalline
- FD&C Yellow No. 6

Source: DailyMed

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Marjorieson Says:

Re: roro (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

yes. Thank u . I know what it is and about it . However, to make it clearer... does anyone take it and if so how does it work for u compared to the other brands?

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Dr RB Says:

Never heard of or seen those before.

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Bioll Says:

Re: Combos (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I get adderall Xanax and subutex too and would take subutex over any pain killer any day cuz subs have a ceiling level where it’s a waste if you take extra cuz it won’t really do anything. Killer combo, and norcos suck, kill your liver. I used to eat 20-30 norcos a day when they were yellow Watson 853’s.

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Marjorieson Says:

Re: Bioll (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, if u take 20 to 30 norco a day u would ruin ur liver. If u take 20 to 30 Tylenol a day u would also ruin ur liver!!!

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Shunta Says:

Yes, they work very well.

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Shunta Says:

Re: Shunta (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Yes they do I only had them once not at my phanacy in the area yet

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Shunta Says:

Yes, work great - what pharmacy carries this brand?

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Jersey Says:

They are like the ones 3 yrs. ago !
Lasts 4 to 6 hrs. !

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Hotmoma Says:

Yes, I have them

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Shunta Says:

Re: Hotmoma (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

What phamacy carry them i need to change those they work better

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Billy Says:

Re: Combos (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Me too! 120 2mg Xanax, 60, 30mg adderall IR, and subutex 8mg #60

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Shunta Says:

Re: Hotmoma (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Did you get it at CVS?

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HTX2021 Says:

Re: Hotmoma (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I have noticed that most legitimate (real) hydrocodone based pain killers have a crystally/glittery ingredient that is visible under light when you break the pills in half. Do your blue Wes303 pills also have this crystalline/glittery ingredient? I have these pills myself, but they don’t have they ingredient and I’m concerned they might not be me legitimate. ALL other identifiers are visible and check out, it is only the sparkle I cannot find. And that is concerning to me if it should be there. Thank you!

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Eric Says:

Yes I just picked them up my friend whom happens to be my pharmacist said they are the strongest like the old yellow Watson a few years back.

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Lilmama Says:

Yes here in Bay City Tx They Do. There stronger than any other 10mlg pill

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Jenny Says:

Re: HTX2021 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. Did you ever find out the answer to your question? And did they work for you- like do anything for you? Because I just got some of the same ones…


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Eric Says:

Yes I've been getting these for 5 mos now they ate the best in my opinion out there like the old yellow Watsons they cancelled many years ago

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Eric Says:

Oh I forgot no they suck don't get them at CVS .All Mine!Mine!Mine! Mine!

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